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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 7

#7 of BatW

Chapter 7: Halloween.


Madi woke up with a start.  She was briefly confused as to where she was until she remembered that she was in one of the guest rooms in Damon's house.  She stretched a bit and got up and looked at the clock, noting it was 10:30 in the morning.  The events from earlier still haunted her mind a bit.  Cole was back... Why did he follow her?  What did he want?  And what did he have against her being with Damon?  They were only friends, weren't they?


Finally she decided to get up and remade the bed.  She then grabbed some new clothes from her bag and went to find the bathroom.  Finally finding it, she cursed as it was taken.  She just sat down and waited until the door opened and Damon walked out wearing nothing but a towel.  She heard herself make an undignified squeak at the sight.


He quickly turned and began to blush a vivid pink, "Sorry, I forgot you were staying here... Thank God I decided to wear a towel huh?"  He teased.


Madi felt herself blush even more.  "I guess so, please tell me you didn't use all the hot water?" she asked and he smiled.


"Nope, I left just enough for you!" he replied and blushed again before running to his room.


Madi sighed; thankful he was gone... That was very awkward... She stepped into the room, locking the door and quickly stripping, turning on the water letting its warmth envelop her in its embrace.  She loved taking showers in the morning, it helped her think.  She wanted to repay Damon for him letting her stay and had an idea... Damon really wanted to go to that party!  IT was the least she could do, but she didn't have a costume.  After turning the water off, she got dressed and walked into the hall.  Someone was cooking something delicious from the scents that were filling the hallway.


She descended the stairs and followed the aromas into the kitchen where she found Matt frying some eggs.  "Morning!" she called.


He turned his head and smiled himself, "Morning to you to Kid!  How'd you sleep?" He turned back to the eggs for a second to ensure they didn't burn.


"I slept pretty well thank you, I had a bit of a run-in with Damon though... I happened to be outside when he exited the bathroom..."


Matt almost collapsed laughing at that.  It was awhile before he was able to talk, "He didn't flash you did he?  Damon sometimes forgets to wear a towel..."


"No, he was wearing a towel but it was still awkward..." She knew Damon was big... but she didn't expect him to be that buff!  But then again he was into all kinds of sports so she guessed he would be pretty buff. "DO you need any help Matt?" she asked politely.


She wasn't used to having someone else do the cooking, but Matt only smiled and politely refused, "No, you're our guest!  If I let you help with the cooking I'd be a terrible host!  Besides try and relax a bit, you deserve it after what happened earlier."


He was right.  The whole Cole thing was freaking her out.  She was so sure she had gotten rid of him back in Newcastle, but here he was... "Hey Matt, do you think you can help me get a costume for the Halloween party?"


Matt almost dropped the eggs in surprise but quickly got his focus back, "I thought you hated parties?  Why the sudden change of heart?" he asked her genially interested.


"I don't hate parties... I just rarely have the time to go to them... I want to repay Damon for letting me stay though... and he wanted to go to the party..."


Matt had to smile at that.  It was a rather sweet gesture of her to be willing to go to the party for Damon, "Sure, I can find you a costume no problem!" he replied as he put her food on a plate.  "I'll go and get Damon and Tyler, wait here," he said as he left the girl alone to her thoughts.




'I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed!  I should've heard her outside!' Damon thought slamming his head against the wall. 'Why am I so embarrassed?  I've never been shy about nudity before... but why am I so embarrassed around Madi?' His head hurt again.  He'd been having a lot of headaches since he found Madi.  She was a great girl but... did she feel the same as he did?  He loved her but she only cared for him as a friend.  He'd have to tell her eventually that he wasn't human... but how would she take it?  Would she just blow him off and think he was crazy?  Or would she not talk to him again?  He was sure she would be a bit freaked out when he told her... "When did I become such a coward?" he asked himself. "Why am I so scared to tell her the truth?" He brooded on this a bit before he heard Matt open his door.


"Hey bro, Breakfast is ready!  Tyler and Madi are waiting for us!" He stopped once he noticed the look in Damon's eyes something was bothering him, "You okay Dame?" he asked sitting down next to his brother, "You can tell me."


"I'm trying to figure out how to tell her about the Werewolf thing... I mean where do I start?  Oh I turn furry once a month and occasionally get flea's!  That'll work well!" Damon yelled.  What could he do?  Madison was probably one of the most stable people he ever met.  Could he knowingly flip her entire world upside down?


"You'll have to tell her eventually Dame, she has to know and you can't keep it secret forever."


"How did you go about telling Tyler?" Damon asked.


"It wasn't easy; I can tell you that.... I had the same fears you did.  I managed to man up though and tell him.  He was surprised at first and spent weeks not talking to me... I thought I'd lost him forever, but one day he showed up and kissed me in front of everybody... He had wanted to keep our relationship hidden.  He was afraid of what his parents would say if they found out he was gay... Him kissing me in front of everybody proved he did love me for me.  I think Madi will be the same for you.  Just give it time and tell her when you are ready," he said as he got up and ruffled Damon's hair, "Now come down to breakfast!" He walked out without another word.


'You know, Matt has a point... I can tell her when I ready... no need to rush things right?' With that he walked downstairs and saw Madi and Tyler where laughing at something Matt said.  "What's so funny?" he asked them when he sat down.  He began to chow down one of Matt's famous egg omelettes.


Madi stopped laughing for a bit and smiled towards him causing him to almost choke on his food in surprise, "He was telling us about the time you accidently walked in on your mom and dad..."


Damon shuddered a bit remembering the incident.  He was about seven and he'd had a nightmare so he went to his parent's room only to walk in of them doing it... he swore he was scared for life.  "Dammit Matt, you swore you never would tell anybody!" He yelled and his brother just laughed harder. "Asshole," he muttered to himself causing everybody to laugh louder.


Everything had calmed down for a while and they just began to talk.  From what she said she was originally from a town called Sweeton but her family moved to Newcastle when she was four because her dad had had a job offer there.  She also had a cousin named Kyle but he had dissapered last year... from what she said some boy named Duke took him in..."

"SO do you ever worry about your cousin?"

"Not really, I trust Duke, I have never met him but he promised me that he would get Kyle out of Sweeton... and he did... I'm grateful for that..."


"That's cool.  Hey Madison any ideas for a costume?" Matt asked and Damon turned his head towards Madi in shock.


"Costume?" he asked and she gave Matt an evil look before saying.


"I'm taking you up on that invitation to Martha's party."  She then looked to Matt still glaring and stated, "I don't really know.  Maybe we can work something out?"


"Maybe you and Damon can go shopping for costumes?" Matt said. "It'd be fun; Tyler and I have our own plans for Halloween..." he said and gave a suggestive smile towards his boyfriend who began to blush.


"Oh gross, get a room you two!" Damon yelled as Madi looked at them all in confusion, "But I guess we could go buy some costumes tonight...Halloween is tomorrow after all."


As they finished breakfast Matt got up and gathered the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash them. "So maybe, we can go get those costumes?" he asked and she shrugged and got up.


"Sure but neither of us have a car?" she said as Damon smiled.


"Simple," he muttered. "Hey Matt, can I borrow the truck?" he yelled.


His brother came out of the kitchen and threw him the keys, "Yeah sure, but don't wreck."  He then walked back into the Kitchen while the duo walked outside.


After they were both in and buckled Damon started the truck and off they were.  They remained silent for a bit until Madi broke the ice, "So, when are you parents coming back?"


"They should be back around Christmas.  My family usually travel a lot during the summer... actually this is the first time we ever settled down.  When I was little we moved a lot; it was fun but I guess Mom and Dad got tired of the moving and settled here in Denver when I was ten.   Up until then I was home-schooled."


"Oh wow, I would love to travel but my family doesn't have much money... so we never could really.  It almost wiped out our savings just to make the move."  Madi felt kinda embarrassed, she was a small-town girl.  Damon had travelled a lot when he was little. "So where all did you travel to?" she asked curious.


"Hmm, we lived in New York for about a month or two when I was eight.  LA for three months when I was nine.  We even lived in London for a time when I was seven.  I can't remember all the places we lived but this summer we went to Portugal.  It was great and we're going to London to watch the Olympic Games.  My dad is a major Olympics buff.  My first time out of the country was Nagano Winter Olympics in '98..."


"Wow, you've actually been to the Olympics?"


"Yup, every year since I was two... We lived in Atlanta during the 96 Olympics... You should come with us this summer, Tyler is coming.  Plus you could tell your cousin about London."


"I don't know... Plane tickets are really expensive... plus I wouldn't want to be a bother..."


"You'd never be a bother!  I'm sure they'd love you!" 'Like I do,' he added silently in his head.  Eventually they reached Wal-Mart and went in.  The store was packed and Halloween stuff was everywhere.  Madi looked a bit nervous so Damon patted her back.




'What was I thinking?' Was going through Madi's head.  This place was packed!  She had always hated crowds...they made her feel trapped.  She calmed down once she felt Damon pat her on the back.  She smiled at him and thanked him for calming her nerves.  Together they walked to the costume section and began to look for the perfect costume.


Much to Madi's dismay most of the costumes were very slutty and practically just lingerie! 'Who would wear this shit?'  Eventually she managed to find a few costumes that weren't super slutty and none of them were available in her size.  She sighed a bit and finally managed to find a cute witch costume it was skimpier than what she wanted, but she could add a shirt and tights underneath.


"You could go, as Alice Cullen..." she heard Damon's voice tease.  She was turning around to give him a piece of her mind when she saw a massive wolf head staring at her.  She gave a loud yelp and fell on her bottom only to see Damon take off the mask and almost collapse in laughter.


"Asshole!" she yelled pushing him on his own ass. "That wasn't nice!"


Damon was still laughing a bit when he got up but he did apologize, "So you're going as a werewolf?  Really, what are you, five?"


"Says the girl who is going as a witch..." he joked back.  They laughed as they went to checkout and paid for their costumes.




Damon was pacing outside Madi's guest room.  The party was in an hour and she was still getting ready, "Come-on Madi, hurry up!  Martha will be pissed if we are late!"


"I'll be out in a minute okay!" he heard Madi say from behind the door.


Just as she said that the door opened and Damon's jaw dropped.  Madi looked amazing.  Her costume was short so she was wearing tights underneath the dress and she showed just enough cleavage to give people a look without being trashy.  Her hat was pinned to her head at a slight tilt.


"How do I look?" she asked him. 'Worlds cannot describe,' he thought, but he knew she would like an actual answer.  "You look amazing!"


Damon himself was standing there in his own costume.  Madi had added a few things like ripped jeans and a ripped shirt to add to his image.  Together they made their way past Matt and Tyler who were snuggling on the couch while watching horror movies and grabbed the keys.  They quickly drove over to Martha's house.  The house looked crazy; jack-o-lanterns were everywhere and other Halloween themed decorations dotted the yard.


As soon as she got out of the car Martha grabbed her into a hug, "I'm so glad you came!  Both of you!" she said.  She was wearing a bunny costume and her hair in pigtails.  She looked pretty hot Damon had to admit, but he wasn't interested in her now...he had Madi.


"It's no problem," Madi said getting herself away from Martha and smiled, "This place looks great!"  After that they walked inside the house...




The party was in full swing and Madi was having a blast!  It had been a very long time since she had gotten to let her hair down so to speak.  She had danced with Damon a bit but he was off elsewhere and she was sitting and resting her poor feet until a boy came up to her.  She vaguely recognized him as the quarterback Joseph Rivera, "Having fun?" he asked.  She nodded, "Would you like to dance?" he followed up with.


After a few flings around the room she allowed herself to be led back to the chairs, "You're a pretty good dancer, Joseph!" she complemented him and he smiled back.


"Thanks.  You to!  But call me Joe please!  Nobody ever calls me Joseph... I was wondering, do you want to go out sometime...Like to dinner?  I've been meaning to ask you."


Madi was surprised to say the least but flattered, "Sure Joe, I'd love to go out with you!  How about next Saturday?" she replied grinning.


"Sounds great!" he agreed.  They had a couple more dances before he gave her a smile and walked off.


She stood there smiling like an idiot until she heard Damon come behind her, "What's go you smiling?" he asked, grinning at her relaxed state.


"Joseph Rivera just asked me out!" Madi replied looking to see Damon's reaction...

Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
Did you mean shit as in oh shit or this chapter is shit?
Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
as in Oh shit, i would never say some one elsess work is shit, my own yes others no
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
i see now how you are going to link the to togather . kyle and her are cousin's and kyle's dad is the link is it. now you and are good frainde hive a hard thing to do bring the two togather as one. one powerfull stories once 2 powerfull and lovey stories now a hope will be 1 all mighty powerfull and on the edge of your seet storie full of love sadness hope joy rage hate power and might that it will be a bast to raed over and over agein.......//// time and time to come with love and sadness for every one to the sky and sea to the sun and moon for a star we will be you and me///// and you can us this saying of mine if you whont when you do bring theme togather i hope you two do us it .... howl you later my frainde and give my best to are frainde on the werewolf storie will you and ask him/her to give me a howl on here will you thanks....
Jayce Whitefang 2 years ago 0
*stares off into the distance, thinking of Matt and Tyler's plans*
That's so hot...*whimpers*

Uh oh, someone beat Damon to the punch, I wonder how well he'll be able to control his reaction. If he reacts too much, she'll start thinking he's just like Cole...

Nice tie-in with Werewulf. Makes me wonder, if Madie's planning on visiting Kyle for his graduation, does that mean that you're just gonnna write it, or are both you and Crowned going to work out that scene between the two of you? Should be interesting, in any case, because I'd think that Kyle'd be changed by then.

The plot is getting thicker, and I can't wait for more!

DO you need any help Matt?" she asked politely.
(accidentally double-caps there)
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
Kyle and Duke will appear towards the climax that's all I'm going to say =) Some events of Werewulf will be refrenced in the later story... and I can't say if he's been changed or not that;d be a spoiler for both stories =) glad you like the chapter though... and sadly I don't do smut so you just have to go with your imagination =)
Jayce Whitefang 2 years ago 0
And that's fine for me, sometimes it's more fun that way. I don't write smut either (or at least I haven't yet...who knows, posting stuff on here just might convert me) so I'm not gonna complain.
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
I might have a contest though towards the end of BatW and see who can write the best smut the winners would get a sneak peek into the next story (which is top secret)
strikeforce4 2 years ago 0
Oo shit here we go
Shirochi Snowpaw 2 years ago 0
Ha I knew this was the straight version of Werewulf. at least it isn't super sad all the time though.