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17 Feb 2012

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Jayden, Chapter 3

#3 of The Halfblood

Chapter three (duh)

This is my first dialogue heavy chapter, so any tips there would be helpful...
This is also my first heavy, fighting chapter, so again, any tips there would be great ^.^

So here, let me stop talking so you can get on to the story....

(Author's Note)

=Character thought=

"Human Speech" 

'Telepathy between characters'

{Pokemon Speech}  

Example: "Ni nine tai tales ninetales ine?" is what a human would hear.

{What do you mean you can't understand me?} is what other Pokemon, and certain humans would hear.


|| * * * | | | * * * || = End Chapter 

* * * = Scene Change 

// // = Major Scene/Time Change


Chapter 3:


Aura was lying down on a table while Nurse Joy checking her. The pink-haired nurse patted down Aura's chest, arms, and legs; inspected her crimson eyes and her long-ears as well as having Aura stick out her tongue going "ahhh." 

The Nurse took her stethoscope and placed it on the Lucario's chest. "Breath in," Aura did so, "and out," and Aura released her breath. They repeated that two more times on her back and three times on her front. 

Than the Nurse picked up a blood-pressure cuff. "Now, if you'll just hold out your right arm and just relax." Aura did so, and the Nurse put it on. Pushing a button, the cuff started to constrict and Aura looked up nervously at the Nurse. "It's supposed to do that. It only takes twenty seconds."

Aura nodded and leaned back, using the breathing exercises that she had learned. beep beep and the pressure relented. Taking a look, the Nurse wrote down the numbers on the cuff, nodding slightly. Setting aside her clipboard, she looked at Aura, "Just one more thing I need to check. Please lay on your back and spread your legs." 

Aura gulped, blushing furiously. But she did as she was told. As the Nurse started checking her, Aura let her mind wander so she wouldn't die from embarrassment. 

* * * 

Jayden was walking towards the double-doors of the Pokemon Center, holding a box close to his chest. Right as the doors opened, someone came out, and the two bumped into each other. The other, a guy around 22-23 fell down, giving a small yelp. The Mienshao and Weavile trailing just behind him both giggled at their trainer's mishap. 

Jayden had seen it coming at the last second and stepped to the side just enough to keep himself from falling. Taking another glance at the two Pokemon, Jayden noted that they had some odd colorations. The Mienshao's stripe along its waist was a dark red, not the usual light purple, and the Weavile's frill was a light violet, not the usual crimson red. 

The Mienshao was laughing, holding a hand up to his mouth as he laughed. {Well Gavin, I told ya that you have ta watch where you're walking.}  

Weavile joined in on the fun to, slightly taunting her trainer as well. {Yeah, Gavin. I thought you were the mighty trainer.} 

"Karita, Clem," Gavin started, standing back up. "You two are insufferable," he said with a chuckle. Suddenly, he blinked, remembering the person he had run into, "Oh, man. I am so sorry." 

Jayden, already in a good mood, laughed it off, as the interaction only made him smile. "Ah, it was as much my fault. Shoulda paid better attention." As he said that, he reached a hand to the trainer. 

Gavin accepted the offered hand and with a heave, stood up. Dusting off his sweat-pants, Gavin looked at his two Pokemon. "Well come on you jokers. The Contest is going to start in thirty minutes, and there is no way we're losing this time." 

{Right!} The two said at the same time. 

Gavin turned back to Jayden, and held out his hand. "No hard feelings?"  

Jayden pondered for a moment before taking the man's hand, "Nope, good luck on your contests." A smile graced his face, even while he was releasing his grip. 

With a short wave, Gavin turned walk away. He started a little as he both them were already walking away. "Yo! Wait for me!" Shouting, Gavin sprinted to catch them. Jayden laughed, watching as the Mienshao did a backflip onto his trainer's head, and the Weavile fall into place by Gavin's side.

Jayden sighed with amusment, turning to face back towards the Pokemon Center. Shifting the weight of his bags a bit, he walked in, head moving from side to side as he looked for Aura. When he didn't see her, he sighed, moving over to sit down on a bench. Settling down, he started people watching (for those who don't know what this is, it's when you watch people as they go about their business, but don't interact with them directly). 

Jayden dropped the bag on the ground in front of him, and started rummaging through it, looking for something to do while he waited. Muttering to himself, "where did I put it?" Jayden continued to look through his bag until he let out a small, "ahha." Pulling out a small touchpad, he whispered "now lets see what the news of the world is." With that he accessed the internet, searching various news sites. 

He saw one article that caught his attention.

 -Archeological Team Disappears in Indonesian Islands While on Research Dig-

Just as he was about to click the link he heard the back doors open. Looking up, he smiled and put the iPad back into his bag. Aura came out, followed by a smiling Nurse Joy. 

"So, Aura," Jayden said, standing up, "what's the verdict?" 

Aura gave a slightly bashful smile. Just as she was bout to say, the Nurse spoke up "She is a perfectly healthy Lucario." Jayden nodded, and held his hand to Aura. She took it and giving a tug, pulled him up. The Nurse smiled ath that and went on, "Just keep a healthy diet and make sure that she either fights or runs at least once a day, and she'll be healthy for a long time." 

Jayden nodded again. That would not be a problem at all. "Anything else?"  

Nurse Joy shook her head. "Nope. Now," she moved back behind the counter, "will you be needing a room?" 

"Yes, please." Jayden said, grabbing his Pokedex. 

Nodding, the Nurse typed on the keyboard. "Okay." She reached under the counter and brought out a key-card. "Here is your key. You are room 10-32." She wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed both to Jayden. 

"Okay. Thank you." He handed Aura her bags while shouldering his own. With that they walked to the elevator. Stepping in, he pressed the 10th floor button. There were two other people in the elevator as well, one with a Starly on her shoulder and the other with a Flareon sitting next to him. With a lurch, the elevator started to move up.

Soon, the elevator stopped on the 8th floor, and as the doors opened the girl with the Starly stepped out. The doors closed, and the boy with the Flareon looked up at Jayden. Jayden gave him a glance and a nod before looking forward again. 

The elevator started moving again and thirty seconds later there was another ding. Jayden slipped his thumb under the strap and walked out, Aura a half-step behind him. As the elevator closed, Aura glanced over her shoulder and saw something that made her eyes bulge, and stop mid-stride, watching as the elevator closed off her view. 

Jayden stopped, looking over his shoulder at her, "What is it?" 

Aura tilted her head, mouth hanging open. Blinking slowly, she turned back to Jayden, "ahem.... nothing." Highly unconving, given her nervous smile. 

Jayden tilted his head to the side slightly, and shrugged his shoulders, droping the subject. They both started walking down the hallway, even as Aura tried to figure out why a Flareon and its trainer were kissing so passionately. 

She shook her head vigorously when they reached their room, watching as Jayden set his bag down, pulling out a key-card with his other hand. Swiping it through the lock, a green light accompanied by a small click appeared, and he turned the handle. With a slight shove, Jayden stepped in and instinct took over as he looked over the room from the doorway.  

It was just an average hotel room, a small two-bed room with a bathroom and a counter. There was also a mini-fridge, that didn't have anything in it, nestled under the counter and a microwave on top. Even a small TV was mounted on the wall.  

Jayden took a deep breath, and slowly let it out; suddenly, he walked in confidently, throwing his bag on one of the beds. Aura followed him in a few seconds later, setting her backpack on the other bed, and slipping the satchel over her head. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked over to Jayden, who was now leaning on the window frame, looking out over Times Square. Silently, she slid off the bed and padded over to stand next to him.  

He glanced at her as she came over, soon returning his gaze back out the window. They were both silent for a long while, simply gazing out over the bustle of life on the streets below them. Jayden was the first to break it, "It's been five years since I was last in New York. Still as loud as ever," he said, giving a wry chuckle, "and still as strange as it was before." Pushing lightly against the wall, Jayden stepped back from the window. Following him with a turn of her head, Aura's ears perked slightly when he started to speak. "Well I'm going to see if the gym is still up. Wanna join me?" 

Considering for a moment, Aura nodded enthusiasticly. "Sure," the Lucario said with a smile, watching as Jayden grabbed the key card. 

" 'Kay, just give me a second to change." Grabbing a pair of shorts and a light tee-shirt, he slipped into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. 

Aura looked back out the window, watching the crowds below her move around, almost everything seeming so small from where she was. When the bathroom door clicked open, she turned away from the window. Jayden stood there in a much more suitable outfit for a gym, knee-long shorts, a loose-fitting tee, and a pair of 'exercise socks' (They are ankle high socks that have grip pads on the bottom. They allow for a full freedom of motion, but provide the same protection as a pair of sneakers.) 

Grinning, Jayden slipped the key into his pocket. "You ready?" He asked Aura, who a nodded happily. Opening the door, "Than we're off," and stepped out of the room, Aura following right after him. Jayden closed the door behind her, testing the handle a few times to make sure the lock had caught. Nodding to himself, Jeyden turned to Aura before tilting his head in the direction of the elevator.

As they both were walking towards it, Aura realized how empty the hall was. "Why is there no one here?" She asked, her voice getting Jayden's attention and making him look around. 

He thought about it for a moment, "hmm," musing as he looked at his watch, mouth moving slightly, but nothing coming out as he did some fast math. "Well, right now it's an off-time. Probably in three or four hours these halls are going to be packed with trainers bedding down for the night." Aura nodded at the answer, knowing a little about what city night-life was like from the wonderful thing called the internet. 

Just a moment later, they reached the elevator and Jayden pressed the call button. A minute or two of waiting later, there was a small ding and the doors opened. The two stepped in, Jayden pressing the 15th floor button before stepping to the middle of the elevator next to Aura. The Lucario glanced at him questioningly, and he answered her, "There's an entire floor devoted to the gym. It has a lap pool, several boxing rings, and exercise equipment that either Pokemon or humans can use." 

Aura's crimson eyes grew as he told her how expansive the gym was, before something clicked. "How do you know so much about...." She followed his finger to where he was pointing, her skin flushing red from embarrassment. A full, detailed description of the gym was printed on the side panel of the elevator. A few seconds later, the doors opened, and both of them stepped out. For the fourth or fifth time, she had lost count, Aura was speechless.

The elevators were near the center of the massive room; to the left, there was a twenty-five meter lap pool, eight lanes wide, with five of those lanes occupied by a water type of some sort. To the right of Aura and Jayden, there were five boxing-style arena's, three of them currently with matches going on. Straight in front of the elevator doors was almost every sort of training equipment imaginable; punching bags, weight lifts, and dozens of other items. 

Most of the Pokemon had a trainer nearby, and a fair number of them were finial stag evolutions, although there were some younger trainers with lower stage evolutions as well.  

As Aura looked, she even saw a padded area where a trainer and her Hitmonchan were having a match. The Hitmonchan was moving closer to his trainer, arms only a blur, but his trainer was dodging or deflecting every hit. Aura watched in fascination as the trainer grabbed one of the fighting-type's arms and pulled, throwing the Hitmonchan off balance. Following through, the trainer swiped with her legs, knocking the boxer onto his back. 

Jayden snapped his fingers quietly to get Aura's attention, just as the trainer offered a hand to help her Pokemon back onto his feet, a smile on her face as she panted. Once he got Aura's attention, he led her to another padded area before starting some basic stretches. The two of them stretched for a few minutes, until their muscels were warmed up. Jayden then led Aura to an unoccupied ring, signing for a single fifteen minute time block. With that,  he slipped under the rope into the ring, followed soon after by Aura. 

Jayden crossed to the opposite side of the ring twisting his head side to side as he did so, while Aura leaned into the corner near her. Once they were both in position, he turned, bouncing lightly on the balls of his feet. "We haven't had a chance to spar since you evolved," smiling, crouching a touch, "Let's see what you can do now." 

Aura gave him a smirk, confident of her new abilities. In the back of her mind though, she had a feeling that he was still going to defeat her. She refused to let that intrude on her now though. Dropping into a battle pose, left arm behind her back and right facing Jayden, the spike facing down, confident smile gracing her face. 

Smiling back, Jayden took two slow, deliberate, steps towards the center of the ring. Crouching ever so slightly again, he leaned his weight onto his front leg. Aura's eyes narrowed as he did that, and she jumped a couple of steps forward. As her right foot hit the ground, she pirouetted bringing her left leg to bear. Jayden ducked under the blow, bringing his arm to take out her bracing leg. 

Aura jumped over his arm, twisting onto her hands and bouncing into the ropes. Jayden backed up before charging, bringing his hand, palm out, forward. The Lucario countered, deflecting his hand with her forearm, but his other hand did not stop, and she couldn't deflect it in time. As it contacted with her chest, Aura went stiff, and gasping, she collapsed, Jayden stepping back at the same time. 

Slowly, Aura got to her knees, a couple of coughs escaping her as she looked up at him. "How did you do that?" With one hand bracing against the floor, Aura managed to pull herself up a little bit more.

Jayden stepped back towards her, offering a hand. Aura happily took it, and Jayden hefted her up with a slight grunt. Once she was on her feet again, he started to explain, "There's a pressure point," he put his hand on her chest, "here. Most Pokemon have it in the same general vicinity," Aura cocked her head at him, making Jayden laugh a little at the unspoken question, "Yeah, humans to." 

"Now then," Jayden said, stepping back again, "you're faster, stronger." Aura smiled at the compliments, "With a little honeing, you'd be unstoppable." Aura was now blushing under her fur as Jayden continued complimenting her. "So, what do you say to a few more rounds?" 

Aura grinned at him again, showing off her canines. "You're on," she said, dropping into another battle pose. This time, her left leg was facing towards Jayden, her right paw just barely touching the floor. With a graceful motion, she placed her left arm just above her waist, and her right straight out. 

Jayden just crouched ever so slightly, shifting his weight from foot to foot. Smiling, he once again started to slowly advance. Just a heartbeat later, Aura jumped at him, bringing her leg around in a spin. Jayden ducked, but his eyes grew wide for a second, and he was forced to roll to the right to avoid her other leg as it came down. Coming out of his roll, Jayden faced the Lucario again, a proud smile on his face. 

It didn't last long though, as Aura was already charging again. She brought her fist to bear, and he countered with his forearm. Back-and-forth they exchanged blows, neither giving ground nor getting the upper hand.  

Aura then did a backflip, intent on catching Jayden under the jaw with her foot. Leaning back, Jayden reached out with a hand to catch her leg. When he caught it, he spun around, holding her by her leg and brought her face first into the floor of the ring. 

Two slow breaths left Jayden as he calmed down his racing heartbeat. Bending down with concearn on his face, he placed a hand on her shoulder, "Aura? You all rig.. whoa!" Jayden was cut off mid-sentance as the Lucario twisted his arm behind him, climbing onto his back. Using the crook of her elbow, Aura put him in a choke hold, making Jayden give a grunt. With a small shout, he dropped his legs out from under him, landing on top of Aura with his full weight. 

Hearing a grunt, he felt as she tightened her hold on him. Just when he started seeing black spots in his vision, she suddenly released him. Taking a couple of deep breaths, and leaning his head back, Jayden looked at Aura. He laughed when he saw that she was panting heavily, tongue hanging out of her mouth a touch as she did so. When Jayden saw that, he gave a heartfelt laugh.

Cocking her head to the side, even as he continued laughing, "What.. are you.. laughing about?" Was what she managed to get out in between pants. 

Jayden gave a small cough before he answered her, "Looks like I'll have to start going all out." Suddnely he jumped up, bracing his hands on his knees. Holding out a hand to Aura, who gladly accepted it, Jayden gave a pull to help her up, "You've gotten much faster. Stronger too." 

Aura gave a small barking laugh, "What. You've been taking it easy?" At his nod, she gave him a punch to the shoulder, as he laughed, "Well why would you do that?"  

Jayden gave another laugh as he slipped out of the ring and walked over to the water fountain. After taking a long drink, he brought his head back up, stepping to the side to allow Aura a deep drink herself. While they were resting, a man, dressed in gym clothing, with a Hitmonlee walking next to him, approached the two. Giving a broad smile, "You two seem like you need a real workout." He suddenly struck a pose, flexing his muscles; the Hitmonlee grunted, shaking his head at his trainers antics. 

Aura glanced at Jyaden, who gave a quiet laugh at the over-the-top antics that the muscle man was doing. Glancing back at Aura, he shrugged. "Up to you."  

Aura, a vicious grin on her face, gave a sharp nod. Nodding back, Jayden turned to the trainer, smiling. "Sure. I even already have a ring." 

"Alright. C'mon Bruce, let's show 'em what we can do," the muscle man said, giving his Hitmonlee a solid, but friendly, smack between the shoulders. 

"Hit." Was the friendly reply, and the two started walking towards the ring. 

Once they were out of earshot, Jayden turned to the Lucario. "You ready for this Aura?" He asked quietly, watching the other two as they got ready. 

"Ha! They're just a couple of pushovers." Aura said, giving a small fist-pump. 

"Right," Jayden said, rubbing Aura's head; she gave a playful nip at his hand. Pulling it back, laughing, "Hey, save that for the battle," making Aura giggle a little. With that the two walked over to the ring, where the other trainer was waiting. "So any rules?" Aura climbed into the ring, followed by Bruce as the trainers discussed the rules of the battle. 

"Hmmm," the muscle man pondered for a moment, cupping his chin with a hand. "Physical attacks only. No elemental or special attacks." He grinned broadly, "A contest of strength." 

Jayden grinned at that, knowing that this was going to be an interesting match. "Sounds good; and the wager?" 

"Eh," the man gave a wave of his hand, "how about a low-wager match. Say....$15 to the winner?" 

"Sounds good." Jayden put out his hand, ready to accept the deal. The other man grinned and took the offered hand, shaking it firmly. 

Now that the details were worked out, the trainers took their respective positions by their Pokemon, outside the ring. The muscle man leaned near his Hitmonlee, giving him some last-second tips. Jayden did the same with Aura, "We got this?" 

Aura grinned at him, nodding. "We got this."  

Jayden nodded back, grinning. "Than lets do this," looking over at the other trainer, he called out, "You ready?" 

"Oh yeah. We ready," the other trainer called back. 

With that, the two Pokemon fell into battle positions, the Hitmonlee with his right leg forward ready to lash out, Aura taking the same position as earlier with one arm behind her back. 

"Let's start this off Bruce. Mach kick!" The Hitmonlee jumped, leg straight out as he flew towards Aura. 

"Dodge, than force palm," Jayden said in a calm voice. Aura grunted, jumping into the air and over the oncoming Pokemon. Landing behind the Hitmonlee, she wheeled around, her palm glowing white with power. 

"Back kick!" With one leg still out, the Hitmonlee leaned forward to brace himself on the ropes. Pushing back his other leg connected with Aura's fist.  

The two attacks met, and both were stopped in their tracks. "Back off and than close combat," Jayden said again. 

Aura gave a backflip, landing on the far side of the ring. The other trainer called out "Mega kick!" With a battle yell, spinning around as he did so, the Hitmonlee charged, planting his left foot while bringing his right around in a roundhouse kick. 

"Now, Aura!" With a grin, Aura dashed forward, another force palm powering up in her hands. As she brought in forward though, the Hitmonlee brought his leg down to parry her. Aura brought her arm up to clock the incoming blow, giving a small grunt when the hit connected. 

Now the contest was getting interesting, and a small crowd gathered to watch the two Pokemon battle. 

Back-and-forth the two fighting-types traded blows, Bruce with his feet, using his arms as balance, and Aura using a combination of arms and legs. Bruce brought his leg around again, intent on smashing his opponent over the head and again Aura dodged out of the way just as his leg went past her. Some more blows were traded as both tried to gain the upper hand. 

Aura jumped back again, as did her foe; both breathing heavy as they waited for a new command. Then Jayden called out, "Quick attack, than pressure points!" Aura risked a glance at him before it clicked with her what he wanted her to do. 

Smiling, she focused on her opponent again, and she hardly had time to gasp as she caught the foot coming for her face. Using her forearms, she was barely able to hold off the flurry of kicks coming at her. That is, until she saw a pattern to the attacks. As she parried each blow, she slowly slid her feet away from her, getting ready. The barrage lasted almost a minute, constant, continous attacks, before Aura made her move. 

She suddenly caught an oncoming foot with her forearm, just as she had been doing. This time though, instead of blocking it away, she held it and brought her other palm into where the knee would be.  

The Hitmonlee's eyes grew wide with pain as it tried to jump back. Aura pursued him, yelling as she brought her palm forward, slamming him square in the chest. The Hitmonlee leaned forward a touch, face leaning on Aura's shoulder, and letting out a long gasp. Whispering to Aura, {Damn. Guess I underestimated you,} and with that, the Kicking Pokemon fell back, arms splayed beside him. 

Aura let out two long, slow breaths, her palm still hanging where she had connected with the Hitmonlee. Slowly, she let her hand fall back to her side as she stood up straight. A light applause started out amongst the crowd, and Aura turned in a circle smiling. 

The other trainer slipped into the arena, Pokeball in hand. Leaning down, he whispered something in his Pokemon's ear, a smile on his face. The Hitmonlee brought up a shaky hand, closing it in a semblance of a thumbs-up. Nodding, the trainer clicked the ball to the Kicking Pokemon's head, engulfing him in light. 

Jayden was getting a couple of congratulations from the spectators when the other trainer slipped out of the ring, walking over towards Jayden. With a broad smile, the man held out his hand and Jayden looked at it for a moment before grasping it with his. With his other hand, the man held up a twenty dollar bill. "Before you say anything, that was a damned fine match." The man gave him a toothy grin, "I'll bet you can give DeNerio a run for his money, especially if you have even one other member half as good as her." 

Jayden accepted the money, but shook his head. "Aura here is all I need. And while I don't doubt we could challenge him, I have no desire to become a champion." Aura, who had come to stand next to him, nodded her head in agreement. 

"Ah well. You ever change your mind, just show this to whoever is manning the desk at the Gym." He pulled out a card and handed it to Jayden. "Remember, tell 'em 'Gio sent ya.' Got it?" Jayden gave another nod. "Alright. Well," he gave a pat to his Pokeball, "best get Bruce here some treatment after what your girl did ta him. See ya around, yeah?" With that, Gio turned and walked towards the elevator, the doors closing behind him. 

The crowd continued to congratulate Jayden and Aura on their victory, all the while Jayden trying to get towards teh Elevator. Finally managing to maneuver to the elevator, where he covertly pressed the call button, Jayden continued to make small talk with the crowd. When the doors opened though, "Well, as much as we would like to stay, we really should be going." That's when the crowd noticed the open doors, but when they tried to press in, Jayden hit the close door button. 

Shutting, the doors closed n the crowds face, cutting off the sound. With a deep sigh Jayden leaned against the back wall of the elevator, "Now I remember why I avoided the city for five years." Aura giggled at that, bringing a paw up to her mouth. Looking over at her, he playfully asked, "and why is that funny?" 

"Because," she gave another small giggle, "if you'd stayed in the city, we'd never have met." 

Jayden blinked at that, grinning as her infectiously happy smile spread to him. "That is true, isn't it," looking up at the ceiling, "Guess I never thought of it like that." Aura grinned, glad to know she'd won that conversation.

When the elevator door opened again, both of them stepped out into the hallway. Soon enough, they reached their room, having not met another soul in the empty halls. Jayden paused at the door of their room, looking down the hall in both directions with narrowed eyes. Dipping his head down for a moment, closing his eyes, Aura watched with fascination as the flow of Aura around him magnified. 

When he opened his eyes again, they shined with a inner blue light, and Jayden took another look around the hall. His eyes narrowed even further in suspicion, but there was nothing there. Not even in the other rooms. "For a city is very quiet." He took a glance at his watch, "There should be someone here at least. Especially at this time of night." 

Aura started using her Aura-vision as well, the dreadlocks on the back of her head standing out. She too saw nothing. Not a single soul, other than Jadyen, was on their floor. "Perhaps we should keep a watch?" She asked, looking at Jayden. 

He nodded, but didn't give an answer as he continued to study the empty hall. After a few moments, "...maybe I'm just being paranoid." Giving a deep sigh and turning back to Aura, he gave her a soft smile. "C'mon, lets head on in," opening the door, Jayden allowed her go in first. Jayden looked over the hallway one last time before he too stepped into the room.  

Closing the door, he also latched the two secondary locks as well, just out of caution. When he heard the sheets rustle, he turned around, letting out a quiet chuckle at the sight before him. Aura had fallen on one of the beds, face-down, with her tongue hanging out and snoring contentedly. On silent feet, Jayden walked over to the side of the bed, softly pulling a sheet over her. A sleepy murmur left Aura, even though she was deep in sleep, and she cuddled the blanket tighter around her. 

When he knew she was fast asleep, Jayden quickly wrote down a note. Setting it on the counter, where she would find it as soon as she woke up, he changed into a pair of dark-brown cargo pants and a dull black tee-shirt. He slipped into a black hoodie, made sure he had a pair of sunglasses on, and undid the latches to the room. He took one last glance at Aura's sleeping form, one hand resting on the doorframe. A sigh left him, and he walked out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him. 

There was now a handful of trainers in the hallways, surprising Jayden again at how quickly something could change. Jamming his hands into his coat pockets, walking down the hall while hugging the wall, one or two of the trainers gave him a greeting, which Jayden politly returned. For the most part Jayden went unnoticed, even though a few of the Pokemon watched him, occasionally sniffing at him in curiousity as he passed by.

Boarding the elevator, Jayden was soon on the ground floor again, stepping out just as several trainers boarded. Jayden then made his way out of the building, onto the bustling night-time that is Times Square. Jayden took a deep breath, hands still buried in his pockets, before turning to walk towards Wall Street. The never-ending tide of people made Jayden once again hug the walls, hardly being noticed by people as they went about whatever they were doing. 

He soon came to a bank, with a sign on the door, -Open 24 Hours- 

Jayden took out a piece of paper and looked at it. Giving himself a nod, he pushed in through the revolving door. Inside, he took a half-second to glance up at the almost ludicrously high ceiling, shaking his head at the extravagance. Bringing his gaze back down, he continued walking up the empty staircase. 

Only a single teller was open, a security guard standing nearby with his arms crossed in front of him, and a Growlithe sitting next to him. Jayden gave the guard a nod, and the guard gave a tip of his head back, his hands folding back in front of him. Not to be left out, the large Growlithe gave a happy bark, still sitting on his haunches. 

Jayden waited in line for only a few minutes before he was called. Although it was not obvious, Jayden's face was never caught on any of the security cameras, always the side or top of his head. In a cheerful voice the teller, a young man, asked "What can I help you with today, sir?" 

Jayden reached into an inside coat pocket, pulling out a file. Silently handing it to the teller, eye the guard as his hand traveled to the holstered gun by his waist. A look from the teller stopped the guard though. Opening the file, the teller looked over the top page breifly before he slipped the papers back into the folder, handing it back to Jayden. 

Looking at the guard, the teller said, "Joe, I'll be back in five," closing his register as he did so. 

"Got it," the guard said with a sigh and a nod. Moving to the front of the line, the guard pulled the rope closed. 

The teller walked around the counter, motioning to Jayden. "If you'll follow me." With that, the teller walked off, leaving Jayden to follow. Giving another sigh, Jayden quickly fell into step behind the teller as they walked to the back of the bank. 

Just a minute later, the teller said, "and here we are sir." They stopped in front of a door.

Giving three knocks, they waited for the reply from inside which promptly came. "Yes?" 

"Your client is here sir," the teller said, hand on the doorknob, waiting. 

"Ah, good. Send him in then." A short sneeze followed, "and bring me another tissue box." 

The teller gave a weary sigh, but opened the door for Jayden. "Of course, just a minute." 

Jayden walked in, the door closing behind him. In front of him sat a man, his well-made desk sitting proud, with various personal effects. "Welcome. Please, sit down while I pour us a drink," As the rather short, and somewhat large, but not fat, banker, dressed in his suit-and-tie walked to a cabinet. 

Jayden closed his eyes, a headache threating to form. He never had liked bankers...


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502nickster 2 years ago 0
Gio sent ya? So Giovanni will be the story? And when Jayden tells the gym that Gio sent him, he's gonna be in trouble?
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
nah, all the Pokemon series/game based criminal organizations(Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, and whatever others there were) are on the "Poke Islands" in the Pacific ^.^

plus, Giovanni is in prison isn't he?

I was tying to think of a good Italian name, and Gio just seemed perfect ^.^

As for the Gym >.> who knows what might happen ^.^ After all, Jayden has no (known) last name and is a master assassin who formerly worked for "The Agency". Might not be in his best interests to draw attention to himself <.<
502nickster 2 years ago 0
Yeah... The flareon kissing the trainer... *shudders*
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
too much?
I wanted just that sense of "wait. what?" and I couldn't think of a better way to get that across ^.^

I know that when writing it, even I was like, "wait. What did I just write?"

besides, it was only for a moment...although *(SPOILER!!! SPOILER!!! MORE SPOILER!!!)* ya know?
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Oh ok, just a brief moment. Oh yeah, did you check out my new artwork?
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yay new chapter,

gotta say I was really liking the fighting scene and not just with Jayden but the hitmonli as well really well thought out and and very well done.

looking forward to more chapter that will be coming out by, keep it up man
Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
ah, good. My biggest concern was the fighting scenes. The only fighting I actually know is a brawling style, get in and tackle. So it was very fun to write a more formal style of fighting ^.^ particularly when I get to act out parts of the scene ;)
Arada448 2 years ago 0
yeah the fighting scene was very well written

Again, keep this up man, you've got something really good going here
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I agree, on both accounts.
Salaav Onitrex 2 years ago 0
Hmmm... How about a hot Chai tea. Ya got one of those? That sounds really good at 1:17 in the morning.

Anyways... I'm loving this story! It seems to flow really smoothly, not being too fast or too slow. So all of the Poke Islands are in the Pacific? That's interesting. I was curious as to why there was Pokemon in the world that I know. Are all of the regions present in the Pacific, or are some scattered across the rest of the world? Also, are all the islands clumped together, or are they spread all over the Pacific?

These are only a few of the questions awakened by your awesome story!
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yeah, one day I'll get around to making a "improved map of the world" ^.^
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Still awake... it's 5:35, and I need to be up at 9:00. Maybe I should just stay awake, that way I don't tease myself with only a minor bit of rest.

Fun stuffs:

This one is simply awesome. See who you recognize!

This one is hilarious, albeit much more "sexual..."

let's go with that description
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I recognized only a handful of the characters from the first one.
Have you ever played Dance Dance Revolution? Addicting as hell...

the second was so so damned funny ^.^ well, after the first clip >.>

yeah, it's probably best just to stay up, drink some coffee or energy drinks now.
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DDR Max 2, and a few other arcade versions of that game. When I played it on PS2, it was with the large, metal dance pads, so it was epic. Was never very good, though...

My favorite was the Pokemon "What can we do now?" skit.
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that was good, "so we got Space, Time, all the human emotions, the natural elements..."
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*at the office* "FUCK!!"

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