16 Feb 2012

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Posted 16 Feb 2012 06:24
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Akiyokiro Valentine <3

It's a pic of me and my mate tanglin toungues... X3

I love hot kisses... >> << SUE ME!

And I love the night... SO SUE ME AGAIN. icon_biggrin.gif

But yeaaah, a looot of fun to shade (Never thought I'd say that... .___.; ) I wuuuv how it came out, I think it's adorable <3 What do you guys think? ^^

Leafeon is my maate Kiyora~

Akiro ish mee~ ^^

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Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
aww, adorable ^.^
GlaceonX 2 years ago 0
-Blush- Thaanks! ^/////^
Duplex12 1 year ago 0
that is one...lucky...leafeon...getting a hot sexiest tongue kissing i've ever seen in all of art. most wonderful masterpiece EVA! love your work, glaceonX!
GlaceonX 1 year ago 1
X///3 Rawr... T-Thank you so much... <3

Murrawr..... I love them hot kissies too... I'll see if I can upload summoar.... I kinda.. Improved from this.. <//>
Duplex12 1 year ago 0
wow, now i'm totally psyched to see 'em. looking foward to it, glacy ;3
GlaceonX 1 year ago 1
Oh I wont keep you waiting long... <3
Duplex12 1 year ago 0
<3 woofwoof <3 *giggles*
GlaceonX 1 year ago 1
Murrrr..~ <3 Hehe
Duplex12 1 year ago 0
your purring is like sweet soothing music to my ears *giggles*