16 Feb 2012

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Windchaser - Stormy Night

#3 of Windchaser

Cosmo stretched lightly once he was out of his house, breathing in the fresh air slowly.

"There's going to be a storm soon." Cosmo said while finishing his small stretch.

Tanya looked at Cosmo with curiosity.

"Quite a clever nose you have there." She said while smiling. "The clouds betray their intentions, it's a nice clear afternoon."

Tanya looked into the distance and all around, not a single cloud showed the sign of any storm or rainfall brewing.

"There is just a faint smell in the air, but I can just about pick it out. I've smelled it before, just before we had heavy rain in the past." Cosmo replied easily "It's still a bit off in the distance so we have some time..."

Tanya trusted Cosmo, so she decided to think up something they could do outside before the rain came. Her brow was furrowed slightly while in thought. The village was nearby, but she knew Cosmo would be bothered by all the furre's there, and that might overload him. She cast her gaze around while thinking, nothing good around them caught her sparkling blue eyes. Her brow furrowed even more until her eyes came to a stop on a small bench near a young oak tree.


"Hey Cosmo, let's sit outside for a bit. Like you said, there is still time and it's such a nice day." Tanya suggested. "The bench by the youngest tree is still there"


"Sounds good, lead the way Tanya" Cosmo replied with a small, holding his arm out for Tanya to guide him with.

 Tanya took his arm lightly, noticing how soft his fur was and blushed slightly as she led him the short distance over to the bench.

"Here we are" Tanya said while guiding Cosmo down onto it. Cosmo followed her guidance and gently sat on the bench, making sure he would be comfortable sitting there for a long time. Tanya sat next to him, making sure her fluffy tail wouldn't get trapped underneath or around her.

"I'm surprised this is still here after all this time." Cosmo mused "It's survived a lot of bad weather and winds."

"True, but it was made from the oldest tree in the forest. Older than our own history." Tanya replied easily  "Something that old won't be beaten by nature."

Cosmo chuckled a little before leaning back a bit, resting his arms on the back of the bench. "My body and this bench share the same thing. We won't break easily."

Tanya smiled slightly before changing her position, choosing lay across the bench with her head in Cosmo's lap. "That is very true"

Cosmo was startled at the sudden change but didn't show any outward signs of being so, he simply smiled and let her rest on him.

"What's the forest like? It's been a while.."Cosmo started to say

"Nothing has changed, a few more seedling's got planted and there was one or two trees that got damaged and had to be cut down, other than that it's still a beautiful sight."

Cosmo smiled upon hearing that. He loved the forest, that's why he had his house built away from the village and near the forest entrance. The forest was always a beautiful sight, in sunlight is was magnificent. In moonlight it was majestic. He still has his mind's eye, so he can still picture the forest very well.

"Remember all the trouble we used to get up to in the forest?" Cosmo mused.

Tanya thought for a second before replying "I remember when we moved a few hunter traps and playing hide and seek. That's about it."

"You never could win at hide and seek could you?" Cosmo replied with a huge smile on his face.

"You were too GOOD. I could never hide from you for long, and you could never be found." Tanya said sticking her tongue out a little.

Cosmo started to laugh, "You of all people should know how much time I spent in the forest. I always used to spend a lot of days exploring, playing and getting lost in there."

This friendly chat and banter continued for a little while, changing from topic to topic and having a good laugh all the while. After a while though, Cosmo's ears perked up and he 'looked' up towards the sky.

"Wow, we spent a lot of time out here. The storm will be here in a short time." Cosmo stated

"Let's head back inside, before we get caught in it." Tanya suggested, gently moving up and standing. She stretched a little and waited for Cosmo to stand before taking his hand in hers and walking back to his house. While walking, she looked at their hands and noticed the stark contrast between their fur colours. Her red stuck out brilliantly against his pure white.

Once the two of them reached the door, she opened it, led Cosmo inside and then shut the door behind them.

"Let's go sit in the main room" Cosmo suggested, this time with him taking the lead, putting his free hand on the wall to guide himself and Tanya to the main room. "Could you get a fire started? It's going to get cold really soon"

"Sure, let's get you on the couch and I'll start one." Tanya said happily.

She guided Cosmo to the couch before taking a few steps to the fireplace. Once there, she bent over and picked up a few of the bigger logs, wanting the fire to burn for a long time without maintenance. Once they were carefully positioned, she added a handful of the straw and lit the fire using some nearby matches, ones specially designed so that they won't set fur on fire while being used. It took her a few strikes before the match lit and the fire got started, putting the matches back, she quickly brushed her paws against her clothes and went over to the couch, resuming the position she was in when they were outside.

Sure enough, Cosmo's prediction came true. The winds started picking up and rain started falling in heavy quantities, soaking the windows in mere seconds.

"This sounds like it's going to last quite a while. You going to be okay stuck here with me?" Cosmo said.

"I could think of worse people to be stuck with in a storm" Tanya replied with a grin on her face.

Both of them laughed a little at that and it set the mood for most of the evening. They talked even more, about life, people and each other. Laughter was shared, a tickle fight broke out, which Cosmo lost horribly at, and a good time was had by both.

When they finally ran out of things to talk about, they simply smiled and enjoyed having each other near them.

"You know, I don't think there's anyone I could have more fun with than you Cosmo" Tanya said a little quietly.

This comment caused Cosmo to blush a little, he was never any good at taking compliments and one like that from his childhood companion really did get him going.

"We've always had the best of times together. From our younger years to now." Cosmo told Tanya, "It's always fun for me whenever you show up. We always get up to some zany antics together." This was his turn to make her blush. Thankfully her red fur kept it hidden.

Outside, the rain was still lashing the earth. This time it brought an even stronger force to help it, thunder acted as the war drums as lightning struck the ground in fierce bolts.

This loud force startled both of them, but Tanya was affected more so. She never liked the lightning, it was something that always brought fear out in her. Cosmo recovered after the initial startle and soon he relaxed again. Tanya meanwhile was finding it hard to relax again, she shifted from her lounged position to sitting up with her knees on the couch, muzzle resting on them.

"I hate this" She said quietly with a hint of anger in her voice

"I've always found them to be amazing, lightning has always fascinated me" Cosmo replied

"I.."Tanya started before she was cut off by another bolt of lightning in the distance, causing her to hide her head and whimper slightly.

Cosmo knew that he should help, so he gently felt around for her, and once he got a paw on her shoulder, it wasn't hard from him to get his other arm underneath her. He picked her up slightly and guided her to his lap, where she put her legs down and hid her face in his neck.

"Tanya, I promise you that so long as I'm here, nothing bad will happen." Honesty coursed through Cosmo's words as he said this. Tanya merely nodded a little in return.

It was a little while before Tanya said anything, the storm still showing no says of abating "Lightning is something I could never stand, the loud noise, the flash and sometimes the damage it causes in its brief life always scare me so much."

"I'll be your comfort in any storm or bad time Tanya, you can count on that." Cosmo said, slowly rubbing Tanya's back with his paw.

Tanya slowly started to calm down. What Cosmo said and what was doing was helping to calm her down, she was still scared but not so much as earlier. The fire was still burning strong, providing plenty of light for the room and a bit of the house. Tanya looked into the blaze while she thought about today as a whole. She wondered why she never realised this earlier but, she and Cosmo were perfect. They had so much fun together, always there for each, and one won't stand by idly while the other is depressed or scared.

Thinking back to this morning, and what she did on instinct, she lifted her head from Cosmo's neck and brought it level with his, and ever so slowly she moved her muzzle closer to his. This wasn't instinct, it was her decision. To her, Cosmo was someone no furre could compete against. As her muzzle slowly approached Cosmo's she thought 'Maybe we were meant to be together' and with that, she closed the gap kissed him gently on his lips. Slowly moving her body so she could wrap her arms around him as she did so.

Cosmo was startled once again by this show of affection, but quickly he realised what Tanya meant to him. He returned the kiss in earnest, putting his paws on the base of her tail and rubbing it gently.

Tanya didn't break the kiss any time soon, when she felt Cosmo's reaction she was glad she took this leap of faith. She slowly made the kiss more passionate, and Cosmo followed her lead.

" know I'm in love with you. I just never realised it sooner." Tanya said quietly through the kiss.

"I feel the same Tanya, today has realised how much I care for you. you too" Cosmo replied just as quietly.

Hearing this made both their hearts beat a little faster, Tanya took the initiative and  gently guided Cosmo to lay down on the couch, with her resting atop him.

Neither of them spoke while their kiss continued, their hands exploring even more of each other's bodies, Tanya ran her red paws through Cosmo's exposed white chest fur, still marvelling at how soft it was. Cosmo was gently rubbing her sides, this time he took lead, slowly finding the base of her shirt and started to gently guide it up. Tanya broke the kiss for a second so they could both take her shirt off, exposing her upper body. Cosmo ran his hands through her back and chest fur once the shirt was gone.

"You're soft and fluffy" Cosmo stated while laughing a little.

"I could say the same for you" Tanya said right back at him with a grin on her face.

She rested herself against Cosmo as she went in for another kiss. Cosmo didn't hesitate in returning the loving gesture.

Outside the house, the storm was still going. But inside, the lovers were working up a storm of their own. Both of them spending the first night together of which they will never forget.