19 Feb 2012

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2012 Commission Information (OPEN!)


*Limit 2 characters per image
*Prices listed are base prices, and will be raised for more complex characters, scenarios, and additional props/accessories

Strange Hybrid Sketches - $3 (Example)
Icons - $8 (Example)
Headshot Sketches - $5 (Example 1; Example 2; Example 3)
Headshot Sketches +lines & flat color - $7 (Example)
Fullbody Sketches - $10 (Example)
Fullbody Sketches +lines & flat color - $13 (Example)
Headshots / Headshot Badges - $15 (Example)
Busts / Bust Badges - $20 (Example 1; Example 2; Example 3; Example 4; Example 5)
Fullbody (Simple Background) - $25 (Example 1; Example 2; Example 3)
Fullybody (Complex Background) - $35 (Example 1; Example 2; Example 3; Example 4; Example 5; Example 6)
3-View Reference Sheets - $30 (Example)

Also Available:
3-View Headshot Reference Sheets - $25 (Example)
3/4 Character - $20 - $25 (Example 1; Example 2)
Album Cover Art - $40+ (Example)
Logos (made in Adobe Illustrator) - $100+ (negotiable) (Example 1; Example 2; Example 3)
Detailed Comic Panel Pages - $80+ per page (Example 1; Example 2; Example 3)
Mailed Commission Prints - $3 - $5 (depending on size)
Watch Me Draw Live on Livestream - No charge, must schedule an appointment (Saturdays work best)

Interested in something else?
If you are interested in a type of commission not mentioned or shown above, please contact me so we can discuss it. I'll be happy to work with you and negotiate a price.

Terms and Conditions
I WILL draw: animals (feral and anthropomorphic), fantasy creatures
I WILL NOT draw: explicit material, adult content, copyrighted characters, humans, hateful or offensive scenes/language

-If you are interested in a commission, contact me at
-Specify your desired type of commission in your initial interest email
-Provide me with either a character reference sheet, reference picture(s), or a detailed description of your desired character /scenario/background in your initial interest email
-After confirmation of the commission type and character/scene, I will provide you with the PayPal address to send payment to
-After receiving payment, I will draw a pencil sketch of your commission; This will be emailed to you for approval. I will not start the digital commission until the pencil sketch receives your approval. Major revisions can be made at this stage, and sent again for approval; Limit to 2 major revisions
-If I have a question or need the commissioner's input, I will email you a 'work-in-progress' screenshot; These are also available upon request if I have gone 2 weeks without updating you on the progress of your commission
-Once the digital image is complete, I will email you two .png files (one with watermark, for re-posting purposes, and one without, for personal use); Minor edits can be made at this stage (color adjustment, quick corrections, small additions of forgotten elements)
-I will then upload the completed commission to my blog and other art-sharing/portfolio websites

The commissioner is NOT allowed to:
-Pass off their commission as their own work
-Make and sell prints of their commission
-Re-post the un-watermarked version of their commission
-Re-post their watermarked commission without crediting me and linking back to my website or other art site profile

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