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17 Feb 2012

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Posted 17 Feb 2012 05:40
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College Rant and update, if anyone cares :p


.....nothing more should really need to be said, but I will.


Right now, I'm taking three course's (yeah, not alot compared to some. But hey, cut me some slack, yeah?) one of which is an English Writing class. This means that I'll be doing a couple of papers, not the worst part....

I'm also taking a Statistics and World Religions class as well. All in all....there is very little to ground me into reality.

The English is about analizing the meaning and symbolizim (whatever, I can't spell) behind various stories and poems. Not so bad, right? Add to that the just plain odd religions that I'm studying (Hinduism and Janism currently) and I turn into a damned philisophical nutcase....and than I have to drive an hour to get home again!

At least the Math is something that I can sink my teeth into. Learn the rules and all that....right? 

Wrong (some of the time)....

Statistics is about finding and studying the probabilites of a sample and populations that answer or have 'x' characteristics.... some of this makes the idea of Janism's "non-attachment" seem logical >.<

Suffice to say, I think that by the end of the semester, I'll be a blabering fool, spouting off philisophical ideas and mathmatical formulas left and right....

....not a fun idea in my mind, but hopefully the poem's won't be that hard to understand.....famous last words, right?

//// end college rant /////

Now for an update on the three stories I'm working on...

Steelheart series, chapters 2 and 4... these will likly run about 10-15k words per chapter

2 - I have 2.5k words, but I won't be posting it until it hits a minimum of 8k words

4- hardly 1,000 words, won't be up for a long while


Jayden, chapters 3 and 4 these will be around 5-7k words per chapter

3 - should be up tomorrow or the next day, currently have 4,500 words, just need to find the right way to express the last scene.

4 - I got some ideas, but nothing written yet


Achoel, the one that I'm having a bit of fun writing, these are up in the air. Thinking of 5k words per chapter, but I am liking 10k just to fit more in per installment.... so really no updates on this one, even though I have 4,000 words in what will be chapter 1....


///end update///


So there is my rant and update..... congrats if you powered through my bad spelling and opinions. Now time to finish my paper, which is due in.... 12 hours, but I will only have access to a printer for another 8....but I need sleep as well.....yeah, finish it now, sleep, than print.....maybe work on a story for a bit as well.....yeah....

Rags 2 years ago 0
I think I lost all desire for mathematics when the sections started including things called

UNREAL numbers. As in, numbers that don't exist. As if the ones that DID exist weren't frustrating enough.
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0
Do you mean imaginary numbers?


I'm a math major who enjoys taking math classes, and those are scary...
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0

I took Stats last semester, and am currently in English (basic Freshman English, not about stories and poems, which is considered a creative writing class, and not transferable), Human Anatomy (that is my guillotene this semester), and US History. I know what you mean when you rant about college. We students rarely have time to even do that...