14 Feb 2012

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Another way/Changing Paths Chapter 13: This girl…

#13 of Another way/Changing paths...

The plot begin to thicken let start understanding our heroes a little more!

Another way/Changing Paths

Chapter 13: This girl...


Taking a step backwards so I could fully take in all of the damage, my eyes widen in amazement. Nearly the entire area that we were standing in had completely frozen over. And the Haxorus was in the center of it all.

It had happened so quickly I thought I would have been caught in the middle of it as well. But fortunately she stepped in front of me just before using it. Looking at the Haxorus from where I stood sent a shiver up my spine. Either from the fact that her power sometime scares me or just that this now frozen Pokémon ice statue is really cold.

"Ruption Flamethrower!" I could hear Brandon yell.

Both Diamond and I turned to face him to see what he was doing. Looking over in his direction I could see Ruption down on all fours flaring up for an attack. The flames grew to a height that I've never seen them grow before.

Diamond didn't move an inch she just stood there observing the event take place. I was going to keep an eye on her until the battle ended, just to see how she'd react if she saw her lover in trouble. Just to make sure everything goes in Osha's favor I was going to issue out the orders.

Brandon was standing in front of me and just behind Ruption. He had both of his hands cuffed into a fist he was tensing up just as much as Ruption as he was building up his flames.

"Osha, Counter Shield!" I yelled from behind Brandon.

He turned and faced me with a shocked expression on his face. "Counter-what now?"

As soon as the breath for those words left his mouth Ruption unleashed his attack. The flames were much larger than what I've ever seen him produce so far that I've known him.

Osha began to twirl her Glaive around in a circle in front of her and applied her water ability. This caused a large blue shield to take form. As the large blast of flame collided with the shield it caused a massive amount of steam to sweep through the area. Completely covering Ruption's entire body, I could see that he was pissed so more than likely he wouldn't be letting up on it.

Brandon quickly jumping backwards to avoid the steam, Diamond and I took only a few steps backwards ourselves. The steam continued to pour out I could only hope that Osha would be okay, I mean she's an expert water type, but she has her limits as to how much fire she can handle.

After a few moments of none stop heat, the area finally started to cool down. Ruption was the first to appear from the thick steam. He was panting loudly obviously using far too much power in that attack, though if he was simply trying to overwhelm Osha I think he just may have succeeded.

"Ruption! Dammit I told you to control that temper of yours!" Brandon scolded. "Shit I hope you didn't hurt h-h-her...." He muttered, but his words were cut off by his own voice.

"Brandon what's wrong with you?" Though I knew myself that Osha would be alright, it's just weird for him to act like that suddenly.

He was still facing in the direction that the battle was happening. I decided to follow his gaze and what I had saw next nearly made my face drop of my face.

It was Osha, but it wasn't her. Because she had evolved, she had transformed from a small Dewott and into hulking titian that now stands before me. She had evolved into a Samurott. It's her final transformation; she has at long last hit the peak of her evolution.  Osha had remained in her upright position with two very large swords in her hands. She gave Brandon haunting glare, which seemed to affect more than just him because again I could feel a chill running up my spine.

"Fucking...awesome." Was all I was able to mutter from seeing the spectacular sight. I mind wasn't even on the battle anymore.

Ruption took a step backwards nervously. Osha brought both of her hands down, but then decided to tuck the swords away into the slots both her forearms.

"Osha?" I said curiously wondering what she was up to.

She then got down on all fours herself and then just stood there. She wasn't moving an inch...I mean not even to breathe. Is this a part of her evolution phase or something?

Staring deep into her eyes to see what they were looking at, because she seemed to have stop looking at Ruption. She seems to have stopped looking at anything and have this dull look in her eyes. That's when it hit me; she was completely unconscious on her feet. I guess the evolution must have drained her as well. Even though she's out right now I couldn't be more proud of her.

"Umm...Brian what's wrong with Osha?" He said sounding genuinely concerned.

"Nothing...she just passed out on her feet. That's all."

"Whoa not only did she evolve into this intimidating Pokémon with swords, but she can lose consciousness on her feet." He sounded impressed. "So I guess this makes it a draw by default?"

"Nope bro you won, well I guess you can say we both won." I said with a giggle looking at Osha.

I raised Osha's Pokéball up and pointed it at her. Once she was returned into her ball I whispered, "Great job girl, now get some rest you've earned it."

"Did you want these two to fight as well?" Brandon asked.

"Nah I really don't see a point."

"Why not?"

"Because they fight all the time and we need to get going. Speaking of which where's Kelly?" I asked turning around while clipping Osha's ball onto my belt.

"She said she had something to take care of in Striation City, just before we left into the forest." He said as he to pull out a Pokéball. I assumed it was for Ruption, but he ninety degree turn and pointed it towards the Haxorus that was still frozen.

A beam shot from the ball and recaptured the Pokémon. There was nothing but an icy aftermath that still stained the forest floor, but I know that'll it'll go away sooner or later.

"I going to take a wild guess and say that the ball belong to her." I said as a sigh.

"You guess that all by yourself?" He said sarcastically.

"It's something about that girl I just don't get."

"We all have our secrets Brian." He said as he pointed towards his right eye with the Pokéball still in hand. "Anyway I think she's just going to challenge the gym leader. So she won't get in our way to heading towards Nuvema Town."

Looking down at Diamond I began to wonder why she didn't just say that she was heading towards the gym. I mean what we were going to do just leave her once we got there. Going on our current track record we atleast spend one day in each city. It just bothers me how she doesn't trust us...or it's just me. I know for the sake of keeping the peace Brandon isn't going to tell me what her true intentions are. I think I'm going to have a talk with her.


"Huh-wha?" I said confused breaking out of my dazed state.

"Are you there? I've been calling your name for two minutes; I thought you were pulling an Osha for a second."

"Yeah I think I'm more tired than thought." I said with a yawn.

I wasn't joking either I think I just wanted to lie down somewhere. My body just felt exhausted for some reason and that almost never happens. Its barely sunset and I'm ready to go in for reason.

"Okay, then let's get going."

Forty minutes of nothing, but mindless chatter between the two of us, my gaze kept trailing back behind us. Looking at Diamond and Ruption together walking side by side was something weird in itself.

"So you've notice as well?" Brandon said keeping a half a gaze on me as we walked.

I nodded silently then added, "Now I could have sworn that he couldn't stand to be around her and now..." I turned back to look at the road up ahead.

"I know what you mean, but that the thing about love." He said crossing both of his arms behind his head.

"And what's that?"

"It's unpredictable. I mean look at them for example, Ruption is one of the most 'hot headed' Pokémon I've ever seen."

"I wonder where he gets it from." I said underneath my breath.

"What was that?"

"Oh...nothing continue."

"Anyway and Diamond is one of the most cold hearted, dull, and nonchalant Pokémon I've seen as well. I think she gets it from you." He said as a way of letting me know that he heard what I had said.

I gave a slight shrug in reply.

"My point is these two have nothing in common with each other and they practically try to kill each other every time they meet. Now look at them, I'm more than sure that we couldn't break them apart even if we wanted to." He said with a smile on his face.

Taking another look at them again I could see Diamond leaning in closer to Ruption. I mean she has hardly ever showed any kind of affection for anyone. I wonder if it was something that was just happened, or something that was just building up.

Shaking the thoughts from my head as we continued onwards towards the town, I looked forward to see that we were heading for a large garden.  I could tell just by the looks of it that it had to be some sort of sanctuary. There were a few Pokémon that occupied the area, but none that would attack us for no reason. Knowing this we just admire the sunny beauty of everything and continued our way towards town.

"I should bring Kelly here." Brandon said.

"Where did that come from?" I asked curiously.

"No, reason." He said as a reply tilting his head backwards.

I followed his motions and looked back. What I should have seen was Diamond and Ruption walking behind us, but there was no one there. Doing a complete one eighty to see where my Pokémon went, I could see the back haunches of Ruption sitting near a pond I could only assume that Diamond was with him.

"You know you're going to owe me big if he gets her pregnant, right?" I said catching up to him in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Ruption better not..." He said then taking a long second to think about what if.

The best idea would be to stop it before they actually went any further. But it would best to just leave them alone for now and worry about it later. Right now I want to know why Kelly left us to get to the town ahead, because I'm not buying that gym story. I'm willing to listen to whatever it is she has to say.

Once we made it pass the garden we step into the actual inside of the city was a true sight to behold. The now setting sun made the entire scenery look even more peaceful. Taking all of this in with a nice long stretch and a deep breath of the sweet scent of the city.

"I think I should go back and get them..." Brandon said suddenly.

"Nah just leave them alone for now. We can come back for them later."

He was now the one who was looking nervous and glancing backwards. "Are you sure? I mean Brian I really don't want him getting her pregnant, atleast right now."

"Don't worry I think Diamond won't let herself end up 'preggers' just like that. Now could we please just switch the subject, all this talk about Pokémon pregnancy is starting to give me a headache."

He gave me a slight nod and quickened his step to catch up to me. "Man this place looks nice."

"Yeah I know what you mean. I wish we would have come here first to live."

"Nope, I'm glad father sent us to Castelia City first." He said disagreeing with me.

"And why is that?" I asked.

"Because if we didn't go there first I wouldn't have met Foo, Swipe, and most importantly I wouldn't have met Kelly." He said giving me a sideways glance.

And for once in a really long time I really couldn't argue with his logic. Not for me personally, but for Brandon living in Castelia City was probably one of the best times of his life.

"Yeah I guess I could see where you're coming from." I replied.

He nodded and continued to press forward along side of me. We could see the gym just up ahead; it was only about a three block walk.

"Let's go ahead and mosey on over toward the gym so we can catch up to Kelly."

We quickly crossed the street blocks and headed over towards the gym. At this point I was far more excited to see how Kelly battled than treating Osha's injuries. I know it makes me sound like a bad person, but dammit it's been a long time coming and I'm getting tired of waiting to what this girl is capable of.

Now entering the Gym with Brandon in front of me the first thing I noticed that the entire area was covered in an intense smoke. Brandon began to cough first before continuing with pursuit through the smoke, I then followed after with some wheezing.

It didn't feel like there was a fire, but then again someone could be in trouble in here. Brandon looked back towards me and gave me a concern look before he set off into the building. I soon followed afterwards just after thinking about what could possibly lie ahead. The only thing I could think of that there was a controlled fire coming from somewhere that was made by a Pokémon.

Quickly making our way through what seemed to be a closed restaurant area that stretched down the hall like a long corridor. Finally reaching the back there was a huge wall that stood in our way but this is where the smoke was thickest.

Brandon was looking around the room to see if there was another way we could go but there was nothing. He too where the wall stood and knocked on it. It made deep thud sound.

"Brian, *cough* through here!" He said obviously losing his breath.

"Okay but we need to hurry air is getting pretty thin in here."

We both took a few steps backwards and then we both charged at it full speed ahead. Before we were able to make contact with it the door opened wide up. The two of us started to stumble in to the other side. With only me actually falling from the stumble, and landing quite roughly on my face first, atleast air was cleaner down here.

Rolling over on to my back I could see the ceiling venting the smoke out of the room as the sprinklers poured down. Standing to my feet I could see Brandon staring in a certain direction with an angry expression on his face.

Following his gaze to see what he was look at, but then stopped to see something horrible. There laid out on the ground were people and Pokémon. There was three men one with green hair, one with red hair, and another with blue hair. They Pokémon lay only a meter away from where they were.

I quickly started making my way over towards them to see if they were ok. Just before I was able to check up on the first guy, my body just froze on me. The smoke in the area was almost completely clear, so there couldn't be any smoke affecting my senses. No, this seems to be a grip of some sort...

"Brian!" I could hear Brandon yell, but I was to 'tied up' to actually do anything.

I couldn't even as much as turn my head to see what was going on.

"So it would see that the interesting ones have shown themselves to me once again." A small voice squeaked from behind me.

"What the...? Hey man these guys could be seriously hurt. We need to get them to the hospital." I said in a pleading tone.

"It's you isn't it?" I could hear Brandon say.

"Yes, interesting one you've guessed it." The small voice squeaked again.

I could feel a cold chill creep up my spine. "Brandon what's going on? And if you're not busy could you help me out!" I said losing my patience.

Hearing footsteps come from behind me I could only assume that it was it was Brandon coming to put a stop to all this madness.

The sounds of a loud thud quickly raise my concern as to hope that the thing didn't hurt Brandon. "Brandon you ok? Speak to me!"

"Got you now you son of a bitch!" A feminine voice rung from behind me.

I spun around to see where it was coming from. To my surprise the voice belonged to Kelly. Hey I can move, but that must mean whatever it was that was holding me let me go somehow.

"Kelly what the hell is going on?" Brandon said before I could open my mouth.

"I'll explain it later, but first we need to get these guys to the hospital."

I nodded in agreement, making my way over to the guy in blue I reached around his waist and pulled out his Pokéball. Recalling his large blue Simipour into its ball, I them hooked the ball back on to his belt.

Grabbing the man around his mid-section I threw him over my shoulder into a fireman carry. Looking over to Kelly and Brandon I could see that they were both doing the same. I waited until they were done and then gave them a slight nod.

Making our way inside the Pokémon Center, we were immediately greeted by the nurse. She had us help carry them into the ER.

Once we finish helping the nurse we made our way back to the waiting room. Brandon handed Kelly back her Pokéball. She took it and placed it on her belt while giving him a gentle smile. She reached up and placed both of her hands on top of his.

"Not wanting to kill the special moment between the two of you, but Kelly I think it's time you explain what the hell is going on with you." I said in annoyance. "I'm willing to be fair and listen to what you have to say. Not just for the gym incident, but you leaving us in the forest to come here and do your own thing without telling me."

"Brian..." Brandon said in a somber tone.

"Okay Brian I think I owe you that much atleast."

I waited to hear what she had to say and watched her closely to see if she would do anything to help comfort herself while lying. To my surprise she went over to a long sofa and took a seat, Brandon quickly followed suit and sat next to her.

"Well..." I said pressing to issue.

"I was being controlled, by a Pokémon that I own." She said as a sigh.

I jerked my head back in shock and looked over to Brandon. He was already looking at me with a weird look.

"What do you mean controlled?"

"I was being controlled by one of my Pokémon..." She was starting to sound more and more disappointed in herself. "It's a Victini..."

"A Victini?!" I said surprised. "That Pokémon doesn't exist, only in fable tales." I added.

"No, Brian I don't think she's lying." Brandon said in her defense, but he still had that weird look in his face. "Tell me Kelly has that Pokémon ever been able to get out of its ball?"

"Yeah, sometimes it's does, but for one reason or another it always come back."

My eyes shot completely wide open it was as if someone had placed a branding iron on my spine. This girl has one of the most legendary Pokémon in the Unova region and I'm just now finding out about it!

Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
ohh, very interesting... I wonder what's going to happen.

*rubs forehead*
ack, but right now I have a splitting headache, so I'll leave a comment after I get a couple hours sleep....
Pod155 2 years ago 0
lol please do my friend, I just got it up like 15 mins ago :P I want you fully enjoy it! ^^
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
Okay, I am awake and my headache is gone ^.^

Well, that Vinciti would explain why Kelly always wins.

huh, was it that Vinciti that burned down the gym? Or am I reading that wrong? If so, why would he want to do that? And why is he controlling Kelly?

Oh, and major laughs at Diamond and Ruption ^.^ I wonder if she'll get 'preggers' :p and if so...... no, never mind, I don't think I'll go there on second thought.

Onto other critiquing, a wrong word here or there. 'she' when it should be 'her' or 'there' instead of
their' the occasional extra word.
I only saw,like, three or four, so not bad at all ^.^

Overall, only one big problem..... Chapter 14 isn't up yet >.< what gives? :p

here's that long-winded comment I promised a while ago ^.^
Pod155 2 years ago 0
Lol sorry for the errors sometimes they slip through without my knowing...but hopefully it didn't take away from the overall chapter.

Lol so you like the relationship that Diamond and Ruption have together...and please speak your mind I like to know what my readers are thinking.

No, you read that correctly. I don't want to spoil it for you, hut the questions for Kelly and Victini will be answered in the next chapter ;p

*I thank you very much for the comments they are what I value most in my work*
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
yes, I do like the relationship thing. Mostly because of how confused the brothers are at Diamond's newfound....emotion.... >.> ....huh, maybe I should word that differently....nah....

ok, just wanted to clear that up some ^.^

nope, the errors did not detract from the story at all ^.^
they did give me a good "wait. what?" moments though ;)

*and yes, comments are the nectar of life for writers, are they not? ;) *
Pod155 2 years ago 0
I completely agree! :)