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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 8

#8 of BatW

A/N Here is chapter 8! I hate to say this but I might be forced to go on haitus soon... At least until Werewulf is finished... I'll still be writing but won't be uploading... I'll upload 9 and 10 when I get around to it (have to write 10) and maybe 11 after that it's uncertian


Chapter 8: Jealousy


"Joseph Rivera asked me out!"  Those words rang in Damon's ears.  He knew Joey; he was a good friend... 'I'm going to rip that mother fucking bastard's spine out and feed it to him!' was what he was thinking...  Outwardly he was much calmer.


"That's... good," he unknowingly leaned close to her.  "So... when did you set the date?"


He was torn... what was he to do?  Was she allowed to be with other people? 'No she wasn't, she was his and he was hers as was what Werewolf law dictated.'  But he knew werewolf law couldn't be applied to an unknowing human.  He couldn't tell her that she was not allowed to see anybody else... she was his mate... she belonged to him and him only and he wasn't willing to share.  "So when are you guys going out?" he pressed again.


"Saturday, this Saturday!  You okay Damon?" she asked, noticing his face was in a painful grimace.


"Yeah...nothing, I'm fine... I just don't think you should go on the date..."


Madi's smile dropped at once and he noticed an angry glint in her eye, "Let's talk outside okay?" she said coldly walking away.


Damon sighed a bit, this wasn't going to be fun... he followed her out into the porch and she turned on him furious. "Why shouldn't I go Damon?" she asked angrily, causing him to flinch as he had never seen her this mad.


"You just met!!  How do you know he doesn't just want to get in your pants?" he yelled back.


"Why, would it matter to you, why should you care!?" she yelled right back. "It isn't any of your business if I go on a date with someone!  Even if he is just doing it to get in my pants it's none of your business!"


'But it is... I can't date anybody else anymore so you shouldn't be allowed either!' he thought and sighed.  Humans were so complex.  Where he would love to use werewolf logic right now, he'd have to tell her about him being a werewolf and he wasn't ready yet... "I'm your friend!  I care about you!  I don't want to see you hurt..." he said looking down and Madi softened a bit.


"Damon, I'm flattered that you care so much, but this is my life, so let me live it..."


'But you could get hurt.' Why were humans so complicated!?  They never made sense!  She knows she has a chance to get hurt but she's still doing to do it... 'If that bastard hurts her I'll kill him myself!' he resolved.  He couldn't lose her...maybe after this fling she would figure out she belonged with him?  "I'm sorry... I know it's your life and you have the right to live it as you see fit... I just don't want to see you hurt.  I care about you Madi."  'More than I care about myself,' "But I'm sorry if I sound like an ass.  I want what's best for you." 'Which is me...'


"I understand Damon, I care about you too," she replied as she cupped his cheek in her hand making him glad he was wearing that mask seeing how bad he was blushing. "But let me do this.  If it doesn't work out... oh well, nothing is lost by it..." With that she let go of his cheek and walked back inside.


"I hope it doesn't work out Madi, as that means I'll lose you..." He said quietly and then gave a savage smile, "And I really, really hate losing."  With that he re-entered the party.  He could use Mesmer on Joey but that'd be wrong to interfere... Sighing he went and got some punch and gave Joey a withering look as he passed by. 'It'd be so easy to Mesmer him right now.  Nobody would notice... but I'll let this work itself out.'




Madi was sitting near the snack bar deep in thought. 'Why did Damon react so strongly about Joey asking me out?'  He seemed real nice... 'But then again so did Cole.' said another more cynical voice in her head.  'He might not be anything like Cole though!' she sighed a bit as she saw Martha walking towards her.


"Hey Madi, whatcha doing?"


"Sitting, my feet are killing me!  But I am having a blast, thanks for inviting me," Madi replied, getting up and hugging her friend.  "Just curious... you're like the most popular girl in school why did you want to be friends with me?"


"Because I like you silly, you seemed somewhat lonely and you did have a cute haircut.  You're unique Madi," Martha said dripping with sincerity, "I'm glad I did walk up to you."


Madi felt herself blush a bit, "I'm glad too."


The party lasted a few hours longer until Martha began shooing people out.  Tonight was a school night after all... She managed to find Damon and they began walking to the car.  "I had a blast Madi, thanks for coming with me," Damon said as they got buckled in.


"I had a good time to!"  They then slipped into a comfortable silence as they drove home.


They pulled into his driveway, and after saying goodbye Madi got out and walked to her own house.  It was pretty messy with the cops going in and out, but they were done.  The family was allowed to move back in and salvage what they could from the dump that had been left by the strangers tramping through the neat and tidy rooms.  Resolving to clean up properly after school tomorrow; she went upstairs and took a shower before folding up her costume and putting it into her closet and got into bed, falling asleep almost immediately from exhaustion.




Damon was lying in bed unable to go to sleep.  The fact that Madi was going on a date with Joey made him so angry... angrier than he had ever felt, and he was angry a lot... He was half tempted to out and out maul the bastard.  He knew where he lived and it would be so easy to sneak in and rip his throat out.  But sadly the laws forbade harming humans without reason...and petty jealousy was not one of those reasons... After an hour of tossing and turning he finally managed to fall asleep.


It almost seen like an instant when he heard his alarm clock blare, he grabbed and threw it towards the will shattering it, "Great!  That's the tenth one this year!" he muttered to himself; Matt was not going to be happy.


He got up and got dressed and walked downstairs, "I broke the alarm clock again Matt..." He told his brother as soon as he saw him.


"Again?  Dammit Dame, that's the third this month!!  We can't keep on buying alarm clocks because you can't control your temper!  What's with you anyway?  You've been pissy ever since you came home from the party!"


"Joey Rivera asked Madi out on a date and she agreed... I'm so confused!  Part of me wants to tell Madi that she can't date anybody because she's mine, but that might make her think I'm a controlling freak just like that bastard Cole!  Another wants to just up and maul Joey for having the nerve to ask my mate out!"


"Well, she is yours as she is your mate, but you also have a point...Madi hates being controlled.  And murdering Rivera will only get you into a lot of trouble... The council is already upset with you because of your promiscuity, you're lucky you haven't got a girl pregnant!"


Damon had to sigh.  He had gotten warnings because of his habit of always switching girlfriends.  He just liked the sex... so what if he was a man-whore?  He never hurt anybody... he didn't ever get emotionally attached to them, they wanted him for his looks and that alone... If they wanted to sleep with him why should he deny them?  Besides he always made sure to use protection so he wouldn't get a girl pregnant.  "Those days are over now... I can't be with anybody else besides Madi.  If I slept with another woman I'd feel dirty... it sucks!  She's mine!  She shouldn't be attracted to others..."


Matt patted him on his shoulder, "It'll work out Dame, she'll come around eventually.  Now let's get to school!  You, walking again?" he asked and Damon nodded.  That was the few times he could be completely alone with Madi.  After grabbing his bag and stepped out.  He walked across the yard and stepped on the porch and knocked on the door.


Madi quickly opened it, "Oh, hey Damon; I'll be right out okay?" She said, ducking back inside as the door swung closed behind her.  About two minutes later she stepped out and closed the door more firmly.  They walked the first bit in silence until Madi broke the ice. "So, how did you sleep Damon?"


"I slept okay, you?"


"Slept pretty well, I have a lot of cleaning to do today so I don't know I'll be able to work on that project..."


"Hey, I can help you clean if you want?" Damon offered.  He had no idea why he said that... he hated cleaning, but cleaning would get him some time with Madi which was worth a million hours of distasteful chores...


"You sure, that'd help a good bit but you don't have to..." she muttered.  She didn't want to bother him or force him into something he didn't want to do...


"No, I offered.  I'd be glad to help you!" Damon insisted, "I wouldn't offer if I didn't want to help!"


Madi only nodded as she put her headphones in.  That was a sign that she was done talking. 

Even when they weren't talking Damon was happy just to have her at his side... they really did belong together... Eventually they reached the school and separated for class.


Just as he reached his locker he heard Joey's voice calling towards him, "What's up man?" Joey asked...


"Nothing, you?" he asked just to keep Joey from knowing he hated his guts.


"Nothing... I asked the new girl Madison out.  She's pretty hot.  I'm surprised I'm the first person to ask her."


'Maybe because they have a brain and know she's mine.' Was what went through his head, "No clue she's awesome..." he tried to keep his voice neutral and failed.


Joey just smiled a bit, "Yeah, she is pretty cool.  Any idea where I can take her for dinner?"


Was he really asking Damon this?  Damon had always known Joe wasn't that bright but really?  Was he really asking him where he could take Damon's mate? 'You can go straight to hell,' "No idea," he said aloud, walking off while trying to give into the temptation of punching the other boy's face in.


He eventually found Madi and Martha talking about the date... since when did Madi act like such a girl about these things?  "What should I wear?"


"We can go shopping after school!  We can find you something cute to wear!"


"I'll be busy tonight... I have to fix the house back after the police finished..."


"Oh okay, maybe tomorrow?"




Damon tired of hearing the annoying drivel he stepped in, "You ready to go to class Madi?"


She looked towards him surprised at his relative coldness, "Uh, sure... you okay Damon?"


Realizing he had acted coldly he quickly tried to fix it, 'It's not her fault, she doesn't know she's my mate... it's all Joey's fault!' "I'm okay, let's go, we don't want to be late for class right?"


She nodded and they began walking to class.  Neither spoke but Damon enjoyed the silence.  He always enjoyed being around Madi until Mr Green told him that the counsellor wanted to speak with him... he groaned.  The counsellor, Mrs Wiseman was hated by almost the entire school.  Damon honestly wondered how the woman got the job... Were the good ones endangered?  Quietly he said goodbye to Madi and walked towards her office.


The room was a blank as ever.  The good doctor had taken an interest of him since last year.  She always was bugging him for his lacking grades, promiscuity and his home life... "You wanted to see me Ma'am?" he asked in a bored tone.  The woman had never been able to get anything out of him.  He honestly wondered why she hadn't given up by now?


"Yes Mr Garcia, I did want to see you... I notice your grades have taken a notable rise..."


He was annoyed.  Did she call him just to tell him the obvious? "So... you called me to tell me my grades have improved ma'am?  Was it really necessary to call me here?"


Mrs Wiseman gave him a cold look, "No Mr Garcia... Damon, I want to know your relationship with the new student... Ms Stone."


"That would be none of your business ma'am," he told her coldly.


"It is Damon.  You are quite lucky I haven't called child services on your parents... What kinds of parents leave a child alone?"


Damon growled a bit at this... he was not a child and he and Matt... "I'm not a child ma'am! And I have my brother..."


Mrs Wiseman was unimpressed, "You're still a minor Mr Garcia, and I don't think your brother is a proper guardian for you..."


"What do you mean by that exactly ma'am?  My brother is a good man and is a very good role-model; he is after all class president and valedictorian so far."


She only gave an unimpressed sniff at that, "Even then, his lover lives with you as well right?  I don't think a child should be exposed to such debauchery."


'Debauchery?' Damon had to laugh this was ridiculous and pathetic.  "Yes my brother's boyfriend lives with us... does it bother you that I live with a gay man Mrs Wiseman?  Because I honestly really don't give a shit.  Gay or straight he's a far better person then you will ever be.  And don't speak badly of Tyler either...He's like a brother to me and might one day be a brother!"  He stood up and walked out in anger.


"Mr Garcia!  We aren't done!"  The woman yelled.


"Yes we are ma'am.  It was over the second you brought up my brother."


"I'll wish to speak with Ms Stone soon."


"GO ahead," he said coldly and walked out for good. 'Sorry Madi, I think I might've thrown you under the bus... please don't hate me for this...'

ScarlettWolf 2 years ago 0
Awesome as all these storys, hope you can keep working on them there awesome!!
Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
what a bitch,
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
like the one in werewolf we find this time a mad women is there a link to theme i thank so lol. loved it and i hive a ider for you and are frainde put cole and the bad guy in werewolf togather they wood make one hell of a bad guys togather and wood make some hell for all are hero's...... give me a howl back will you thanks
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
They would make a good evil duo but I doubt Cole and Dany will work together... but yes they would give them a hard time paeticually Duke and Madi being the target of their obessions
Jayce Whitefang 2 years ago 0
You, walking again?"
(no comma)

You sure, that'd help a good bit
(question mark after sure, capitalize that)

Well, I wonder if Madi's gonna put two and two together and figure out that Damon likes her, or if something more drastic has to occur. Of course, Damon could always just ask her out...but he might go beserk if she says that she's interested in Joey.

Wow, that is one bad councilor. Go right ahead and insult the person you're questioning, that the way to get answers, isn't it?
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
Damon is to big a chicken to ask her out. SO basicly something drastic will have to happen to get them together =) and let's just say Madi and Joe's date is ruined by 'family problems' and don't worry Madi will take the bitch down a peg or two...
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
they wood make a good evil duo and that is what we fans are looking for a edge to bring your to stories togather and what edge is batter then the bad guys taem up and make all out hell for are heros and i thank cole and dany wood work togather real good day halp the other out but cole will hive to be come like dany a mad mad wolf if they work togather can you see it now how they wood work togather as a good evil duo and give you and are frainde's storie the edges it need to make a good storie togather are hero's will hive to work togather and there famliys to get there happy ending with one anther. what do you thank and see what are frainde thanks to i wood love to no what the both of you thank. give me a howl back soon and if you need some halp with iders give me a howl i will halp if i can and thank agein. your frainde darkmoonwolf howl you later.
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
I'll have to talk to CC about that... you have a good idea but I'm pretty sure that Danny and Cole are working solo... Werewulf and BatW are very much connected but the villans are seperate but both are huge threats... besides I doubt Danny will live past Werewulf so the chances of him and Cole doing a evil team-up is low... maybe you could write a fanfiction about it =) you'd have to ask CC for premsiion first though...

And trust me BatW will definitly get darkier and edgier as the plot advances... let's just say our hero's will have their fair share of emotional and phyical woundes at the end of the story