13 Feb 2012

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Posted 13 Feb 2012 12:53
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possibly getting fired, a slap on the wrist, or a promotion to "Captain Kickass".... stay tuned to find out which!

Well, finally going to sleep now at about 6 am. later tonight I get to find out if I still have a job or not. last friday I got a bit carried away trying to get some writing done at work, and my boss got pissed at me for spending so much time on my laptop. He said he'd think what he was going to do about it over the weekend. soooooo, yeah. my schedule may be clearing up quite a bit when I wake up.

whew, gotta love those awkward, boss to employee conversations. I hope if I'm being let go it's just a "yeah, you're done." instead of a drawn out lecture on why that just makes the whole thing worse. ugh. I'm already sick thinking about it. K, I'm going to go get a few more hours of not thinking about the future sleep. talk to you all later. ^_^



So, I guess I'm still working. though I've been given a list of busy work assignments to do every day. blech. ah well, I hope you don't get the wrong idea. I complain a lot but I'm usually an excellent worker. just sometimes when my creativity sparks, I get carried away. anyways, I appreciate all the kind responses. ^_^

Cederwyn Whitefurr 2 years ago 0
*offers a friendly hug* Here's to hoping things work out for you, unfortunately, work time should be devoted to work, as boring and annoying as that may be, we're still expected to do what we're there to get paid for, but hopefully, it's just a storm in a teacup as it were.
novastar 2 years ago 0
thank you. I know, usually I'm pretty good about it. but I got carried away like I sometimes do. just gotta be more aware in the future. *hugs back*
NicodemusMountainWulf 2 years ago 1
Well I hope he keeps you! Give me his address if you lose your job. I know a guy that will 'have a talk' with him. So to speak. ;)
novastar 2 years ago 0
Don't worry Nick, I'm saving you for a special cause. I don't want to waste your criminal powers on just anyone.
NicodemusMountainWulf 2 years ago 0
Glad it worked out for you. :) Sounds like a good job. Yes, save my powers for a special time. You only get to use them once.
Jayce M 2 years ago 0
Sorry to hear that. Hope it works out. I know that feeling, though for me it's usually "not thinking about the future staying awake staring at the ceiling." lol
novastar 2 years ago 0
yeah, both staying up waaaay late and sleeping waay late is how I avoid seeing reality. lol.
Daniel Harkness 2 years ago 0
im sad the puppy didnt tell me this Q_Q
novastar 2 years ago 0
I'm sorry hun. T_T I didn't want you to be overly worried about me.
Dave92 2 years ago 0
Uhoh... i really hope things work out for you. If this was the first time he got upset about you writing, he will probably let you get away with a black eye so to speak.(do you even have this saying in english, too?)
crossing my fingers!!
novastar 2 years ago 0
thanks for the comment. I guess things worked out okay. *hug*
Dave92 2 years ago 0
I'm glad it did! *hugs back*
Marcwolf 2 years ago 0
*hugs* Much as I love reading your work.. Your RL comes first. I hope it all works out.
Take Care
novastar 2 years ago 0
Pff...Real lame..*sadface* thanks for the message Marc. how you doing? *hug* it's been too long.