15 Feb 2012

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Posted 15 Feb 2012 02:44
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Creepy Crawlies

#2 of References / Concepts

I felt like making some characters that were creepy crawlies! <3 Insects, wasps, arachnids... all being all multiarmed and occasionally multilegged! :D

Doe on tablet!

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kibasthorn 2 years ago 0
A is definitely my favorite, then h, then f & g <3 nice work!
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
The blue wasp (e) looks kewl. :3
TheWorstBat 1 year ago 0
Had to fave this! Never can have too many bug anthros, and I like the thought you put into the designs, particularly the joint structures on the wasp.
MrFox 1 year ago 0
Insects have a certain beauty and graze of body. They are excessive, yet at the same time the excess of their own bodies is put to alarmingly good use. They seem different from normal furs, scales, and other fantasy creatures, but more often than not they have very diverse personalities and unique quirks and physical/mental differentiation from one another.

Personally I recognize the subtle sexy qualities of our creepy crawly brethren. In a furry world there are places where the furry or chitinous exoskeletons of the insects now only survive but thrive. In a away these rare beauties, exotic and unique in their own ways, deserve just as much attention as the common foxes and wolves. I love seeing people give some love and attention to creatures other artists may not even attempt to explore. Thanks for sharing! :D
Annoth 1 year ago 0
If I had to pick one of each I would pick A,F,C,H with A being my most favorite.
Other wise I would pick A,E,C,G,H in that order. ^^