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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 5

#5 of BatW

Chapter 5: A new friend...


He had no idea what he was doing there, but sure enough he was standing on Madi's porch, 'This must be what Madison felt like when she was standing on my porch.  It's like a rabbit staring into a car's headlights!' Reluctantly he knocked on the door and a sickly looking woman opened it.  She was very pale and skinny and she looked like she was wearing some kind of wig.  She even smelt ill and it made him a bit nauseous, the smell of sickness always had bothered him.  That was why he never set foot in a hospital, even to visit friends.  He would just heal any injuries to himself anyway.


"Oh hello, you must be one of the neighboring kids?" Her voice was surprisingly light and airy and she seemed to emanate kindness.


"Yes, I'm Damon Garcia.  I'm a friend of Madison's," he said slowly.  He wished they were friends but he wasn't sure if she even liked him at all.  The woman's eyes shined a bit, her irises were pale green just like her daughter's.  She opened to door and let him in.  He didn't even have to use Mesmer on her, but from what Madi said she was from a small town so he guessed the family was a bit trusting... or at least her mother was.  Madison was not as trusting it seemed.


He was surprised at how neat the place was.  The living room was spotless and all the furniture shined.  He guessed he was right about her being a neat-freak.  "You have a very nice house, Ms. Stone," he told the woman politely.  He briefly focused his hearing trying to find where Madison was.  By the sounds of it she was in the shower.  He was very tempted to join her but she would probably flip out if he tried to see her nude.  Best not try that yet...


He followed her mother into the kitchen and they began to talk.  "So how do you and Madi know each other?  She never mentioned making any friends."


He scowled for a second.  She hadn't even mentioned him?  That did a major beating on his ego.  "We have a lot of classes together, and we are partnered on an English project.  She was at my house yesterday."  After he stated this he began to look around the kitchen.  Like the living room it was spotless.  It made him feel kinda insecure.  He was bit of a slob by his own admission but this girl had to be the neatest teenager ever.  He then heard the water turn off and Madison step out and begin to get dressed...




She had no idea what to think... Damon had basically blown her off and he was going to get an earful when she saw him again. 'Jerk, does he really think I'm going to do all the work?' She turned over again.  Why was she so mad?  She barely knew the guy... besides he was probably one of those meat head bully's.  Sighing, she tried to fall asleep again.  After a few minutes of tossing and turning her body directed her brain to stop fretting, and she dropped into a restless slumber.


The alarm sounded next to her head.  Groaning she pushed the snooze button and started her usual routine.  After she got out of the shower, she went downstairs only to see Damon sitting and talking to his mother. 'What is he doing here?' She thought she stood in the doorway for a few minutes before she was noticed.


"Good Morning, dear," her mother greeted, while Damon just gave her one of those damn smiles.


She nodded, "Morning Mom."  She walked up to them and kissed her Mom, before turning to Damon.  "Hey Damon, can I talk to you in the living room for a minute?"


The boy nodded and said good-bye to her mother before he followed her into the other room.  "What are you doing here?  How did you get in?" She was mad.  He'd blown her off and then showed up at her house for no reason.


"Your mother let me in; she's very nice if a bit too trusting... All I had to say was that I am a friend and she let me right in."  After that he looked around he was right the girl was a neat-freak.


"So you blow me off tonight and then you just show up at my house?  What's the deal?  I'm not going to do all the work if that's what you think."


"I never blew you off; I just said I had to help my brother with something this week." He replied trying to defend himself.


Madi only rolled her eyes before walking into the kitchen, "Come-on I got to fix breakfast I can fix you some if you want.  Pancakes okay?"


"Yeah, I love pancakes!" He replied enthusiastically.


Her dad and brother eventually came downstairs after smelling the food.  They both looked surprised to see Damon sitting at the table but Madi just told them he was a friend from school.  After eating she got up and washed dishes as usual then got her schoolbag, waiting for Damon.  Together they walked to school.


"So, you cook and wash dishes?  Isn't that your mom's job?" he asked.


It was an innocent question but it set her off.  "It would if my mom didn't have cancer!  Do you know how she feels having me do all the chores?  She HATES it!  She feels like a failure even though she's the best mother ever... It's been like this ever since she was diagnosed with that damned disease!  I was nine then..."


Damon looked somewhat surprised at her outburst and sighed, "I'm sorry, I didn't know... I guess you had to grow up fast but what about your father?"


"Dad works a lot.  He works as a consultant for an insurance firm.  His pay isn't much but the insurance covers mom's medical bills.  The rest goes for paying the bills.  We don't have much outside the necessities, but we're happy..."  They walked in silence for a bit, both deep in thought.  After reaching the school she walked off to go to her locker.


She was a bit surprised when a blonde girl just came up to her.  "HI!  My name is Martha!  You must be the new girl?"  She was real pretty and tall... at least five inches taller than Madi.  Her hair was a dirty blonde and she had the whitest teeth that almost blinded her when she smiled.


"Um, yes I am the new girl.  Madison Stone, nice to meet you to I guess..." Madi had never had anybody up and introduce themselves to her before... it was weird.  But then the blonde girl... Martha started talking again.


"I see, I love your hair!  I never would be able to pull off a cut like that but you have the perfect bone-structure for it!"


"Uh, thanks I guess..."


"You do!  So... how did you meet Damon Garcia?" the girl asked catching her off guard.


"What do you mean?  He's my neighbor... and we are working on a English project together..."


"Oh, okay... I have to warn you though.  He's a charmer that boy is.  He gives you attention for a little while and then ends it.  Trust me, I've dated him."


"Oh, so he's a playa?  Don't worry about me though.  I don't find him charming at all..." They both giggled a bit before they heard an annoyed voice.


"If you girls are going to talk smack about me at least don't do it in the middle of the hall..."


Both girls jumped a bit before turning to see Damon leaning on the locker, English book in hand.  He then acknowledged her new friend. "Hey Martha, how are you?  It's been awhile since I've seen you."


"Doing fine as ever Damon, what about you?"  Martha replied in a polite tone. She didn't look too happy about talking to Damon.


"Doing great, I got thrown off the team though... my grades weren't high enough," he shrugged at that as if it didn't matter to him.


"Don't you care about school?  What about your future?" Madi asked.  She didn't like school either but she at least tried.


He only shrugged again before saying. "Not really, I don't see a point in school honestly.  I'm only going because my parent's won't let me drop out...  I can easily get a job that doesn't need an education like a construction worker.  That's how my dad got his start."


"How can you not care about school?  DO you really want to work a dead-end job the rest of your life?"


"Pretty much, I enjoy doing hard work.  My dad, Matt and I all built the porch ourselves."


"Yeah, I remember that... You guys nearly drove the entire town crazy... I believe we were dating during that time."  Damon blushed a little bit at that and Martha seemed to enjoy the look of embarrassment on the boy's face.  She was long over the break up and she was never jealous of the other girls.  She was sure she was his first at any rate and it didn't really surprise her when they broke up.


"Yeah we did... it was fun when it lasted didn't it?"  He gave that smile and noticed that Martha blushed a bit herself.


"Yeah it was, but shame it didn't last longer."  She shrugged and then turned back to Madi. "We have to hang out sometime!  Maybe you can hang out with me and my friends?  We go to the skating rink on Wednesday.  It's a blast trust me!"


'Wow, this girl was even more pushy then Damon.'  Was all Madi thought, "Uh, sure I guess... I don't have the money though..." she said trying to back out of it.


Martha only made a tut-tut noise with her tongue, "I'll help pay of course!  I pay for all my friends."


"I-I ca-can't accept that!  I've only just met you!  You don't have to spend money on me!" Madi tried to protest but Martha refused to listen to reason.


"Nonsense, I have money and you don't.  So as a friend I will pay for you to go skate with us... Don't worry I have plenty... my dad's one of the richest people in town.  Now...How about it?  I won't take no for an answer."


Madi sighed.  This girl was definitely as pushy as Damon, so she reluctantly agreed. "Great!  I'll find you after school!  Meet me at the parking lot!" she said before she ran off to class.


"Wow, she's almost as pushy as you are..."


"Lie!  I'm the best in everything!  That includes being pushy!"


Not knowing if he was serious she burst out laughing.  "You're crazy!  I swear!  That or really conceited.  Now come-on Mr. Pushy we have to get to class."


They quickly ran to class just barely making it before the bell catching their breath the duo sat in their seats an got their stuff ready.




After a few hours Madi found herself at the parking lot waiting... thinking she was set up she was about to walk off before...  "Oh, there you are!  I thought you were lying when you said you'd go."  Madi turned and saw the blonde girl smiling at her. "You ready?  Come-on!" Martha began to drag her until they found a small group of girls.  "Sherry, May, Ruth, this is Madison.  She's the new girl!  I want you to give your bestEast High Angel's cheer!"  She then looked at the confused Madison and smiled, "I'm the head cheerleader!  You should try out!"


"Um... I think I'll pass on that, I'm not that into sports..." Martha gave a tiny scowl but it vanished instantly.


"Suit yourself!  Now come-on!" she said and dragged Madi into the car.  The ride was very loud with all the chatter.  Madi kept quiet unless one of the other girls talked to her.  They all seemed nice enough but she didn't think she fit in though as they were a bit airheaded.  Martha though was going to make her fit in if it was the last thing she did.  They finally reached the skating rink.  Getting out they walked into it and saw it was crowded.


Madison was nervous she had never learned how to skate and was afraid of crowds... 'Why did I agree with this again...?' After a few hours of falling on her ass, she walked away to get some food and was shocked to see a familiar face.


"Matt?  I didn't know you worked here?" she said.


Damon's brother only smiled a bit and told her he had been working here for almost a year.  They began talking until Martha showed up and told her it was time to leave.  She gave a brief good-bye to Matt and dragged Madi out of the room.


"Did you enjoy yourself?" she asked the other girl and Madi nodded.  The rest of the ride was quiet.  They went to eat at the Taco-Bell and eventually it was dark by the time she got home.


After saying good-bye she closed the door and was walking to the driveway before she heard something growl.  She looked towards the woods and could've sworn she seen a pair of glowing yellow eyes but only for a split second... "Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that taco..." she said to herself as she let herself in to her house not noticing the full moon shining above her.




The rest of the day went by uneventfully and Damon was quite frankly grateful.  He was getting edgy as it came closer to sundown.  After school let out he ran home and stripped before changing forms rapidly.  He began to stretch his enhanced muscles, watching the pulse of his blood beneath his fur.  It was a very dark brown and his eyes morphed from light brown to a solid gold.  He decided to get dressed and put on a pair of very worn and ripped jeans; he wouldn't want to go out naked again.  With that he went outside and started running.  His brother was going to be back in a few hours so he decided to hunt.  He honestly hated raw meat but he had a hard time eating things with his paws.  He found a deer and grabbed it.  After he finished his meal he ran around to burn off the energy, considering if he should scare a few humans but decided against it... he got lucky last time...


After a few hours he sensed his brother change.  'You've been out here awhile,' he heard his brother think telepathically before he suddenly appeared at his side in wolf form.


'Yeah so?  I haven't done anything wrong!  How was work anyway?'


'It went well.  I saw Madison over there.  She looked like she was having fun.'


Damon was happy that Madison had had fun.  Shame he couldn't have joined her...  After a few hours of fooling around in the woods the brothers decided to go home and rest.  They had school tomorrow after all.  However before Damon went in he ran and decided to watch for Madi. He was curious about her scent.  As she got home he got a good whiff of it as she walked up the pathway.  He then felt her eyes turn towards him and he hid deeper in the forest.  Her scent was confusing.  He had expected her to smell submissive but she had a dominant scent.  She was a natural dominant like him.  It was a weird paradox that she had a naturally dominant nature, but a submissive personality and mind-set.  He had never seen someone like her before... Madison sure was unique he thought as he decided to head home and rest.

Jayce Whitefang 2 years ago 0
Well, this one was longer than the others. I like how you've written this so far, not too fast, but not too slow either. Damon's attitude is going to throw him into conflict with Madi's personality though. I can't see her liking him because of his attitude towards school, so I have to wonder what will change her mind about him. Being told that he toys with you before breaking up can't help his case at all.
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
loved it the new frainde is a bet joyfull i thank she is hi on something lollolololololllololololo.....
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0