18 Feb 2012

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Posted 18 Feb 2012 20:32
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Finale of Kids on the Brain

#2 of tigers on the brain


   I grabbed the eggs and handed them to Gale, turns out he's a great cook just like me. He always picks the healthy choices. I helped by making some pancakes for everyone, so here I am flipping them like I was a professional cook. He would try a pancake to see if I made it right, the only thing I got from him was a thumbs up, so I decided to try his eggs I grabbed a little and tried some it was bursting with flavor I fell in love with it.

   "Mmmmmm" Was all I can say. I noticed I was enjoying it too much when gale said.

   "I see you enjoyed my eggs. Hehe, If you like that you'll fall in love with my strawberry sundae." He said smiling.

   Oh if his eggs are this good I can't wait to try his ice cream! But it was breakfast no time for ice cream. We got done with breakfast and set the table. One by one everybody came in and took their seats and digged right in. Gale and I were the last ones to sit I grabbed my plate and started grabbing some of that delicious eggs and pancakes. Gale on the other side was feeding the little kids that are the biggest cutie you ever seen!! One is a black tiger with white stripes and a white dragon with wings. Then Wes started the conversation saying

   "You two sure did adopt a cute one." I blush trying to hide it but failed, everyone was just smiling at me and giggling, Blake continue.

   "So Jake do you have a boy friend, or a person you like?" now I was really blushing I started to say "Well there is this one guy I like."

   "Well who is it son." Jacob said begging to find out.

   "Well my dads know Leonard; he's a guy on my soccer team."

   "Just like Louis, are you a good soccer player?" Blake asked

   "Yep the best on the soccer team." I replied.

   "So tell us about him!?" everyone said

   "Well he's a tiger, with the cute smile, and a gorgeous face, at first he seemed to be a show off till I beat him then after that we started to talk and during this week. We actually have a lot of things in common. And the dance is coming up I don't if I should ask him out... I mean I don't know if he's even gay."

"Why not?!" Jacob yelled

"You stay quiet and eat your food!"
"Ok, ok"

   We all finished and everyone was satisfied. I brushed my teeth got my workout clothes, I always work out every day. Since Drago's house is a beach, I decided to run along the beach. I went down stairs and there's Jacob and Louis on the couch watching TV, so I came up to them and gave each of them a hug and a kiss and said

   "I'm going to run along the beach, be back later"

    "Ok sweetie, don't get a sun burn while out there!" Louis said joking around.

   I walked through the back door were the beach was I started to run but then stopped by Wes and Blake "Wait!. You mind if we join you?"

   There were in there running out fits and I didn't mind "Sure"

   I started running, right behind me was Wes and Blake. We ran across the yellow sand and blue ocean, I could feel the wet sand on my feet, since I was running bear paw. I thought I didn't need to wear shoes, I took out my furpod and grabbed my earphones and place one in my ear and the other one incase Wes or Blake wanted to talk to me.

   We ran a mile so far and I here Wes trying to speak to me.

   "Jake, slow down there son... you gunna give us... a stroke or sumthing." Wes said trying to breath with Blake breathing heavy behind him.

   "Sorry I forgot you two were still behind me" I really did forget about them, my mind was thinking about Leonard.

   There was a bench near us so we walked over to the bench and Wes and Blake sat on the bench while I sat on the sand. Wes now catching his breath started to speak.

   "Yuh know for a skinny guy like yuh, yah sure are pretty fast" He said in a surprised voice, Blake shook his head them grabbed some water from his bag. We each got a drink, Wes the most, then Blake started to speak.

   "What do you think about Louis and Jacob being you parents and you can be truthful. No one will know except us." It was a long answer to give him but I tried to shorten it out.

   "Well to be truthful the only person I knew was Louis first since he rescued me. A year later and I met Jacob who tries to joke but made me cry, not the best idea." I said giggling so were Wes and Blake.

   "But that day when I first met them was different, every night I would have nightmares about what would happen if Louis didn't save me," I notice that Wes and Louis both gave a sadden expression "I woke up screaming in pain Jacob and Louis were right next to me and I cried myself to sleep that night, that night those two could of went off to their beds but instead the slept with me to make sure I didn't get another nightmare. Ever since that night I been dreaming better dream...about my new family."

   I finished smiling and finishing. "They are the best thing that has ever happen to me if it wasn't for them I think I would of committed suicide, but I never did cause there was someone who care about me." I said and got up.

   "Well we better get back to your place don't you think."

   "*sniff*....sure" Wes said being a bit watery, Blake just grin at him and we started jogging home.

   We were jogging and Wes was still crying I couldn't help but laugh a bit. He said.

   "Why aren't yuh crying, your the one who had a bad life, and told us the story?"

   That was an easy answer.
   "Because Louis told me something that will always help me be happy no matter what. Lets get going my dads are probably wondering what's taking us so long."

   They both agreed and minutes later we made back with my dads saying hello to us.

-Two days later-Gale-

   So tomorrow is the big day, all day today I didn't see Drago. We were having our bachelor parties. Yesterday we planned everything out for we won't run in to each other. Drago is going to have his bachelor party with Jacob, Wes, Berly (a BIG collage bear), and Ryan (a big tiger from school), Drago and apparently his best friends. Berly and Ryan are in the closet gays who are dating, they may think they got everyone fooled but I can see right through them. Anyway, going with me is Louis, Blake, Leslie, and Jake, Drago's group is going to work out on the beach, then head towards the bar in town while my group is going to the amusement park and then my private cave. It was the most fun I had all day.

   So it's now night and Drago's group is sleeping over Berly's apartment, except for Jacob who said he just cannot sleep without Louis, we still can't see each other till the actual walking down the aisle.  Everyone is getting ready for bed, Louis is sleeping with Jake and Jacob, Leslie is in the guest room, I'm in my room the kids are in their cribs and Blake is in his room.


  This is great I'm going to a wedding but there's one problem with that. It was 7 pm, everyone was in bed getting ready for the wedding tomorrow. I caught Louis in time to ask him the big important question.

   "Ummm dad, can I tell you something?"

   "Sure anything what's up?"

   "Well the wedding is tomorrow which is exciting. But there's just one thing."

   "What's that?" I tipped my head down I said softly.

   "I don't know how to dance." all Louis did was giggle and reply.

   "Well then let's get started don't want to look silly tomorrow."

   With that Louis, dragged me down the stair and said

   "Move the couch were gonna need some space."

    I pushed one end of the couch while Louis pushed the other. With all that done he grabbed both of my paws and told me what to do. "First thing to do is the feet." he told me to step by step I keep on stepping on his feet, but half an hour later I finally got the hang of it. I hugged Louis thanking him.

   "Thanks dad that really helps." I closed my eyes in happiness.

   "You're welcome sweetie." he said giggling.

   I opened my eyes noticing Jacob holding a recorder in his hand. With that I let go of Louis and tried my best to reach for the recorder.

   " DADDY!!!" I screamed trying to chase him down.

    Louis and Jacob both giggling.

   "Oh come on I want to remember this you know."

   "That's why god gave us the mind now give me the recorder!" both laughing while I desperately tried to grabbed the recorder.  It took me almost an hour to get the recorder but realized that Jacob took ouot the memory card when the recording wouldn't erase, I just decided to just leave it at that.


   "Gale...I love you" I said and cuddle closer to the big mass next to me. Wait big mass, I open my eyes to see Wes cuddling me back and saying the same exact thing but for Blake. I also heard snickering and turn to see Berly and Ryan holding each other and holding a picture of me smiling and cuddling with Wes. I had a feeling getting that picture back was going to be a pain in the ass; I hope Gale is having a better day then I am.


   So this is it, the big day. I can't believe I'm getting married, I'm so happy I'm bouncing of the walls. Right now I'm waiting in a separate room from Drago in our house; we're having the wedding on the beach. Theirs flowers everywhere, food, a little dancing place, everything you'll find at a wedding on the beach. Right now from the front of the door there is a white rug leading to a podium where the priest, Jacob, Leslie, Jake, and Drago are waiting for me. Next to the white rug are aisles of chair with are friends and family.

   So I'm waiting for the music to start with my all white tuxedo and my flowers in hand. In front of me was Jessie, who just wanted to be the flower girl so badly, with a nice white dress that went done her shins. The dress had some red frills and one fake flower made of cloth on her chest. She looked adorable.  At the end of the lane waiting with Drago were Drago's best man and my bride maid and brides man, enfaces on man. Leslie, Jake, and Ryan were my brides maids while Berly was Drago's best man.

    Next to me crying like a baby was my daddy, saying stuff like "oh muh little dumpling is all grown up" or ""I don't want muh little man tuh leave." It was embarrassing but at the same time sweet, that's how I know he cares about me. While my daddy was crying, Blake was outside making sure everything was going fine and that everything was in place. He got camera people waiting recording the whole thing, the crowd calm, the twins with my grandparents, or mostly my grandmothers who would not let go of them.

   *wedding music starts, everyone stands*

   I soon as the wedding music started, I felt so nervous and anxious. This was very unusual for me since I'm always come except when I have sugar, but that's beside the point. The door open and Jessie started going down the aisle skipping and throwing the flower everywhere. About 2 minutes later I started to walk down holding my daddy's arm. I was having the warmest smile I had because of all the people here smiling back. I felt so love, especially when my eyes met Drago's. I felt better when I saw him, but still anxious.

   As I went down the aisle I could still see my daddy crying, he was smiling but tears were rolling down his cheeks. I say a lot of people happy for me and Drago.

   I made it to the altar where I was supposed to be. When I got at the altar, I could tell Drago was nervous, he wouldn't stop shaking. He was trying to hide it with a smile but I can see right through him.

   The priest started his speech, the very long speech that takes forever. The whole time the priest was talking I couldn't keep my eyes off of Drago. He was very handsome in that suite, I'd prefer him wearing less but he still looked nice. Well the priest got to that part.

   "Drago wilt thou have this man to thy wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honor, and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?"

   "I do." I Drago said almost choking on his words.

   "Gale wilt thou have this Man to thy wedded husband, to live together after God's ordinance in the holy estate of Matrimony? Wilt thou love him, comfort him, honor, and keep him in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, keep thee only unto him, so long as ye both shall live?"

   "I do" I replied.

   "Then with the power vested in me, I know pronounce you two husband and husband, you may kiss the groom."

   With that said Drago leaned in and kissed me. It felt like the first time we kissed but 1000x better. I was in heaven for what felt like eternity.

   We pulled a part with both of us smiling before Drago fell to the floor but luckily Berly was there to support him. I thought that was kind of cute that he almost passed out because we're married now. Well, we headed towards the dance floor where Drago and I started to slow dance and everyone else too. Jacob dancing with Louis, Leslie and Jason (her panda boyfriend), Jake with my cousin; the only ones not dancing we're my dads because Wes was still crying about me being all grown up and being happy for me and stuff. He calmed down after 5 minutes and joined us on the dance floor. While I was dancing with Drago we started talking about how we're feeling.

   " do you feel being a married man?" I started.

   "Wonderful." He said before coming down and giving me another kiss. And then whispered in my ears.

   "Starting today is the rest of our lives together.....and I couldn't have it any other way."


So this is it, the finale of Gale and Drago, you will definitely see them in different stories, might make a story with the kids, don't know yet, and just to clear things out, Drago got weak kneed after that kiss cause he was so excited and nervousness. Any comments you can leave if you want.

Jango Steel 2 years ago 0
Beautiful beautiful ending made me almost cry actualy and kindda funny at some parts amazing series let them live together In pure happieness. :)
Gold Horn 2 years ago 0
Yes,i love it.more than great!thats all i can say
Zeke Baltharez 1 year ago 0
Yeah I agree with jango I loved the ending I actually did end up crying with happiness for those two <3 way to go Dire. Happy rest of your live's DragoxGale :')