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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 4

#4 of BatW

Chapter 4: The Project


Damon hurried home after school.  Madi had agreed to start the project over at his house... only problem was that his house was a mess... Mom and Dad were off on a trip to the old country for a while and when you left two young males together in a house without a female...well it didn't take long for it to degenerate into something the health inspectors would condemn!


They called it their 2nd honeymoon, since Matt was conceived from their first one... Damon didn't mind, as they deserved it.  They were great parents, besides they said they'd be back before Christmas.  So that left him and Matt home alone... Matt worked at the local skating rink behind the food area, while Damon himself was usually at practice or hanging out with friends so the cleaning never got done.  He had at least one hour to make things at least 'look' clean.  Madi, he had the feeling, was a bit of a neat-freak with her mother being ill.  He washed the dishes, scraping the residues that would make Fleming proud into the disposal, before putting them up.  Ran the laundry after he had collected it up from where it had been dropped, vacuumed and then mopped the kitchen floor.  Just as he was about to collapse he heard a knock.


He hurried to the door, opening it to greet Madison.  She had changed clothes and was now wearing a faded pair of paint-splattered jeans and a green jacket.  Damon also noticed that she had a bit of paint of her cheeks. "Hey, what's with the paint?" he asked and she blushed.


"Oh, damn!  I thought I got it all... I'm a painter... I was finishing a painting I was working on before I moved and I guess I got carried away," she mumbled embarrassed.


That was the cutest blush Damon has ever seen.  He had to make her blush some more. "Hey, maybe I could be a model for you?  You know a nude model?" Damon had to smile as he saw her face grow even redder, "You know, like that scene in the Titanic?" he pushed, continuing to pile on the embarrassment.


She gave him an odd look before she asked, "You've watched Titanic?  I thought that was a chick-flick?  Anyway, I don't do nudes.  I believe nudity should be kept private... besides I barely even know you!"


"I guess so, but I'm not shy... I can show you right now!" he was just about to take his shirt of before she stopped him in a panic.


"Nah-no, keep your clothes on!"  She protested.


By the tone of her voice she didn't want him to stop, and she was angry with herself because she didn't want him to stop.  He had to smile before he let his shirt drop again.  He turned around for a second and let her regain her composure after that he led them into the kitchen, "So what are we supposed to do?" he asked her.  He had kinda ignored what Mr. Green had said about the subject as he was just too high on having her as a partner.  Looking into her folder she pulled up the subject paper.


"Romeo and Juliet, Uh..."


"You don't like Shakespeare?" Damon asked and she shook her head before saying.


"I actually like him but I always hated Romeo and Juliet.  I didn't help that Twilight ruined it even more for me... I just think it's silly.  I mean they were even younger than us and they'd just met.  They were so blinded by passion that they up and eloped and wound up committing suicide because they couldn't live without each other even though they did for the majority of their lives.  Sorry it just doesn't ring true."


"So, I guess you're not a Twilight fan?"


"No, not at all, it frightens me that young girls want to emulate Bella.  I mean why?  She has no personality and even worse her life is completely centered on a boy.  She had no goals or wants besides him.  That isn't healthy at all..."


"So, I guess we can get this started huh?" he asked, diverting her from her rant.  I worried him a little, and he could maybe see why now she was resisting him so well.  She agreed with him, and they started on it.


They took turns reading it out loud while the other wrote down things pertaining to the project.  They were to write a five page book report and make a sketch of a scene from it.  Thankfully, Madison could draw so she came up idea to make a little comic about how the star-crossed lovers met.  Damon thought that it sounded awesome and they began talking about it and inconsequentialities for a few hours.


Matt returned around nine just as Madi was about to leave.  "Oh hello, you must our new neighbor Madison.  It's nice to meet you, but why are you around here so late?  I'm Matt by the way, Damon's older brother... and this here," he exclaimed taking hold of the skinny guy beside him.  He was a good looking boy around 5'8 and had a swimmers body, "Is Tyler Kingston my boyfriend."


Madi only raised an eyebrow neither of them looked gay.  Matt was just as big as his brother and had a little goatee and a nice pair of glasses.  Tyler was also pretty in shape with short brown hair and a friendly smile.  "Nice to meet you both," she offered, shaking their hands.  "We were working on a project for English... it's getting late though and I really need to check up on my mom and start dinner."  She then turned around looking at Damon, "Same time tomorrow, my house?" she asked.  Damon quickly nodded.  With that, she ran out of the house leaving the three men alone.


"SO, how was it?" Matt asked as he sat down next to his baby-brother.


"It was nice; we got to talk for a little bit but mostly about R&J... She's immune to the Mesmer though..."


Matt looked towards his brother in shock.  Immune?  He had never heard of a human being completely immune to the Mesmer.  He thought it wasn't possible but he had more pressing issues, "You used Mesmer on your mate?  Damon you know that doing that is forbidden!  A mate has to fall in love with you on their own will not by Mesmer."


Damon quickly started defending himself.  "I was going to use it so she would pay attention to me, that's all.  I don't use the Mesmer to completely control a person that's wrong... but I just wanted to catch her eye... She doesn't seem to like me much."


Matt looked towards his brother in sympathy.  He knew what it felt like when he first saw Tyler for the first time.  He'd nearly made himself mad in want before he eventually manned up the courage and talked to the boy.  As it turned out the boy was attracted to him as well... The first few days of finding a mate was the challenging bit... A werewolf had to learn control and not force himself on the mate as the feral wolf wanted to.


"I say she'll warm up to you soon enough bro, give her time..." he consoled him as he got up. "DO you guys want anything?" he asked as he walked into the kitchen.  The other boys nodded and Tyler went and decided to help Matt with dinner, leaving Damon all alone.


Today had been amazing.  He had her attention almost the entire time he made her blush and even laugh a few times.  The strength of these feelings surprised him.  He had never felt feelings this strong before and he was afraid... afraid that the girl would never love him, or leave, or die and the worst of all fall for someone else.  It was extremely rare but on occasion a mated pair never fell in love causing the wolf to go mad from jealousy and the pain.  Most legends ended with the wolf committing suicide to escape the pain of being rejected by their partner.  Damon only hoped that Madison wasn't one of those cases... He needed her for his sanity most of all.


After a while dinner was finished and Damon decided to go upstairs and sleep, leaving the sofa to the two love birds.  Tomorrow was a full moon.  Usually werewolves could change form at will but during the full moon they were forced to change.  He just realized that as he lay down.  He wouldn't be able to go over to her house tomorrow... or the rest of the week... he couldn't risk changing in front of her... He had gotten her number shortly before she left and he quickly called her and she answered on the 3rd ring. "Hello?  Madi here?" she picked up with.


"Hey Madison, I won't be able to go over your house any for a while... Matt and I will be busy... I'll work with you all day during the weekend though okay?"


He heard her mumble a bit before she spoke.  "Very well then... but you better make this up to me Garcia, because I'm not going to do all the work." With that she hung up.


'I hate full moons,' he thought to himself as he fell asleep.

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well fuck
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loved to he is bad at this mate thing but love is sometimes a hard thing to live with or with out so sad to bad for him she got him good. i give your storie up to this part a 95/100 keepit up my frainde.