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Beauty and the Wolf chapter 9

#9 of BatW

Chapter 9: Cleaning up


It wasn't until biology that Damon decided to reappear... Madi had started to get worried and was very relieved when he decided to come into class handing the teacher Mrs Lang a note.  After that he settled down next to her, "What'd I miss?" he asked casually.


Madi was glad Damon had gone back to being his normal self.  She didn't like cold Damon very much, "Nothing really... She's explaining the basis of cells... pretty boring..." she muttered, causing Damon to smile.


"I never thought I'd ever you call a class boring..."


She rolled her eyes at that and went to facing the teacher.  They sat in silence through the rest of the class until the bell rang.  The remainder of the day went by very quickly, and soon enough they were walking back home together.




"So, you sure you want to help me clean?  You don't have to..."


'Was she still on that?' Damon thought annoyed.  If he didn't want to help he wouldn't have asked... did she think she would ask and back out last minute?  Humans after all these years still confused him... they were way more complex than what others gave them credit for... "I want to help Madi, otherwise I wouldn't have asked if you if I didn't," he eventually said lamely, concealing his thoughts in his tone so as to avoid another flare up.  She blushed some and looked down a bit, "Besides, I enjoy hanging out with you!  You're my best friend."  He meant it with all honestly, she was his best friend and that was kinda sad.  He did have other friends but they weren't super-close he never let anybody in.


"You're my best friend also... you big softy!" she smiled coyly as she punched him on the arm.


Damon made a face in faux-hurt and they both laughed and Damon wrapped his arm around her bringing her in close.  He tried to absorb as much of her scent as was possible; it made him happy, and she made him happier than he had ever felt before... he didn't feel angry when he was around her... It felt nice not being angry... He didn't even know why he was angry all the time he just... was.




It seemed like time went by so fast, so by the time they reached the house and Madi sighed, wrestling herself out of his grip, it felt like they had only been hugging for seconds, not the whole walk.  She unlocked the door and went into the empty home.  The rest of them family was busy doing other things... Dad was at work, Mom had a check-up and Alex was staying at a friend's house for a bit.  They quickly got down to cleaning.  Madi was dusting while Damon was sweeping and mopping.  They finished the living room and the kitchen within an hour, the bathroom in the next, before eventually they wound up in her bedroom.


"Hey what's this?"  Damon asked holding her sketchbook.


"Give me that!" she said grabbing it from him, "It's my sketchbook... it's private okay..."


Damon pouted a bit then an idea came to him.  Maybe he could convince her to show her drawings.  "You've never showed me your art... you're an artist right?  So maybe I can give you a bit of critique..."


Madi was debating with herself... She had never let anybody outside her family see her pictures, but she could count on him to be honest...right?  "Here..." she said handing them to him reluctantly.


He was silent for a bit looking at all of them.  She was beginning to get a bit nervous before he finally spoke.  "These are pretty good Madi, don't know why you don't show more people them!"  She had to blush at that... "Hey, maybe you can try and paint me?"


"Why?" Was all Madi could say... 'Why would he want her to draw him?  It'd take a while and he didn't look like he could sit still for long...' "I could but it'd take a while... and you'd have to sit very still... but I guess we could try it..." she continued eventually.


"Hey!  Maybe we can go over to the park?  It's right there and all, besides it'd be more interesting than your room..."


"Okay..." she agreed quietly.  With that, they packed up her easel and paints, before walking across to the park.  They decided that Ferril Lake would be a perfect backdrop for the picture, so they settled by the shores.  They sat in silence for a bit before Damon got the itch to move around however movement was punished by being hit by her brush and being yelled at.  They continued this until it began getting dark so they packed up and began to walk back home.


"I had fun Damon... sorry for poking you in the eye but you wouldn't sit still..."


Damon only shrugged, he'd heal that no problem though it did fucking hurt at the time.  When they got to Madi's yard she hugged him and went inside, her stuff left in the living room.  "Hello honey, where have you been?" her mother asked.  She was sitting on the couch watching the television, "Kyle called here a little while ago..."


"He did?" she replied surprised...she was a bit upset she'd missed it.  She always looked forward to talking to her cousin... "Thanks mum," she said after a minute.  She ran upstairs and dialled his number from her extension.


He answered on the third ring, "Hello?  Kyle here," She heard his voice say on the other end of the line.


"Hey Kyle what's up?" she asked.  She hadn't talked to her dear cousin for over a year... not since Duke had taken him from Sweeton.

"Madi? Hi! I thought I missed you... how is Denver?"

"Fine, I've missed you cuz, how are you? how's Duke?" She asked. She had talked to her Cousins lover a few times but theyhad yet to actually meet. But he seemed like he did really love Kyle so she liked him instantly. At least he could see how great a person Kyle was.

"Duke's fine, we all are... We're planning on coming to Denver soon! I think you and Duke should meet face to face for once... Duke really does want to meet my 'Unusally stubbern cousin'"

"I bet he would... I'm glad your happy Kyle, really. and I can't wait to see you... well I gotta go fix dinner... I love you Kyle and tell the Grey's I said hi okay?"

"Okay, Love you to Madi bye."


"Bye... I'll talk to you again soon... bye."  She hung up the phone and sighed.  She really did worry for Kyle, he was a great guy and that bastard didn't see it... 'At least he has Duke.' Knowing she had better get dinner ready she got up, not really wanting to for once...




Damon was humming to himself.  He and Madi had had a good time in the park.  The moon was still it's waxing crescent phase, and it would be full again by the 10th.  He figured Madi and Joey's date was on the 5th, this Saturday.  He sighed again... he had forgotten about the damn thing.  Joey didn't deserve her... She was his mate and she liked somebody else... It really sucked.  As he walked in he smelled the house was empty and he noticed a note in his brothers writing on the table,


Dear Dame,


We went on a date... leftovers are in the fridge. We'll be back later tonight... don't burn the house down trying to cook okay?


Your Big Bro,


Matt .



'Well so much for having him for company... damn... oh well I guess I can run around as a wolf for a bit...' After changing to a worn pair of jeans he ran into the park and changed... It felt nice being able to be in wolf form.  He stretched a bit getting used to his much bigger body.  He decided to take a swim in Duck Lake and wound up on the island in the middle.  There he lay down to look at the sky and enjoy the sounds of the city.  He had always loved the city... So many sounds, smells and people it fascinated him.  He was sad when his family decided to settle down but he had gotten to love Denver it was his home now...


His mind went to Madi; her smile and her laugh made him grin contentedly.  He was like a child around her.  She made him happy and centred him; balanced out his anger with her calmness and they were both very hard-headed... He was about to fall asleep, so he got up and swam back doing his best to stay out of human eyes.  He eventually walked in on his brother and Tyler in the middle of a very passionate kiss.


"No!!  My eyes!!!  My poor delicate eyes!" he yelled in an overdramatic manner causing the two to break apart and look at him.


"What are you doing in wolf form?"  Matt demanded trying to hide his luminous blush, "Please don't tell me you were running around in wolf form out in the open again?  What if somebody saw you?  DO you know how hard it is to erase that from somebody's memory?  It ain't easy!"


Somewhat amused by his brother's rant, he wondered if it was because he was actually mad at him for running around in wolf form outside the park, or if he was just pissed that Damon had walked in and interrupted them in a moment.  "Chill bro, I was careful... nobody saw me at all!  I'm just that good," he said turning back into his human form.  "I'm going to sleep, see you tomorrow bro!"  He went upstairs to his room, 'I wonder if Madi's scent is still in the guest room?' he thought and went to that room instead and found indeed that Madi's scent still lingered.


He would stay in this room tonight and be enveloped in his beloveds scent.  He hoped one day he could wake up to her scent in person...hibiscus and cinnamon... He lay in the bed and fell asleep in an instant rejoicing in being surrounded by the wonderful aroma.


Morning came as if it was too soon and he moaned.  He went to the bathroom and took a shower.  After getting out he walked downstairs seeing Matt in the kitchen as always and Tyler sitting on the couch, "Hey Dame, good morning, how'd you sleep?"


"Slept good...You?  Or did Matt keep you up all last night?" he teased making Tyler blush like a tomato.  It was fun teasing his brother and his boyfriend but it was always in good fun.  If someone used a slur against either of them he'd kick their ass from here to Timbuktu!


"We slept quite well actually... my parents asked me and Damon out to dinner..." Damon looked at him surprised.  Tyler's parents hadn't spoken to him since he'd come out... That had pissed him off... to think they were willing to cut their own child off because of something he had no control over... Werewolves unlike humans really didn't bother with sexuality.  It was nature.


"That's... uh great Ty, why did they ask you all of a sudden?"


Tyler only threw a piece of paper at him. "Straight Camp? Really, they believe that this stuff works?  No human system can break the bond.  So fuck them, I know they're your parents but damn..."


"It's hard... I can't tell them about the mating... and when I'm turned I probably won't be able to see them again.  All my life I saw myself getting married and having kids... all that changed when I met Matt and I found out that I was gay all along.  But you know what?  I wouldn't change it for the world!  Matt makes me happy, so what if I'm a queer?  I'm the Captain of the swim team and I'm one of the best looking guys around... I still get girls asking me out."


Damon had to laugh that, "Yeah you do, I wonder when they will learn that you're just not interested."


"Probably never, but hey maybe it'll be different when we go to college."


"So, ever figure out where you are going?" Damon asked.  They had been discussing colleges a lot lately.  He himself didn't care, and he doubted he would even go.  But Madi herself had said that she planned on going to medical school.  She said she loved helping people and being a doctor could let her do that.  It intimidated him somewhat she had so much planned for her life... would him being a werewolf affect her plans?


Sighing he ate what Matt had given him and began to walk out.  He found Madi almost out of the street and he ran to catch up for her, "Hey, what's up?"


"Nothing really, Martha and I are going shopping tonight so I doubt I'll be able to go over and work on the project okay?"


"No problem, have fun."  His stomach felt like it was being bathed in acid... he hated lying hated it.  He was okay with misdirection but out and out lying, bothered him.


"That's nice for you to say Damon... thanks."


But then again he'd lie a billion times just to see her smile.  He still hoped the date would be a flop though... Together the friends walked into the school not knowing they were being watched.


A tall boy with dark blonde hair and steel grey eyes was glaring at Damon.  "I see you have laid eyes on my mate huh?  She's mine, I saw her first... If I can't have her nobody can!" he muttered, before melting into the crowds without being noticed.  He began to set his plan in motion.  He knew a way to break Madi's spirit but it would take a while... but soon he would have her all to himself!

Tobias Woadpaw 2 years ago 0
hmmmm so is Cole a werewolf to? no dont answer that,
darkmoonwolf 2 years ago 0
cole is a werewolf bad ass now were talking if it is not cole then madi has a thing for bad boy lol... loved it cant what for the next one keep it comeing my frainde. howl you later
Jayce Whitefang 2 years ago 0
Unusally stubbern cousin'"

Well, this is where the story starts to darken...but Damon will be there to protect Madi...right? DUN DUN DUN DON! At least maddi doesn't need to worry about being mesmered. Although, I wonder why Cole is so obsessed with would be rather awkward if she were both their mates...

My goodness do you churn these things out fast! Not that I'm complaining...
Stu 2 years ago 0
why do i get the impression that cole is going to end up running into 8 very pissed off werewolves??