Tyrse Styles
18 Feb 2012

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Posted 18 Feb 2012 13:54
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Dreams of another kind

So wrapped up in reading one of his favorite books he never noticed as his eyes began to droop. Dreaming of a world between the pages slowly melted into dreams held in check only by his imagination.

(Tyrse is my character and may not be used without my expressed position. Artwork belongs to Kurapika and if you wish to view more of her work the you can go visit her gallery )

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Alex Kitsune 2 years ago 0
aww, how cute ^.^
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
I know right :D
dhusky1002 2 years ago 0
Dawww, he's so adorable X3
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Heh thanks :3
Aquilla Whitegate 2 years ago 0
A little fox bookworm that is just to precious, I love the fact he even wheres glasses as he sleeps. :)
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
I'v done that on occasion when sitting in the floor with my dog reading on some nights :3
Aquilla Whitegate 2 years ago 0
So your dog is small and cute like this fox, I have done similar things from time to time, and then my mothers Pomeranian comes and lays next to me, if not lick my feet first.
Myval 2 years ago 0
aww, so cute
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Why thank you ^-^