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furQuest: prologue.

"furQuest is a game I'm working on together with Yure, and he's kindly offered to write the story. We're posting it chapter by chapter, and before the next chapter comes out, this will be in a playable form for everyone to enjoy. It's a sidescrolling adventure, with enough randomized dungeons to add replay value but not so much to make it cookie cut. Please enjoy this story Yure wrote, and look forward to playing this prologue~ We've got a lot planned, and we really want to make a wonderful experience for you~ --rainy"

    Nipio, the rabbit, was hunting. Those plains were filled with a very puny, but tasty, creature: the Tuff. A Tuff-Fluff, or Tuff for short, is a furball, a very tasty treat for carnivores. Since Nipio and the members of his village can't really eat any meat, they put salt on the meat of the Tuffs, slowing it's deterioration, and making jerky, so they could sell it to carnivorous creatures.
    The rabbit tribe had a non-aggression pact with the wolves; the wolves wouldn't attack the rabbits, and would even provide them protection, in exchange for the rabbits hunting the Tuffs for them.
Nipio had a basic sword that he would use to kill the Tuffs. It was a family heirloom given to him by his mother, and she from her father. He would always go first, then other rabbits would come after him and get the corpses of the slain furballs. Being a healthy 17-year-old, Nipio had an agile body. Hunting was easy for him, even if his species lacked the strength of the wolves.
    After some time hunting, Nipio thought about resting. He sat over a stone and began waiting for the other rabbits to pick the trail of tasty death that he left behind and he waited for almost a whole hour. Finally, Nipio got up and walked back to the tribe, wondering what had happened. Dense smoke rose from the horizon, where his tribe was located. He began to speed up and run faster, but, suddenly, another kind of creature rose from the grass of the plains.
    He prepared his sword and got in position as more of the creatures left the short grass, as if they were zombies. Indeed, the creatures had no flesh, no nerves and were composed entirely by simply arranged bones. Some of them held axes, and a few rare ones had knives. Synchronized, they began attacking, throwing their weapons against Nipio. The rabbit dodged, as the axes were slower and less precise, but around five knives hit his back.
    He was surrounded. It was time for him to attack! Nipio, ignoring the pain on his back, jumped and hit his sword against the skull of an undead, quickly taking it down. He moved towards the second, killing them with incredible speed. The remaining zombies emitted a coarse groan and the weapons they just threw returned to their boney hands.
    Nipio was confused, as he never saw physics being corrupted that way. The zombies attacked once again, but Nipio dodged, now that he had to deal only with half of the creatures and didn't need to worry about his back.
    The rabbit ran towards the zombies and pulled a jewel from his pocket, squeezing it. The jewel shattered and its pieces floated around the rabbit, protecting him. He pushed his sword on the chest of an undead and moved towards the second, as the pieces of jewel attacked the third and last one. Eventually, the zombies were reduced to dust.
    Nipio heard an explosion and looked again at the horizon. Another pillar of smoke rose from his village. He had to go there quick! Nipio attempted to run, but his back ached badly. He pulled the knives from his back and prepared another jewel. This one, as he shattered it, healed his wounds. Back in full, and with three knives in his bag, Nipio ran towards the village.

rainChu 2 years ago 0
Very nice! Here's to success! *wine glass*
Yure16 2 years ago 1
*milk bottle* x3
rainChu 2 years ago 0
And sorry I'm not rating this, but it would be rather cheating to rate our own, now wouln't it? xD
Yure16 2 years ago 0
No biggie.x3 Indeed, that would be cheating.