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The Rift 1:Fire and Flames by AnonEmis

#1 of The Rift by AnonEmis

Hey guys, here's the sequel to LMTK! If you haven't read it yet, or if you are new here, feel free to check them out, they'll give some backstory to those who want it and steamy action to those who need it, ;) though there will be plenty of nice scenes in this story too. This series is intended to be more serious and romantic/dramatic than the previous one. There will be some mild violence and death so be warned! Anyways, I hope you continue to enjoy my stories!

Disclaimer: All the Pokemon in this story are property of their creators. I am not making money off of nor distributing them. Other than that, the characters themselves and the story are property of me unless otherwise stated.

The Rift

1: Through Fire and Flames

By AnonEmis

     The sea was alive. It was an enraged animal, roiling, raging, and ramming around unfortunate ships like toys. Lightning and thunder, unnaturally fierce, slashed the murky skies with light and rent the heavy air with sound. On the equally murky waters, while the storm continued its angry dance, a lone cruise ship braved the waters, fighting onwards to a new, previously unknown region: Unova. Other than the crew and two Pokémon Trainers, the ship was unladen. One certain trainer, heedless of the storm, stood on the port deck accompanied by his companion.

     "Ugh, storms. I freaking hate storms." The Pokémon, a Typhlosion muttered darkly. He was clinging tight to his trainer and recently his new lover, a fit young man named Han; a nineteen, almost twenty year old, with deep brown eyes. Many had likened them to pools of chocolate. With those eyes, Han stared intently at the small smudge of light on the horizon. They were to dock there, at Castelia City. Han rubbed the Volcano Pokémon's coarse fur, which was comfortably warm despite the downpour, before speaking.

     "There's no argument here Ty, this storm is absolutely crazy. I don't know how the captain can still sail in this weather." Han said, leaning into Ty's body, his cheek nuzzling the Typhlosion's.

     Ty's face flushed as he felt his trainer's cool cheek against his. He smiled inwardly as he embraced his lover. Although the two were together for a couple of weeks, Ty still couldn't help feeling a jolt of joy whenever they touched. He stared at the water. The body of water they were traversing had actually brought Han and him together in a relationship. Ty bristled with a mixture of nostalgia and disgust. Ty and Salamence, one of Han's other Pokémon, were sparring on a cliff by Han's villa when Ty had lost his balance and nearly drowned. In critical condition, Ty had nearly frozen to death if it weren't for Han's quick thinking and first aid. A whirlwind of events later, with some help from Togekiss and Alakazam, trainer and Pokémon found themselves falling asleep in the others arms, the remnants of their sweat, saliva, and cum covering their bodies while their lips remained locked together.

"If Han hadn't been there..." Ty thought.

     Han felt the Typhlosion's discomfort and gently moved away from his hug. He immediately regretted it. The wind instantly bit into Han's clothes and whipped them around. He shivered, but quickly supressed his shaking, Han didn't want Ty to worry for him. Han looked at his companion who was also shivering, despite his fur.

"Come on Ty, we'll both freeze to death out here. Let's go back to the cabin."

     Ty nodded, trying to hide his eagerness for the warmth of the indoors. The two walked back to the cabin holding hands while they gripped the handrails for balance on the swaying deck. Upon reaching the cabin door, a sudden swell rocked the ship askew causing Han to topple over and lose his balance. His boots found no purchase on the damp floor and he hit the deck hard. He began a slippery slide off the ship, desperately clawing at the slick deck. Before anything could happen though, Ty had dove onto his trainer's body, shielding him with his bulk as they slid down together. Ty's muscular back hit the guardrail, the Typhlosion's body too large to slide past the bars.

     "Oh shit..." Han muttered as they lay on the deck sopping wet, his normally calm and collected demeanor broken for a bit. His heart was pounding an erratic beat. He had nearly fallen off the ship and straight into the maelstrom. He unsteadily got to his feet, helping up his lover as well.

"Thanks Ty, you just saved my life."

"Don't mention it Han, I prefer my boyfriend alive." Ty said with a mischievous grin.

     Han managed to chuckle as he grasped Ty's soft paw and the two walked hand in hand into the cabin. Right into the prying eyes of Cynthia. The Champion of Sinnoh gazed amusingly at the stunned couple, her lips forming a teasing smile.

     "Well, isn't that cute?" Cynthia giggled, "You know, there are better places to cuddle instead of the middle of a typhoon."

Just as quickly as he lost it, Han regained his composure and fired off a retort.

     "We were going to go cuddle here, but I guess we can't do that now, can we?" Han said with a good-natured grin.

Cynthia rolled her eyes.

"How are you today Ty?" She said, putting on her PokeTranslator, standard issue for trainers.

"Changing the subject," Han dryly thought.

"Fine, thank you, although Han nearly fell off the damn deck." Ty replied, trying to ease some of the tension.

     "Ha ha, charming as always." Cynthia said, her voice amused. She crossed her legs over another. "You should be more careful Han." Fixing the trainer with her amber eyes.

     This time it was Han that rolled his eyes. "Of course, now what was it you wanted? It must be important to have to invade our cabin."

Ignoring the gibe, Cynthia's expression turned serious, her features arranged in a frown.

     "I'm worried about this storm. It's not natural, just an hour ago the sea and sky were perfectly calm" Her voice was laced with tense undertones. "This can't be just another storm, something must be doing this."

Han's brow furrowed as he glanced at Ty. Han had noticed it too, but was still skeptical.

     "Maybe, but Pokémon are said to be able to sense when another one manipulates the weather. I remember when thousands of them flocked to an island where the Legendary Birds of Kanto were fighting. Ty would've sensed it."

     "I think Ty was too busy with his boyfriend." Cynthia pointed out, causing Han to scowl and Ty to turn a bright shade of crimson.

     "I was just joking," Cynthia continued, seeing Han's displeased look, "Garchomp felt something, as did all of your Pokémon in the saloon. We should consult the captain."

Han still looked unconvinced.

     "Also," She continued, "have you realized that we haven't seen one single Pokémon flying or swimming around here? Unova's waters should be packed with wildlife."

     Han sighed, "Fine. But whatever the case, we should make sure that Garchomp, Sal, Togekiss and the others are okay first."


     Cynthia got up off the easy chair she was lounging on and opened another door that led into a hallway containing all the rooms. Han and Ty followed. As they were walking down the hallway, Ty suddenly halted and began looking around. Han stopped as well and drew up close to Ty, a concerned look on his face.

     "I just felt something," Ty said, his snout sniffing the air, "Something's going to happen." He murmured.

Han turned to see Cynthia with a grim look on her face.

     "Told you." Was all she said.

     Han looked curiously at Ty before grasping the Pokémon's paw and resuming walking while pulling his companion with him.

     Ty was uncomfortable. He hadn't felt it before, but there was a definite buzz in the air. He didn't hear it with his ears, but rather with his gut. Experts had called that Pokémon's Intuition. He could feel a deep ominous buzzing that refused to go away. It gripped his chest like a dark vise, threatening to squeeze all the joy out of his life.

"Cynthia was right," Ty thought to himself, something bad is going to happen."

     He gripped his trainer's hand a little tighter, hoping against hope that Han would be safe along with all ship's occupants.

But Pokémon's Intuition was never wrong.


"Captain, look!" One of the crewmen on the ship's bridge shouted.

     The captain, an aging man of fifty with a will and soul of steel, looked grimly up from the sea chart he was studying, expecting another series of waves to navigate. He was shocked.

     Looking through the windows, the sea was flat. The waves, thunderclouds and rain had all but disappeared. In their place, the sun gracefully shone its rays down on the water, causing it to sparkle. Unova was finally visible, the dock at Castelia City gleaming in the sunlight. The city's tugboats were chugging along towards them, their pilots waving in greeting as reporters flashed their expensive cameras.

     The crew gave a sigh of relief; one even raised a fist in victory. No more waves and storms to battle. But the captain remained stony as ever. His face creased in thought.

     "This just isn't normal..." He mused to himself. Not a single time in his thirty years as a captain had a violent storm such as this one had ended so quickly. It just didn't feel right. It would probably be a good idea to inquire the trainers on board and their Pokémon. Intuition was usually spot on... The captain shook those thoughts from his head. He methodically reached for the phone on his chair, preparing to open the first official communication with this new region. It would be a landmark in history.

Ship Saloon

     Han, Ty, and Cynthia opened the advanced sliding doors to the grand saloon. The room was capable of holding 350 people and a bit more. But today, all the room held were some anxious and mute Pokémon. They looked up and simply stared, looking too afraid to speak. Han was unnerved by that. His Pokémon were top-notch fighters and were practically fearless when together. Something must have really spooked them.

     Han immediately rushed to his companions, Ty following close behind while Cynthia went over to Garchomp, who was nervously honing her claws.

     Upon Han's approach, his Pokémon immediately surrounded him, bombarding him with shouts of relief and babbling all at once. Han tried to make sense of each at first, but five voices at once were too much to handle.

     "Quiet!" He barked, his face a mask of frustration. Instantly, they fell silent, even Salamence, who was usually very willful. Seeing the worried faces on his friends, Han's expression softened.

"Sorry for yelling, but what's going on? Is something wrong?"

Togekiss stepped forward to speak.

     "Something's wrong, Han." Togekiss looked at her trainer's face, peering intently. "All of us here are feeling this..." She trailed off.

     "Please keep going Togekiss." Han said. Han's expression showed no hint of worry, but a slight huskiness to his voice betrayed his concern. Ty edged a little closer to Han, gently pressing his flank into his lover's.

"We've been getting vibes. Very bad vibes. I feel like something's coming for us."

     Swampert grunted in agreement. "Yeah, I'm getting the shakes all over my damn body... But at least we're almost at the dock, look, they even sent us a welcome party" He wanly tried to grin, gesturing to the large porthole in the wall.

"What?!" Han burst out. The other occupants of the room were stunned by Han's sudden outburst.

"What's wrong love?" Ty murred, an edge of fear in his voice.

     Han stiffly and silently walked to the porthole. He glanced at Cynthia, who had an equally foreboding expression.

     "Cynthia..." Han murmured, "I could have sworn we were in the middle of a typhoon just two minutes ago."

She nodded, her lips tightened and pursed so that they formed a grim line.

"Storms don't end just like that, they just don't." She said, more to herself than the others.

     Leafeon, the child of the group, shuffled his paws nervously. "Han? Can we get on the deck? I don't want to be here anymore..." He whimpered.

     "Hmm? Oh, of course." Han's voice was initially shaky but his usual calm and soothing tone returned. He regained his composure and spoke to everyone in the room.

     "Let's try to forget about this, the Unova officials are here, I'm sure they'll explain the odd weather.

     Everyone nodded, feeling a just a little better at Han's words. Ty however, edged closer to his lover. His insides were churning; a feral panic was swelling in him as the sense of foreboding multiplied in his gut. He could see his teammates and Garchomp were also looking restless, though not as nervous as he was. Ty berated himself; there was no need to worry, Han, Cynthia, and the Pokémon could easily take care of themselves. The Typhlosion looked at Han; the trainer caught his stare and gave a reassuring smile. Ty was not the least bit assured. In fact, he was even more anxious for his lover's safety, despite Han being a very capable person. Ty needed to speak with Han; he wasn't about to lose the love of his life. He waited until the others had departed and stopped his trainer as he was leaving the room and grabbed him in a tight hug, pressing his furry cheek against Han's smooth one. Han didn't resist. He wrapped his arms around Ty's bulk as leaned into him, chests touching and heartbeats resonating together.

     "What's up Ty?" Han gently murmured, remaining in the embrace. His voice was slightly muffled by Ty's luscious fur.

     "Well Han, I'm..." Ty began sheepishly but trailed off. He was trying to figure out a way to say he was worried for his trainer without offending him.

     Han let go of the hug, leaving Ty's arms feeling uncomfortably empty. He took a moment to gaze into his lover's eyes, his brown eyes searching Ty's red ones. A flicker of a weary grin passed his face before Han spoke.

     "Worried that I'll get hurt?" Han finished for Ty, with a wry look on his face.

     Ty flushed and began to stammer, caught off-balance by Han's response. He hadn't expected the trainer to see straight through his façade. "No! Umm, o-of course not! I-I-I.." But before he could finish, Han closed the distance once more and placed both of his hands on Ty's muzzle, lightly tickling the soft fur as he leaned in and gently locked lips with the stunned Typhlosion. Ty's heart jolted. He slowly closed his eyes as Han's soft breath washed into his maw, warming and wetting the dry mouth like autumn's mist. His heartbeat slowed and calmed as every last fear and doubt left him, the void filled by Han's love. The trainer's scent filled Ty's nostrils, strong and musky yet pleasant and soothing. It was as if Han's personality was given body.

     Ty was in a state of ecstasy. His trainer always knew the right way to kiss, not too rushed, yet not too soft. His tongue gently caressed his own like a snake charmer, swirling around in a dance. Han's expert hands rubbed Ty in all the right areas, tickling his fur and arousing his horny lover without even coming close to his crotch. But being the tease Han was, he stopped just as Ty was about to go into heat; causing Ty to dolefully stare at Han. Han chuckled (His laugh was another reason why Ty adored Han.) before quickly giving his lover a quick peck on the lips. He put his hand on Ty's sinewy chest.

"We'll have plenty of time together when all of us are back on land. Safely."

Ty grinned and lightly nuzzled his trainer's neck. "I'm holding you to that." Ty murred pleasurably.


     By the time Han and Ty made it to the deck, Unova's boats were in camera range, the reporters, ecstatic at finally meeting celebrities from abroad, were furiously snapping pictures. The duo stood next to the others smiling. The others all seemed to enjoy the attention, with the exception on Cynthia. She looked on the crowd gathering with a stoic expression, other than a few smiles, she looked like she was uncomfortable.

Han saw this and while leaving Ty to enjoy the cameras, slipped over to her.

"What's wrong Cynthia? I thought a champion like you would be used to the press."

She shuffled uncomfortably, casually waving at the cameras.

"I've been researching Unova for the past month; the only time I've been out was when I dropped off your ticket.

Han smirked. "Well your out here in the real world now Cynthia, enjoy it!"


"Wow, that harsh?"

Cynthia violently shook her head, her face showing true fear.

"No Han, look!" She shouted pointing at the sky.

     Han and everyone within hearing distance peered at the sky. The clouds were still gone, and the sun still brightly gleaming, but there was a single murky thundercloud approaching at high speed.

     Han's eyes widened as he quickly glanced at Ty and the Pokémon. They all stared at the rapidly approaching cloud, transfixed. Han looked back. He could make out the shape. It was glowing with a white aura and seemed to have... something riding it. A high pitched buzzing pierced everyone's ears.

     Han's mind recalled his Pokémon's misgivings and his heart dropped.

     "Watch out!" He managed to yell before the cloud let loose a bolt of crackling energy and incinerated the port side of the ship. The air was rent with the sounds of burning metal and wood as the ship keeled dangerously to the side, moaning like a mortally wounded beast. Everyone on the tugboats could only watch in horror as the trainers and Pokémon were tossed around on the deck like ragdolls.

     It was a nightmare. Smoke and piercing screams surrounded Han as he stood on his hands and knees, desperately trying to keep his balance. His ears were filled with the panicked shouts of his Pokémon. Han's heart was slashed. The screams of his friends forced its way into his head, filling his mind with fear. He shook his head. Galvanized by sheer determination to save his friends, he stood with difficulty and vainly tried to see through the choking smoke. He tried to call out but the thick poison of the burning ship invaded his lungs and he fell to the deck, hacking and coughing. The ship began to tilt even further. Han lost his precarious balance on the burning deck and fell, slamming straight into the guardrails. His left shoulder took the brunt of the impact as he heard a sickening snap and tasted bile in his throat. His arm sang with pain as he cried out in agony. He sunk to the floor.


     The injured trainer looked behind him. Togekiss and Salamence were hovering in the air a safe distance from the burning ship. Leafeon was perched on Togekiss's back and below her in the water were Swampert and Garchomp, both supporting an unconscious Alakazam in between them. He could also see the captain and crew in a lifeboat. Han managed to get up and limp towards them. He smiled despite the circumstances. His Pokémon were safe. That smile was immediately killed by a sudden realization. Where was Cynthia? Most importantly, where was Ty? Han felt a primal panic in his heart. Where was his partner!?

     Salamence flew carefully on to the deck.

     "Han, get on!" He urgently shouted, lowering his back as the ship continued to burn around them.


"What!? Are you mad, Han? You'll die!" Sal shouted.

Han's arm sent stabs of excruciating pain up his nerves, but the trainer doggedly shook his head.

     "Ty and Cynthia must still be on this deck... I need to help them." He managed to groan before crumpling in pain.

As Han looked around in pain, he saw a figure garbed in black lying motionless on the ground. Cynthia.

     Han gestured with his head to Salamence, who looked like he was about to take his trainer against his will. Sal nodded and they both made their way to Cynthia, with Sal's back supporting Han. With his good hand, Han checked Cynthia's pulse. He breathed out in relief. She was still alive. With one arm, Han picked her up, ignoring the agony running through his own body and placed her securely on Sal's back.

"OK, I got her, now it's your turn." Sal said.

     Han shook his head. In the distance, he saw rescue helicopters coming en masse. The thundercloud had disappeared. The civilian tugboats had backed off to make way for coast guard cruisers. They would be here soon. Han turned grimly to Sal.

     "Take Cynthia to safety, Ty's still on this ship. I need to save him. Make sure the other Pokémon are safely away from here."


"That's an order! Now get out before you get hurt."

Sal looked like arguing, but Han's glare made him back down. He stared at his trainer, eyes full of anxiety.

"Please don't die Han." Sal whispered before taking off and disappearing into the smoke.



     The scream shook Ty from the throes of unconsciousness. He instantly recognized the terrible scream as none other than Han's. The Typhlosion's entire body felt like giving out. Somewhere, his trainer was in danger and pain. Ty tried to rise, but the lower half of his body wouldn't respond. He looked down. A heavy steel girder had wrenched loose from the ship's frame and fallen right on his legs pinning them to the deck, trapping Ty. The pain in his body was nothing compared to the agony the knowledge that he was powerless to help his trainer was inflicting. He roared in rage and frustration. And out of the smoke came a faint shout.

     "Ty! Is that you?"

     The Pokémon immediately recognized the voice. Han.

     "Han! Over here!" Ty roared into the smoke. Desperately hoping his lover would be safe.

     Walking through the haze like a zombie, limped out Han. He looked battered, bruised, but still miraculously alive. His eyes were tired yet determined; his features weary yet set. Ty noticed his left arm was hanging uselessly at his side, a grotesque bump protruding the shirt sleeve. Ty's eyes began to pool with tears seeing his trainer this injured.

     "Ty!" Han hoarsely shouted and immediately went to his knees and embraced his lover with his good arm, his own tears unlocked and streamed down his cheeks into Ty's ashy fur. Ty returned the embrace and for a moment, cheated the circumstances; both lovers trying to melt into each other, reunited at last.

     Han let go. "We need to get out of here Ty."

     The Volcano Pokémon shook his head. "I'm trapped."

     Han finally noticed the steel beam pinning Ty to the deck. He clenched his fist. Without a word, he went over to the beam. Levering the girder against his shoulder, He pushed with all his might, fighting through the pain. The beam didn't budge.

     "Shit... Ty, can you try to squeeze out?"

     Ty again shook his head, tears flowing down from his red eyes and staining his muzzle. "You can't save me Han... Please, leave without me."

     "FUCK. THAT. I'm not losing you now!" Han snarled.

     His expression quickly changed to shock. He had an idea.

     "The Pokeballs..." He muttered. He began to frantically dig in his pockets for the capsules, ignoring the sudden crackling sounds. Ty noticed it and managed to crane his head to see. His heart caught in his throat. A pool of gasoline was seeping out a split pipe protruding from the main gas tank. Inches above it were severed wires, still active. They cracked and whipped like deranged snakes and it would only be a matter of time before the sparks hit the gasoline. Then...

     Ty was hit with a grim realization. It would be impossible for Han to recall him and get off the ship in time. There was no way he was to let his trainer die alongside him.

     "I'm sorry Han, I love you." Ty silently prayed.

     With the very last vestiges of his strength, he filled his lungs with air and released all his pent-up energy in the form of a powerful Roar attack. Han was thrown into the air, tumbling away from the ship and Ty hoped, to safety.

     Just as that happened, the entire front half of the cruise ship disappeared in a brilliant corona of searing flames, sound, and smoke. The shockwave slamming into the ships nearby. The terrible image burned itself into the eyes of the onlookers, helpless to save the two still onboard.


I really hope you enjoyed reading! As always, ratings and comments are very much appreciated as they let me know what you think of the story so that I can improve. It only takes 30 seconds of your time. ^-^ Anyways, I want to thank you for reading my story.


Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
No, I refuse to continue reading this if Ty is killed. *sits and starts pouting*

-_- did I really just do that?
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
Well... I would HATE to lose a reader. I guess you'll just have to wait and see. ;)
SilveRiolu 2 years ago 0
Either way it happens as long as, if Ty IS dead then he gets a good service, othrwise he should be in the hospital for the least amount of time possible.
Maybe something special will happen, hmm?
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
Ah, are you new here, hope you'll stay awhile. ;) Anyways, you'll just have to see how the plot unfolds. (:
eternalnox 2 years ago 0
I feel the same way, I love everything about this story and would hate to see Ty killed off.
Can't wait to see what happens!
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
Why thank you (:
Blizzard Spots 2 years ago 0
i have seen the other four and im just about to read this one i love it so far
Blizzard Spots 2 years ago 0
wait is there going to be more? please say yes
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
naturally. ;)
Blizzard Spots 2 years ago 0
oh thank god i couldnt live without this oh and you made me want to make my own story i really like reading too so im going to make a story but omg will it take a while
aurafang 2 years ago 0
Oh... oh god i ... i just died a little on the inside.
I felt part of my soul just die and fade a second ago.
Avia Jiutai 2 years ago 0
Interesting work, and I look forward to seeing more from you. Your work is superb, and I truely felt for Han and Ty. It's very rare that written work can actually transport me, to make me feel what the cahracters feel. Heck, when I read about Han's arm, I swear I felt a twinge in my own. Signs of a great wordsmith. ^_^
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
Awe, you're making me blush! ^-^ Thank you for your kind words, it's really gratifying when people actually feel for your story's characters. (:
GlaceonX 2 years ago 0
Oh gawdohgawdohgaawd.... I keep getting shivvers.. I swear I'm on the verge of crying... I hope Ty is ok... ;;;~;;;
GlaceonX 2 years ago 0
Btw.. Again, amazing... Fucking loving it... I get so sunked into the story... It almost feels like I'm part of it... >< Epicepicepic.. /stillworriesaboutTy
Palibakufun 2 years ago 0
Oooh, big cliffhanger. I'm really curious to see how all this is going to tie together, hehe ;)
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
Why thank you. ^-^
Palibakufun 2 years ago 0
Indeed. It's good to see your length per chapter is slowly developing too, and your attention to detail as well. Overall, it's a nice series so far and Ty is cute ;)
Nexxus Shadowfang 2 years ago 0
ah, he's dead, that can not be.

Poor Ty, now what is Han to do, he blame himself
AnonEmis 2 years ago 0
True, Han is taking this very hard. Keep reading and you'll see. (:
502nickster 2 years ago 0
Heartbeat rising, ohhh man what's gonna happen to Ty? Gonna have to read to find out.
arune 1 year ago 0
oh noes... :(