Master Sgt Duncan
14 Feb 2012

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Posted 14 Feb 2012 23:46
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Grey the Floydian Sergal 2 years ago 1
Three words. Best Stamp Evar!!! What would be better is if they made sergal stamps
Moose_Jam 2 years ago 1
Haha! I get this one on my mail. *thumbs up*
Stolz 1 year ago 0
Order some art from me and you will! ^^
Moose_Jam 1 year ago 0
I do get art from you from furbid.
Stolz 1 year ago 0
Oh really? Wow! Under what user? :3 thank you
Moose_Jam 1 year ago 0
Stolz 1 year ago 0
Oh wow! One of my finest customers. All this time i would have never known! :3 I'll have to start featuring red kangaroos in my work.
Moose_Jam 1 year ago 0
Hahaha! Just supporting teh ahtz and ahteest. icon_biggrin.gif
Stolz 1 year ago 0
Nice! :3