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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 6

#6 of BatW

 A/N: Okay here is chapter 6! Right now I'm working on chapter 8 and I'll upload Chapter 7 tomorrow.

Oh,If any of you have time read CrownedClown13's story Werewulf... it'll link up to BatW soon enough it's M/M so if you don't like don't read...

Chapter 6: Stalker


It had been about a week since Madi had moved to Denver... She found herself getting used to the suburban life-style.  Though she had gotten quite close to Martha and her group of friends, it seemed her closest relationship happened to be with Damon.  She had no idea why honestly.  He was pushy, arrogant rude and sometimes downright hateful, but on the flipside he was kind, honest, funny and though she would never admit it to him in person handsome... So that would explain why she was over at his house still working on the project on a Saturday afternoon...


"You know, Halloween is coming up in a few days.  Martha's parents usually throw a costume party that evening...You should come," Damon suggested in a break between writing.


She had to sigh, she knew of this party. Martha had been bugging her about it for the last week. It did seem like fun but Madi was never one for parties, "So I've hear.  Listen Damon, I'll tell you like I told Martha...I don't do parties... It's just not my thing."  She looked up and saw Damon pout but she stood her ground.


She had lost interest in parties after her break-up with Cole... It was a nasty one and for the longest time that he had stalked her.  It got so bad that she had to get a restraining order against him to keep him away.  She had yet to tell Martha and Damon about her former stalker.  Knowing them they'd flip out... She wasn't worried though, he still lived in Newcastle far away from here.


"Why don't you like parties?  Everybody loves parties!" Damon asked.


She had to smile, sometimes Damon could be so clueless and it was adorable, "I just don't do parties okay... I never have the time you know?  Now let's get back to the project... How's the book report coming along?"


They had agreed to split the duties; she was to do the art while he did the writing... It was fair as Damon was a surprisingly good writer.  He handed her his book report and she began to look over it. "You know, this is pretty good!  I honestly don't get why you don't apply yourself in English your great!"


Damon blushed a bit before shrugging it off.  Since she had started working with him his grades had improved drastically. They'd even allowed him back on the football team after their last few crushing defeats...Things were looking up for everybody.  "Eh, never had any reason to before you showed up.  Nobody's ever really tried to make me apply myself that much but you take the time to get me motivated and I appreciate that.  I do owe you free game tickets for life though, you should come to some of our games!"


'Not this again!' Martha had been telling her the same thing.  She needed to get out more, be a regular teenager once in a while but she just wasn't interested in sports.  Worst of all the school's spirit week was coming soon and Martha and Damon were both hell bent on forcing her to participate. 'Is it sad that my two best friends are the pushiest people I know?'


"I'm just not interested in sports Damon, I told you this already..." At one point she did love sports.  She was even a cheerleader back at her own school; but like parties, that part of her life had been ruined by Cole. 'That bastard!' Truth to be told she was long over the man, and would be grateful to forget his existence, but so far it wasn't going so good.  They sat and talked for a few minutes before she felt herself yawn.  Damon gave her a concerned look before he looked to the clock in the kitchen.  It was a nice kitchen...A bit bigger than her own and it was much messier but then again what did she expect from two teenage boys?


"Wow, its 1 o'clock in the morning!  You best get some rest.  I'll walk you home," he said as he went to get her coat.  She was way too sleepy to protest as he gently helped her up and out of the door.  They walked down the empty streets where most people were probably already sleeping.


Madison enjoyed the quiet for a bit until they got to her front door.  "Thanks Damon, for helping me home," she slurred a bit.  She had enjoyed her time with the boy, and was definitely looking forward to Sunday as well.  Fumbling around her jacket for the key, she eventually found it and unlocked the door and stepped inside before saying goodnight to Damon one last time.  Closing the door she rested against it and sighed.  She was so confused.  When she first met the boy she wanted nothing to do with him, but a week later he's one of her closest friends?  How, did Damon manage that?


Quietly Madi snuck up to her room and closed the door. 'Something doesn't feel right?' Went through her head, the room was chilly and she noticed the window was open.  Heart pounding she turned on the lights and saw her usually spotless room was ransacked.  She felt her heart go right into her throat as she noticed a letter lying on the desk.  With shaking hands she reluctantly gripped it and opened it.  What was inside almost made her faint...


Dear Beloved Madi,


I understand that you wanted a little time by yourself but I can no longer watch you run around with the Hispanic boy.  You are mine and will always be mine.  My dear you may try to fight it but we are meant to be!  I'll let you enjoy yourself some more but remember I'll be watching.


Your love,




She felt the bile rise in her throat. 'It was him... but how?  The officer said he would inform me if he left town...'  She felt herself shaking as she leaned against the wall with a small thud.  Just as she thought she'd got rid of him forever...  She then felt the sobs coming she tried to quash them but it wasn't working.  The sobs began wracking her body.  She knew she was being loud when she heard her dad knock on her door.  "Honey, are you alright?" came Terry Stone's voice.


Slowly she got up and opened the door and fell into her father's arms.


"Daddy, its Cole, he's back!  He was in my room!"


He patted her back a few seconds before saying, "I'm calling the police!  Stay here!" She heard him dial 911 then..."Yes 911?  I want to report a break-in at a house on the cross between E-17th Ave and Monroe St.  Yes sir, I know who done it.  A boy named Cole Giles; he stalked my daughter a few months ago.  No sir we just moved here.  I have no idea how he could've have gotten here without the authorities knowing but will you please come here?"


After he hung up the phone he enveloped his daughter in a warm hug, "Quiet dear, the police are going to take you in and ask you some questions okay..." She only nodded hopefully this would blow over without issue.




Walking back to his house, Damon decided he needed a shower.  He was still a bit sweaty from practice and he hadn't been able to shower since Madi was over at his house all day.  As soon as he got inside he ran to the bathroom and stripped and turned on the shower, stepping in and letting the warm water sluice over him.  This whole mating thing confused him.  He and Madi were so different; he was loud, outgoing and aggressive.  She was quiet, reserved and passive... they made an interesting pair.  After a while he felt the shower going cold so he turned off the water and got dressed.


He glanced out the hall window as he was walking to his room and noticed that the police seemed to be gathered next door... Madi!  She was in trouble he could feel it!  He quickly ran and started banging on his brothers room, "Matt!  Wake up!  Something's happened to Madi! Police are crawling around her house!"


He heard loud cursing and someone hurrying to get dressed and the room opened to show a somewhat tired and half naked Matt, "You sure Dame?" he asked flustered.


Damon glanced inside to see Tyler putting on his shirt.  He kinda felt guilty interrupting the two lovers but Madi was in trouble!  He had to find her!  If he lost her just as he found her... he didn't even want to think about that.  "I'm definitely sure, police are everywhere... I have to find her Matt... I can't lose her."


Matt was surprised at this.  He had never seen his brother so freaked out, but then again he would be the same if anything happened to Tyler...


"Okay, we can check the Police Department; she or her parents might be there," Tyler spoke as he finished buttoning up his shirt, "I say she's okay, just remain calm Dame."


Damon had to smile, Tyler was always the optimist.  Madi was like that as well, she had always remained positive no matter what shit the universe threw at her.  He admired that.  After a little bit of craziness the trio wound up in Matt's Ford F-150 and were speeding to the Police Station.  As soon as they got their Damon got out and ran into the station.  He quickly approached the service counter and banged his fists on the desk surprising the secretary.  "Do you know if Madison Stone is here?  She lives on E-17th Ave and Monroe He yelled.


The secretary looked at him confused before she began to speak.  "Um, yes there is a family named Stone here.  However they are being talked to by officers at the moment."


He was about to ask why Madison was talking to the police when he felt someone tap on his shoulder.  Turning around he saw Martha.  He was about to ask her what she was doing here but then remembered her brother worked as a police officer he must have been on the response team.


"She's not in trouble, but someone broke into her room and trashed it.  Some guy named Cole.  From what her dad said, he stalked her back in Newcastle."


'A stalker!?' Madi never told him she had a stalker...'  He was angry with himself.  If he had known she had a stalker he would've never left her alone.  He was mad at her as well, she should've told him!  How was he supposed to protect her if he had no idea what to protect her from?  After about an hour of waiting and pacing Madi had finally emerged from the interrogation room looking exhausted.  Not thinking he ran up and enveloped her in his arms, he was so glad she was alright.  But then he remembered she never told him about her stalker and...


"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU HAD A STALKER!!!" He and Martha chorused together.




She had been wrong, very wrong.  She winced as she heard Damon and Martha's twin yells of anger.  Both had heard about the fiasco rather quickly.  Damon must have noticed the police cars.  She had no idea how Martha knew she lived all the way in E4th Ave and Harrison St....


"I didn't think it mattered... I thought he would've stayed back in Newcastle and not follow me here... I just didn't want to bother either of you about it..." That pacified neither of them.  In fact it made it worse.


"You should have told me Madi.  If I had known you had a stalker I wouldn't have left you alone!" Damon cried.  He seemed every bit as frazzled as she did.  The cops had to almost hold him down before she came out of the Officer's interview room.  She was surprised when he grabbed her into a big hug.  She noticed that Martha, Matt and Tyler were also standing around.  That was when they both started yelling at her...


"I'm fine, he didn't touch me and the cops will keep him away from me," she protested.


Damon was not moved very much.  "Who is this Cole?" He asked causing her to flinch.  She really didn't want to talk about Cole right now but the look on everybody's faces told her they wouldn't take no for an answer.


She sighed before she started her tale, "Cole, well he was my boyfriend before I moved here... I guess the term Ex would fit better.  We had broken up a few months before the move... He was the most popular guy in school.  He played every sport we had, he had money and he was drop dead gorgeous.  We had known each other since around 3rd Grade and we had started dating in 9th... The first year or so was great, but as time went on he became increasingly paranoid and controlling and on some occasions abusive."


She felt Damon shake in rage when he heard that, "Abusive!  Did the mother fucker hit you?" He demanded.


Madi was somewhat surprised to see him so angry about that detail, and it made her smile somewhat. 'He actually did care...' But she shook her head.  As terrible as Cole was, he never laid a hand on her.


"No, he never hit me Damon.  He was verbally and emotionally abusive though.  He was so sure I was cheating on him and wouldn't let me talk to any of my friends.  I put up with it for a while but I eventually got sick of it and broke it off right before summer... However after we broke up he begun to stalk me, leaving me some creepy letters saying that I was his soul mate or something... It got so bad I had to get a restraining order against him.  He stopped right after that and I began to relax.  I was so sure I was leaving him behind for good, but I guess I was wrong."


"Damn right you were, I can't believe you haven't told me about that bastard!"  Martha told her.


Madi couldn't help to feel at least a tiny bit flattered at how much both of them seemed to care.


After another hour of questions Madi was allowed to finally go home, but before she left she felt Damon grab her shoulder and ask.  "How about you stay over at my house for the night?  We have a room open for you to stay and everything so you don't have to go back into that room while the cops look it over..."


Madi contemplated this.  She was sure her parents wouldn't like her staying at a boy's house but then again she didn't feel safe in her own house at the moment and she felt safe around Damon.  It helped that he was 6'4 and over 200lbs not many stalkers would try their luck with him. 'Why did Cole bring up Damon though?  We're just friends... right?'   "I guess so; I'd have to ask my dad first..."


"Let me talk to him," was all he said as he went up to ask her father.  The man didn't look happy, but when Damon smiled the fight seemed to be drained out of him.  The man only nodded in agreement.   "He said we could but I guess we have to get some stuff from your home right?"


He was right... she needed her sleep stuff and... other things.  She would not be happy if she ran out of tampons while she was over at Damon's place... She hitched a ride with him and the others and after a few minutes of silence they eventually made it to her house.  There was yellow tape everywhere.  Talking to the cops she and Damon were allowed inside with a police escort.


Damon had a funny idea of a CSI: Denver show but shook his head... When they had reached her room he decided to find the intruders scent.  Her scent was everywhere in the room and it made him happy.  He tried to find other scents and didn't find anything besides hers and her brother's scents, 'I wonder if she knew her brother liked to sneak into her room?'


Walking into her room she could've sworn she saw Damon sniff the air.  "What are you doing Damon?" she asked.


He only shrugged and began to gather some of the stuff she told him to.  She was going to have to burn those sheets.  She wouldn't be able to sleep knowing that Cole put his filthy hands on them... After gathering her stuff they went and walked out.  She kissed her parents goodbye and hugged her brother.  They were staying in a hotel for the weekend until everything got cleared up.  After that they walked to his yard, greeting Matt and Tyler who were sitting on the couch as they walked in.  Damon showed her upstairs to the spare bed room...It was cozy and warm.  The walls were painted red and the bed looked real comfy.  After thanking Damon, she changed into her sleep-clothes and fell into a fitful sleep terrified of what move Cole would make next.




Damon waited outside her room until he was sure she was asleep and walked downstairs. Matt was the one to speak first. "Poor, Madison. This must have frightened her..."


"I can't believe some people would abuse the person they are supposed to be in love with.  Those are the worst kind of people," Tyler said quietly.  He could never imagine Matt ever being abusive towards him or vice-versa.


They sat in silence before they heard the phone ring Damon noticed the number and picked it up immediately.  "Hey Mom, how's Spain?" he asked.


"It's amazing sweetheart!  We wish you and Matt were here but you guys can't miss school.  How are you doing dear?"


"I'm doing great, my grades are actually doing pretty well, our new neighbor has a daughter my age and she's helping me with school... she's also my mate..."


He heard his Mom squeal in joy as she told his father who gave a whooping laugh they were so happy for him.  "That's great honey!  We are so happy for you!  What's she like?"


"She's amazing, smart, funny and beautiful... she's just wow... I've never felt like this about anybody before but there is a problem.  Her ex-boyfriend is stalking her... we had a scare tonight and she's staying with us for the weekend."


"That's awful!  We are coming home very soon!  I really want to meet this girl.  What is her name?"


"Madison, Madison Stone..."


"She sounds lovely Dame.  We miss and love you dear.  Goodbye."


He smiled a bit after he hung up the phone; his mother had always known how to make him smile.  He just hoped she'd like Madi... Shaking it off he said goodnight to his brother and his mate and went to sleep.  He was very tired...

Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
Another stellar work man, you already have me going along each line of possibility's trying to figure out whats going to happen and what twists lay ahead.
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
same for me and i loved this one more then the last. and wath do you mine werewolf will link up to batw soon
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
You'll see =P
Jayce Whitefang 2 years ago 0
At the moment I'm going to assume Cole is another werewolf, because that makes the most sense. I hope she doesn't mind Damon being a little overprotective, because after that I don't think he gonna let her out.of her sight. Your mention of Werewulf at the beginning has my intrest peaked at how you're gonna intertwine the two. Anyway, can't wait for more!
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
I'm talking with Crownedclown himself he get's a peak at the unedited chapters and any idea's I have regarding refrences to Werewulf are approved by him so I think I can do well =) I plan on making another story after I finish with this one but what it's about is between me and CC only =)
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
nice favs