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15 Feb 2012

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Posted 15 Feb 2012 06:51
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Big Black Wolfdog

#13 of Wolfdogs

this is me and Sampson, the biggest wolfdog in the park

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UndergroundWolf 2 years ago 0
daww hes adorable
Joe 2-0 2 years ago 0
I believe this picture has a Typo. I see 'Wolfdog' there, but I'm fairly sure you meant 'Horse'.

That is one damned big dog.
Draugr 2 years ago 0
Four paws up.

Anybody who has had a chance to experience something like this (mine was with full-blown wolves, but high content wolf dogs are really not very different at all) knows it is something that really changes you. I'm glad you were able to do this :). I think everyone should!
Snowsong 2 years ago 0
I want one, I want one, I want... no, I want two.
Drakkenor 2 years ago 1
only two?
Rayne Bidziil 2 years ago 0
looks like he wants to kiss you
Makeria Stein 2 years ago 0
damn! that dong be huge!
Makeria Stein 2 years ago 0
valereth 2 years ago 0
I think he says hi.
MonsieurFoxy 2 years ago 0
I second that. I think you meant furry horse with fangs. X3
Nachtfangen 2 years ago 0
I've got a wolf who looks that big when she rears up for a kiss... she's about 80lbs but looks like 120 with her winter coat. That big fellow actually probably is 100+ considering he's eye level when he rears up.
Not uncommon with northern breeds; Grey, arctic, russian ect ect.

If he's a hybrid it looks like there's malemute in there for size; not an uncomming pairing.
Namyrolis 2 years ago 0
his front paws are huge.. He the alpha?
Lonewolf Artz 2 years ago 0
he's not actually. the alpha is smaller than him
KaleShadowWalker 2 years ago 0
Awww! i want one! *makes grabby paws*
TherianLycan 1 year ago 0
wow this is incredible where were you?
Lonewolf Artz 1 year ago 0
in New Jersey
Panda801 2 months ago 0
OMG... Are you sure you didn't mean to type Baby Wolf-Rhino?