17 Feb 2012

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Posted 17 Feb 2012 09:09
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You Stole My Heart Now It's Yours

You've stolen my heart, now I'm forever yours. <3

Which is true, this little lady has stolen my heart with her smile
and laughter time and time again.

God damn do I love her so much... she's truly my everything.

I honestly keep thinking about how lucky I am to have her too.

I love you, so much.

Loyal Til The End!

Happy [late] Valentines Day!

p.s. I think Kira would look super cute with that 3-ring collar >w> mmhmm~

Kala © avatar?user=196289&character=0&clevel=0 Shadowkira555 <3
Character & Artwork © Ryndi Maltby 2001 - 2012
Please do not resell, redistribute, repost, copy, trace,
or use for profit without Expressed Written Permission.

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Aw. That is co cute!
High 2 years ago 0
love it
Little Creeper 1 year ago 0
Nyaww, adorable ^.^
MintChip 4 months ago 0
D'aww That's so adorable!