16 Feb 2012

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Posted 16 Feb 2012 00:14
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Me and my friend Alty are always squabbling over who is sexier in the little black trunks, so today I sketched (and briefly coloured) them together. Now it's up to you guys to put an end to our constant arguments!

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Duo Theus 2 years ago 0
Obviously you are, the long hair makes it happen, along with the cute face ~gives you the award winning butt slap~
Mushni 2 years ago 0
The buttslap of VICTORY!
Duo Theus 2 years ago 0
Lol, blast it. You just game me an idea for a funny image for you to draw but I dont have the money to commission it. Ill still tell, just what you said, Duo giving you a butt slap as you in this image, would be fun, or at least the way I imagine it.
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
In my opinion, I think you are the better-looking one.

Not trying to sound plain- just trying to not get overexcited about how nice I think you look.
Mushni 2 years ago 0
Ahaha! Thank you! It's very much appreciated n_~
Arktisk Raev 2 years ago 0
Cliche, but I <3 them both. Doesn't help that my eyes won't leave certain 'areas'... It awesome artwork, so let's go with that =P
I'd say a clear tie!!
Tyr Wyrgon 2 years ago 0
I say tie. Your sexiness is doubled when you're both dressed like that.
Amenophis 2 years ago 0
I prefer blue! I won't say why...
Mushni 2 years ago 0
Aww, but now I'm curious! :O
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Oh a new pic let me ju.....~THUMP~ * unconscious again....dammit*
Cerix 2 years ago 0
Such a hard choice... but I have to go with your friend Alty. Sorry! I just have a thing for taller men ^.^
Mushni 2 years ago 0
Which is ironic because IRL I'm the tall one xD!
Cerix 2 years ago 0
HaHaHa xD! That's funny. Well, maybe then IRL I'd go with you ;)
Xero12 2 years ago 0
You are! HANDS DOWN! xD
Mushni 2 years ago 0
Kadmiel 2 years ago 0
You're both cute, but again the long hair squeaks you into first place.
Alastar Aindreas 2 years ago 0
Damn. This is a really hard choice... speaking of hard... >.=.>

It's all such a tease.

I vote for... Another Round! The panel of judges needs more... information, yea, information! That way, a, um... un-biased opinion can be made. After all, you've got the home advantage.
Kohaku Nightfang 2 years ago 0
You for three reasons: I love long hair, I love the color blue and you are sexier in general
IanFaber 2 months ago 0
Equal hotness. Two tails mean twice as many to raise of course //w// but double the boys means quadruple the sexy.
It's about teaming work; Co-op, not versus, ya know? ;//3