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19 Feb 2012

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Ladies Night

Annis had been looking forward to her date night with Theo, though the plans changed when Theo ended up as Thea. Though Annis wasn't going to let a simple change in gender get in the way of her plans.

A nice little story written for laurenrivers based on a couple of pictures she had done.

Ladies Night
by: Theo Winters

Written for Lauren Rivers

Annis was going to be late, she hadn't planned on it, but traffic jams and problems with the bus had eaten all the extra time she had left in her schedule. She was in a rush as she ran into her apartment, her hooves clicking on the floor as she pulled her jacket off, throwing it on the sofa.

Digging out her phone she dialed Theo's number, hoping he hadn't left yet. They were supposed to meet up to hang out for a while but there was no way she could make it in time. The panda-zebra hybrid flicked out her ropy tail as the phone rang, begging for it to be picked up soon.

Finally it was answered and a soft voice spoke. "Hello?"

She frowned a bit and looked at her cellphone, making sure she had dialed the right now. "I was calling for Theo," she finally said.

"Hello Annis, this is Theo... well Thea at the moment," the feminine voice replied.

Annis looked back down at the phone, wanting to be completely sure she had the right number. "What do you mean?"

The voice on the phone let out a long sigh. "I was trying a new potion from a mage friend of mine. It was supposed to make my hair grow longer, instead it changed me into a lioness. I was hoping it would have worn off by now."

"Wait, you're a woman?"

"Yeah, I am. Usually the TG spell I used wears off after a day. This one wasn't very powerful and should have worn off by now, but it's sticking. It's not going to last forever and even if it did I have other TG spells that I can use to turn back, but I don't want to risk it now because mixing unknown magic can be bad, so I'm stuck this way for the time being. " she quickly explained, the words just tumbling out of her in one quick go.

The hybrid stood stunned for a few moments. "Does this happen to you often?"

Thea laughed, which was a rather pleasant sound. "Often enough, usually I plan it ahead of time so stuff like this don't happen."

"You mean our date night?"

"Pretty much, I can understand why you might not be interested tonight, my being female and all."

Annis shook her head, sometimes the lion could be a little silly about such things and always worried about offending her friends, usually to the point that she looked foolish. "No, not at all. I would like to see you like this. I can meet your place in about an hour."

She laughed again, this time sounding a little bit uncertain. "Sure, I guess. You know the way?"

"I can find your place. And I want you to get dressed up, we're going someplace really nice."

You could almost hear her bush over the phone. Even as a female she didn't like the idea of going out someplace dressy. "I'm not sure about that..."

"Oh no, you're the one who turned female on me, this is how you make up for it. I'll see you in an hour and I want to see you in a dress, got it?"

"Okay," she said, sounding slightly meek.

Annis smiled a bit. "I'll be there in an hour," she said, and snapped her phone closed. She didn't have a lot of time to get ready, and it was going to be a twenty minute drive to Thea's place so she had to hurry.

As she walked to her bedroom she undid her hair, letting her long brown locks fall down over her shoulders and against the small of her back. She fluffed it out with her hands then went to her closet, looking over her collection of party dresses, trying to pick out just the right one. She had no idea where they were going to go but she wanted something silky and sexy.

After a few moments of thought she decided on her long red dress with the slit up the side and the matching pair of opened fingered opera gloves. It wasn't one she wore often, in the bright colored lights of the club it clashed with the natural color of her fur, but she knew Theo wouldn't want to do that sort of place so it would be fine for the night.

Setting the dress aside she made a quick trip through her shower, taking time to get her fur nice and clean, then dried off as fast as she could. There wasn't going to be enough time to properly brushed out her fur, but she did what she could with what little time she had.

Annis started to dress as soon as her fur was dry, starting with matching panties and a bra before pulling the dress on. Pulling her hair out she looked at herself in the mirror, smiling at what she saw. Her mixed heritage had given her an interesting look; she had strips like her father but they were extremely thin, not quite like a zebra. She also had her father's hooves, which she took a great deal of pride in. Her face was more like her mother, with panda like ears and muzzle as well as her mother's long brown hair, which was a near perfect match of the color of her eyes.

She applied a quick layer of makeup to her fur, going light for tonight instead of the heavy look she used at the clubs. There was just a hint of color to her fur, only acting to highlight her natural shades.  Finally she opened her jewelry box and took out her pink choker, quickly wrapping it around her neck, then pulled out a purple tear drop shaped jewel on a simple necklace. It settled into place against her cleavage as she closed the clasp behind her neck.

Giving herself one last look in the mirror she stood up and picked up a small purse, moving the important things into it. Then picking up her jacket she pulled it on and hurried out the door with only moments to spare.

* * *

Annis pulled up to Thea's house, stopping just out of the way on the driveway. Slipping out of the car she walked up the stairs and rang the bell on the front door. A few seconds later the door slowly opened and a familiar set of blue eyes looked out, framed by her ever present glasses.


The lioness nodded and opened the door. She was fairly attractive, a little on the heavy set side but it seemed to suit her. Her black hair had grown a great deal longer, almost reaching the base of her tail. Her makeup was understated and fairly tasteful, highlight the natural color of her fur. Unfortunately she was dressed in a horrid outfit with a floor length black skirt and a brown top that didn't quite fit her rather ample chest.

"Are you ready to go?" she asked.

"I'm ready, but you're not," the hybrid replied.

"What?" Thea asked.

Annis stepped inside, closing the door behind her. "I said wear a dress, that's a skirt."

The lioness frowned a bit, her tail flicking. "I know... but I don't have anything else."

"Well then, we'll have to see what Felicia has in her side of the closet. I'm sure we can find something that will fit," she said, walking past the lioness and up the stairs to the main floor. Looking around for a moment she headed towards the bedroom.

"But, nothing Felicia wears will fit me," Thea protested as they walked down the hallway. "I mean, I'm just bigger then she is."

Annis looked back at her gender changed friend, not surprised to see her cupping her chest under the ugly top. Typical guy, even as a woman still thinking about breasts. At least it wasn't like she was bragging about it.

"We can find something," she said as they walked into the bedroom. Turning the lights on she pulled open the folding closet doors. It was easy to sell which side was which. Theo's was pretty much all t-shirts with a few skirts and tops tucked in the back. Felicia's side had her collection of hoodies, skirts and party dresses. The cheetah had quite the selection of outfits, it was a pity she was out of town for a week.

Looking over the dresses she tried to decide which one would fit the lioness the best. Still, Thea was right, Felicia was a thinner woman all around and very little that was in the closet would fit.

Annis looked back at her friend, surprised to see her shooting nervous looks to the back corner of the closet. She took a quick look herself, expecting to see something her friend would find embarrassing, instead she saw a hint of blue fabric pressed behind the t-shirts.

Reaching past the lioness, she grabbed the hanger and pulled it out of the closet. She was surprised to find herself holding a pretty looking blue party dress that looked like it would hug every curve of whoever would wear it. The tag was still on the shoulder strap, and a quick glance made it clear that it didn't belong to the normal woman of the house.

The hybrid turned and looked at Thea, who was blushing brightly in her ears. "What's this?"

"It's a dress," she said softly, rubbing her hands together, still bright red.

Annis held it up to her friend's body, eyeing how it would fit the lioness. "I can see that, and it looks like it's your dress. Why aren't you wearing it?"

"Felicia got it from me a few months ago. She thought if I could look as sexy as her I would have an easier time of going to the clubs with her. I just never could bring myself to wear it, and I still don't know how to dance, a dress won't fix that.

"I see," she replied, looking the dress again. It really was the sort of thing Thea's girlfriend would buy, and it would look good on the lioness. "Well, we're not going dancing, so put it on," she added, pulling the tag off and hanging it her friend.

The lioness nodded and took the dress, holding it carefully before hugging it to her body. "Okay."

"Do you have panties and a bra that go with it?"

She nodded.

"Good, wear them too. Knock on the door when you're ready," Annis said, stepping outside of the bedroom and pulled the door closed, leaning back against it. She was sure Thea would look fantastic in the dress, Felicia always had good taste in club dresses. In fact that was how they meet... at the club not because of the dress. Felicia was an outgoing extrovert who was all over the dance floor while Theo hung in the back, too shy to even talk to anyone let alone risk dancing.

There was only one question left in her mind, where they were going to go? They were both too dressed up to go to their usual haunts. It would have to be someplace nice but not too fancy, and a place they could get into on Saturday evening.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a light rapping on the door. Turning back around she opened it up and looked inside, gasping in surprise when she saw the lioness. The dress looked fantastic on her, it hung perfectly over her shoulders, hugging the curves of her ass and highlighting her ample chest along with quite a bit cleavage.

"Wow," she finally whispered.

"I think it might be a bit too much," Thea replied, pulling at the bottom of the skirt. It went down to mid thigh, just high enough to be sexy but not so low as to be sluty.

Annis shook her head. "No, no you look perfect. You're going to knock them all dead wherever we go," she replied.

"Really? Where are we going?" she asked, still picking at the dress.

"I haven't decided yet. We need someplace really nice but I don't know where."

After a few moments thought Thea's blue eyes light up behind her glasses and she started to smile. "Have you ever been to Chateau de Chambord?" she asked.

"That's French place downtown?  Isn't the reservation list a month long?"

Thea nodded and bent down to pick up the large purse she had dropped on the floor, bending at the knees, her tail flicking a bit. Opening the purse she pulled out her phone and dialed a number. "Clark, It's Thea," she said.

Annis moved back to the closet, going through the collection of clutch purses until she found one that would go with the lioness's dress. Tucking it under her arm she moved to the jewelry box, looking for something that Thea could wear. Her normal purple earring studs would be fine, but she needed something more.

"I know it's short notice," the lioness said, continuing her conversation on the phone. "Well, Felicia's not here so I can't give her okay, so it would only be me. Sure, that's fine, and thank you!"

With a smile she hung up the phone. "We have a reservation for 8:30," she said, starting to put it back into the large purse.

Annis handed her the clutch purse. "Use this," she said the lifted up a small blue necklace that match the dress. Opening the clasp she slipped it around the lioness's neck as she started to move a few items into the purse.

"How do I get everything into this?" she finally asked in frustration.

The hybrid smiled. "Just your wallet, phone and keys, that's all you need."

"Okay," she replied, shifting those things into her purse. "We should get going, I can drive," she said with a smile.

Annis smiled back. "Lead on my lady," she said, motioning with her hand.

A bright blush crossed over Thea's face and ears as they two woman left the house.

* * *

Thea was shifting nervously from foot to foot as the road the elevator up to the tenth floor, her tail flicking rapidly behind her legs. The look of worry weighed heavily on her eyes, and she was teasing her hair with one hand.

"Don't worry, you look fine," Annis said as the car stopped and the doors opened to reveal the lobby of the restaurant.

"I've just never been out like this," she replied, stepping out of the car and up to the front desk of Chateau de Chambord. A tall thin wolf Maitre d looked them over, his eyebrows and ears rising up as he looked over Thea. He took his time, leering a bit as his eyes lingered on her hips then up to her chest. "Theo?"

She blushed. "It's me Clark, though I'm Thea when I'm like this."

He licked his lips a bit and scribbled something into the guest book. "Then I would like to see you this way more often. You make a sexy woman, and your date is hot as well," he said, looking an Annis, a hint of lust on his eyes.

"Thank you, but do you talk to all your guest this way?" she asked.

The wolf smirked a bit. "Only my friends," he said, then picking up a pair of menus escorted them through the restaurant. More than a few people watched them as they went by, a few people making comments under their breath. Nothing was derogatory, mostly it seemed people liked what they saw.

Thea seemed to relax as they walked through the tables, probably because they weren't as really overdressed as she had feared. The wolf sat them down at a table next to the bar, pulling each chair out one at a time and helping them take of their jackets and sit down.

Annis shook her head as the wolf left them, then turned back to her date. "Would you like a drink?"

"I would," she replied, looking around the restaurant, almost like she was trying to see everyone around them.

"I'll be right back," the panda-zebra said, standing back up and walking over to the bar. She took a moment to look over the selection they had on the wall, it was rather extensive and much of it top shelf. After a few moments of thought she ordered a pair of drinks, and to amuse herself she made sure they were color coordinated to their outfits.

She watched the muscular rabbit bar tender make the drinks, moving with quick hands as he mixed them. Each move was done with a little bit of a extra flair and movement, making a show of the preparation. In less than a minute both drinks were resting on the top of the bar, not a single drop having been spilled.

"Thank you," she said, slipping the rabbit a tip before picking up the drinks turning back to the table. A frown crossed her lips when she saw that the lioness was gone. For a moment she thought Thea had run away, but that was quickly quashed when she saw a flash of blue out on the balcony.

Holding the drinks she went out to the balcony herself, the slight chill of the night air washing over her as she stepped outside. Below she could see traffic moving through the streets, the lights glittering off the sides of the buildings. Thea was standing at the edge of the balcony, looking out over the city, he dress flicking in the light wind.

Annis walked up to her date. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine, I just feel a bit weird is all."

"Weird how?" she asked, offering out the blue drink, keeping the pink one for herself.

Thea took the drink, holding it in her hand but not drinking from it. "Well, it's just being out like this," she said, motioning to the dress. "People are looking at me, but only because they see me and think I'm sexy."

"That's because you are sexy," she replied.

The lioness blushed again. "I don't feel sexy," she protested.

"That doesn't make you any less attractive. You're a lovely lioness my dear, you would stand out even in that frumpy mess you first had on, but in that dress you are stunning!"

"You like my dress?"

"I certainly do! Now let's go back in there and have some fun, we can tease all the guys who are lusting over you," Annis said, lifting up her drink for a toast.

Thea looked at her drink, then back at the restaurant. Slowly her tail flicking out as her ears lifted up. A hint of a smile crossed her lips before she let out a soft laugh. "Oh yes, lets tease them all," she said, lifting her drink up and clinking the two glasses in a toast, then both of them took a long drink.

Annis giggled as the alcohol passed her tongue. Then both women, with their tiny little dresses and even tinier purses walked back into the restaurant to tease all the boys.

* * *

The two woman laughed as they pulled the car to a stop in front of the house, the head lights glowing off the garage door before the lioness reached down and turned the key off.

Annis smiled over to her friend. "I still think we should go to the club," she said.

Thea laughed softly and shook her head, her long hair bouncing over her shoulders. "Oh, I might be a bit tipsy, but I'm not quite up for that."

"Come on, it will be fun. We'll each take one half of the bar, start to tease and flirt with all the guys until they are all ready to pop, then meet up and start making out right there," she teased.

The lioness blushed brightly though her fur, sinking down slightly into the seat though there was a hint of a smile on her muzzle. The smile grew a little bit wider for a few moments before she shook her head. "Not this time, but... but maybe next time?"

The panda-zebra reached out and stroked her fingers down the side of her date's muzzle. "I'm going to keep you to that."

A smile flickered over Thea's face as she nuzzled gently at the black tips of fingers. "Though I'll have to be a bit more drunk then just tipsy."

Annis smiled at that, not quite sure how the lioness would act when she was really drunk. Even with the couple drinks they had she was more outgoing and a bit light headed, she might be quite the man killer if she was really sloshed. It would be interesting to see, but she would have to stay close just incase anything happened.

With the smile still on her face she opened her car door and slipped out, she walked around the car and opened the door for Thea, helping the lioness out. She flicked her tail out as she used her free hand to brush down the short blue dress. With her other hand she squeezed Annis's, smiling up at her.

They stood together in front of the house, the stars flicking high above them. "I had a lovely time tonight," the hybrid said.

"So did I," Thea replied, her smile growing a bit wider as her eyes glittered behind her glasses.

"You're such a sweet lioness," she said, reaching up to run her hands though the felines hair.

Thea blushed a bit, then shivered slightly, her fur rippling under her dress. "Oh, goodness..." she said softly.

Annis looked down at her date, suddenly a little concerned. Maybe the few drinks she had were too much for the lioness? Reaching out she gently grasped her friend's shoulder and asked: "Are you all right?"

Thea nodded. "I think the potions is finally wearing off," she said, her fur rippling again. With a slight groan she starting growing taller, gaining a few inches in a moment.

Looking down Annis saw that her feet had changed, no longer dainty and the legs had become rather muscular. Her eyes traced up the lioness's body, watching as the curves started to melt away, the hips popping back into place. A moment later her large breasts jiggled and pulled back against her chest, leaving an empty bra in their place.  The dress pulled tighter across her broad chest, the extra mass returning to her belly, making it press out against the tight dress.

A moment later the familiar bulge returned to her panties, pressing  against the tight fabric of the now very gender inappropriate dress.

Theo looked down at himself and the ill fitting blue dress. "It's a good thing we're at home, I didn't bring any pants," he said with a smirk, his long hair falling forward over his shoulders, still reaching half way down his back. Reaching out he ran it through his fingers. "Though I guess the potion did work."

Annis laughed, then leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. "You know, you look kind of cute like this," she said, her hand sliding down along his side as she leaned up and whispered into his hear. "Now let's get you inside and out of that dress, our date isn't over yet." The panda-zebra let out a long murr as she felt a noticeable sign of his interest pressing up against her leg.


This story was written and copyright 2012 by Theo Winters, reposting and archiving are allowed as long as this copyright notice and the author's name are not removed. This story cannot be published without permission of the author. Violators will be teased to frustration by sexy woman.