16 Feb 2012

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Posted 16 Feb 2012 04:55
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Just a little update.

My journal box was looking a little empty. Thought it needed a little something to fill it up, so why not do so with a lovely little update for the 0 of you who actually watch me! Yay!

For one, I love all the new updates to SoFurry. The site looks and runs so much better now. <3 Props to Toumal for being freakin' awesome. :3 (I did like having my own subdomain, though... x3)

Secondly, I've started working on my NaNoWriMo novel again. (Yeah, yeah, I know. Only three months late, but what're ya gonna do? :P) Better late than never. And I really REALLY want to finish it, cuz I'm getting some awesome ideas for how I want the story to pan out. So from this point on, I think I'm going to totally start winging it writing stuff down so I don't forget it. ;P

Thirdly, it feels awesome having my license back. Like seriously. Driving has never felt so good. <3

Welp. That's 'bout it for now. I'll keep all none of you posted on how my novel comes along. Might even post what I have so far up here so my submissions don't look so bare!

RandomManOfDOOM 2 years ago 0