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19 Feb 2012

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Posted 19 Feb 2012 19:57
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Smoke: 'Killer's Cold Fury'

#4 of Smoke


Hellow, and sorry for being away for so long. Guess I needed a longer break because as soon as I got ready to begin this chapter a month ago my college started doing one of the longest, most annoying and horrible units which forced me to stay up every night and do my homework. Once the unit ended I just couldn't spend the little free time I had on writing. Not until now. :3


Smoke: Killer's Cold Fury



I instantly draw my Desert Eagles and while ignoring the rain I let out a flurry of bullets, not taking too long to aim. It didn't matter when he started doing spinning moves with them damn swords and literally reflecting the bullets like in some movie. I stopped shooting after one of the bullets hit the water dangerously close to my footpaw. With the fact he can reflect bullets I knew that I am the less skilled here. I stop and so does he before simply looking at me as I sigh and drop the guns to the floor.

"There's no giving up, pet. I still have to slit that soft throat of yours." - He then smirks.

I look up at him without saying anything before sprinting in his direction. He took a quick swipe, aiming for my neck just before I ducked, placed paws on the sand and kicked him up the chin with both footpaws, sending him in air before gracefully landing on the ground in a crouch position, ready for any possible danger from his side.

He painfully landed on the floor but quickly jumped back to his footpaws before wiping blood off his mouth. - "...I will make sure you die slowly..."

"Less talking, more working." - I mock him with a paw wave.

He charges at me and swiftly attempts another swipe. In the last second I grab his forearm and swipe my leg at the back of his head, causing him to faceplant the ground. The fight was slowly getting to my senses, making the world around faded with Shir and his blades being the only things I concentrate on. He charges again with blades spread wide like wings. Quite an exposing move. I get ready to punch him in the face but then he suddenly jumps up and kicks me in the chest with both footpaws before landing on the floor and as I'm still in the air he swipes his katana at me, causing a wound on my leg.

I quickly jump back to my footpaws and move my leg to check the damage. It is bleeding but the pain doesn't seem to reduce my movement. Although there is something strange in the pain. It's burning!

"I see you took my advice about the poison..."

He smirks. - "To your bad luck... yes."

This time I am the one charging. Problems with poisons are that they spread through the body fast which means this fight has to end while I am still at my full strength. I swiftly and with agility swipe my fists at him with such force that when he parries them rain bounces off the impact. After parrying a few attacks he attempts another attacks, swiping continuously with complex moves and using every possible angle which forces me to almost dance around him with ducks and backflips. After a minute I get a chance to land my paws on his shoulders, jump up and kick his chest with both footpaws, sending myself into a graceful backflip as he flies back by a few meters and lands on the floor but immediately gets up.


I sprint through the manor corridor with flashbacks still in my head. Flashbacks of the moment that happened not long ago after the intimate moment with Kiba.

Kiba lying on the bed within my arms.

"Sam... can I ask you to do something for me?"

"Anything, love."

"...Run away..."


"Papa will be drawn into the fight... he always is... take the chance then and run away."


I get a fairly heavy punch up the chin after disarming Shir. It causes blood to spray from my nose at the impact and sends me on the ground, splashing water around. I take a second to look at where papa is. Sam is not there. I feel something I rarely felt in my life... relief. Only for a second though as Shir grabs closest Katana and tries to stab me in the heart but I manage to roll out of the way before sending a kick, moving him away.

The poison starts working. My leg feels a bit numb but I ignore it and jump back on my footpaws. For the first time neither of us charge... instead we circle around each other. A katana in his paw causes this fight to be unfair. If I could get the other one... I resist the temptation to look at it as that could give Shir a clue.

He then suddenly sends a few swipes in my direction. I start dodging but the poison makes me feel dizzy and I miss out with one of the dodges, causing another cut in my shoulder... this time a deeper one, not only sending more poison in but also seeping my hope out. I grab the shoulder and catch my breath as he twists his Katana. - "Seriously? Is that all you can?"

I tilt head to the side and aim a punch at him. He moves head away but I instantly duck and send a kick at his legs which he jumps over yet I don't stop at that; My body instantly twists the other way and sends another kick at the side of his head. He grabs my leg and aims a stab with his Katana at my throat.  Without waiting half a second I jump up and hit him in the face with my other knee, sending him to the ground.

That's the chance. I grab the other Katana and aim a swipe at his lying body but he reacts instantly and parries it and gets up, parrying yet another of my attacks. We start sword-fighting almost like in the fencing sport.


 "Halt!" - Someone shouts as I almost reach the manor's exit. Soon I realize it's Carl.

"Sam. Aren't you supposed to be watching the fight?"

"There is no time to lose, Carl. If Kiba dies then Mc Krein will be after me."

"After you? Why?"

"Because I'll be useless."

He looks at me before nodding and turning around. - "Go... I'd hate for something to happen to you."

I sigh. - "Something already did... If Kiba dies..." - And then it hit me... I pretty much lived for my younger brother... if he dies I will have no point in life.

"Want me to leave with you?" - This question snaps me out of my sorrow.

"Leave with me? But... You'd do that for me?" - I never thought Carl cares about me that much to leave his job for me.

"Well, yeah. You two are the only ones that like me here... If you're gone then what the hell will I do in my spare time?"

I nod before hugging him. - "Let's go. Mc Krein will realize I'm not there anytime soon."

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Skip to 2:50)

I feel my muzzle being sore as he misses a swipe with Katana but uses his elbow to hit me a few times until I grab his arm and twist it around, causing his own blade to make a cut on his side. The lizard hisses with rage and kicks me in the chest, sending me back on the ground before he aims Katana at my head and throws. I move away so that the blade sticks in the sand one centimeter away from me before getting up and grabbing it. Now I am the one with both Katanas while he's got none. This doesn't seem to scare him as he grins. - "Having a weapon doesn't automatically make you skilled in it."

"I like to improvise..." - I then kick water in his eyes before aiming a stab in his heart. He grabs the blade with both pawlms and quickly moves it out of the way before grabbing me by the headfur and forcing my muzzle under water. I keep my peace, knowing that faster heartbeat means more desperation for air. I focus on the grip to imagine his figure before slightly freeing my arm and swiping a blade at where his throat should be. It must've worked since he let go of me. I instantly lift my head up and gasp for air before spotting blood on his throat. The wound looks minor though. I charge at him before doing a spin, trying multiple swipes with Katanas but he leans back, avoiding them before grabbing both of my arms and hitting my chest with a knee. I try to break free but he kicks again and again until I drop the blades. Then he does a backflip, kicking me up into the air. As I land he grabs the Katanas. Straight after I got up a blade seeps through my belly and sends fiery pain through my body as everything goes blurry.

I can feel his breath and hear his words: "Didn't expect that, did you?"

I gasp for air and cough blood up. - "First of many slain in your miserable life... Just to be replaced in a few years time..."

He forcefully seeps the blade deeper in which causes the wider part spread my wound even more, sending another jet of pain. - "Not if I defend my position."

I chuckle... well... at least I try. - "You foolish, little lizard... foolish just as I was here..."

My legs then give in and I slide off his sword while falling onto the water and sand with everything around me spinning... the pain getting weaker... If this is death... then it's not as bad as I thought... I see him walking away, leaving me in the water that slowly turns red around me from my own blood... papa's clapping echoing in my head along with his words: "Well done. I knew you could make it... You see, Sam... now that Smokey is dead you-" He spots that Sam is not there. I grin and give in to the blackness, papa's yell of rage being the last thing in my head.


...So much for working for someone that never cared about you...


To Be Continued...

Story and characters are copyright to © Mickey Torrento

Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Yes... finally. I'm back. And to your annoyment I replaced cliffhanger with... a cliffhanger. X3
speedy 2 years ago 0
well glad your back! and i love the story!!!
even if it is cut short at one of the best parts! gah!!! damn cliffhangers...
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Don't you just want to strangulate me? X3
speedy 2 years ago 1
Nope cause then id have nothing to read!
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
At least im useful...
speedy 2 years ago 1
Among other things ;-)
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Not quite sure what you mean.
d0z3r 2 years ago 0
Glad your back but...I HATE THIS CLIFF HANGER!! ahaha

Great chapter though, I really can't wait for the next chapter of this and your other 2 stories lol
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 0
Oops. I just realized I accidentally put the wrong chapter title. Sorted. :P
alla88 2 years ago 0
Cliffhanger... i shall be the one to destroy you... by reading all of them "cliffhangers" xD
Loved it! the songs really help reading making it seem more intense! Awesome!
GOD! I need more!
Mickey Torrento 2 years ago 1
Then you'll never know what happens next. Tee hee. X3
alla88 2 years ago 0
you have a point... YOU WIN THIS TIME! xD