12 Feb 2012

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Posted 12 Feb 2012 19:19
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Draco the Salamence

It's my Salamence OC. :3

I did this a while ago in maybe liek... 10 mins? Not my best but looks pretty anyways lol..

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Duplex12 1 year ago 0
you kiddin'? this salamence looks bada** in my book! plus--LOVE the gruesome background you did. now that too, is AWESOME!
GlaceonX 1 year ago 1
Hehe... I'll give this boy some love soon.. I've ben thinkin on things I could draw wif him.. ^///^ Thank you hun... As always.. You flatter me... Thank you very much... <3
Duplex12 1 year ago 0
it's no problem, foxy. i know talent when i see it,and u DEFINATELY got it heehee