18 Feb 2012

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Posted 18 Feb 2012 11:24
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The Forest of Fog and Mystery (RPG Project)

Description: This took about 8 hours to make but it has been in my brain for a good 2 weeks but I've been terribly busy so I haven't had much chance to make any music with school. I gathered a bunch of my powerful synths and made a sick, tribal sounding beat and I think it made for an awesome level music. I borrowed some structure from progressive house and trance, which I've listening to some as of recently. I'm truly proud of this piece and I think it's some of the most error free music I've made though I was too lazy to fade it at the end so sorry for that. Plus I had to put the MP3 file under 'good" instead of "best" quality due to it being to big so hopefully it doesn't effect it too bad. Oh how I wish I could upload wav files...

Influences: Tribal House, Drum n' Bass, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Shatter, Super Stardust, Mitsuto Suzuki (check him out, this guy is awesome!)

Setting: I'm thinking of a mid to late level with a mixture of organic life and futuristic technology

Tech used: Toshiba Satellite C675, Ableton Live 8, Nexus 2, Kontakt 5, personal sampled library

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The Forest of Fog and Mystery (RPG Project)
by CharlieRetriever
   2 years ago
Tenshi Urufu 2 years ago 0
ooooo use some pretty advanced stuff... T-T....Is it pretty hard?

Working on an rpg project huh? I am too...but, I has no original music. But, the game is quite unique from many others and hasn't trullly been done.

I like the music though, it's pretty good especially towards the end. pft, better than what I can do...I can't even compose a song! WAAAAH T0T
CharlieRetriever 2 years ago 0
Well yes it takes knowledge on what synths to buy and sounds but most importantly is the 3 years I've studied music theory and writing music all that time. Plus I know a couple friends who are great with knowing what to do with compressers, EQs and such.

Oh that's cool your doing a project like that too. I don't have a story or plot for my pretend RPG but I have a idea for characters, setting and writing some songs that reflect the feeling and mood,
I'd advise to watch how other DJs and digital composers do with the program you use. Plus music theory is very helpful if you want to a greater understanding of music.

Glad you enjoyed mate! I'll be uploading some of my older peices (This is my most recent) :)
Tenshi Urufu 2 years ago 0
I'm a jazz musician, but my biggest flaw is sitting there to compose music T-T. I can jazz up a song, but sill haven't been able to compose my own. I guess music theory would help in the things that are meant for composing, but my biggest issue is using the right kind of hardware and software. I just have notation composer and a demo of fl studio 10, but till I found out about you, I meet new there were specific sound systems. And yeah, eq and all that, heh heh, don't know much bout that unless I experiment. And tree years of practice would probably help. I've doe 7 years of playing music, learning and etc, 5 years of jazz improv, but only tinkered for three years with fl studio and notation composer

My rp, I can't work with much except what is provided in rpg maker vx, but if I had a team which would be nice, the characters could be created. I know what kid of characters I have, setting on beginning and Ed I have kinda planned, but if you want to know about the plot, pm me since I prefer to keep that a little more out of public sight