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19 Feb 2012

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Posted 19 Feb 2012 20:17
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Wild novel appears! ... In pieces.

In which I turn to you, furryverse, to ask a question or two about novel things.

Hey watcher people! 

I've got a question for y'all, if you've a minute of your time. Actually, now that I think of it, I have two. See, I'm writing a novel (for you guys!), and the first chapter is now up. A couple of my ord'nary watchers have said that it didn't appear in their watchlist, so on the off chance that this journal does, can I get confirmation or denial of this mysterious event?

Second, though. So, this is a rollicking science-fiction action drama thing. It's got space marines. It's got dogs. It's got dog space marines. It... is outside my usual box of "stories you can read one-handed." Now, as I have the story scoped (I will be uploading this in sections as they're finished and edited, but the outline is finished) there is a romantic undercurrent between the space-marine-dog narrator and one of her companions. But this, given the novel format, is somewhat slow-burning.

What do we think, furrysphere? Does that sound like a good idea? Does that sound like an absolutely terrible idea? Do you believe in magic?

Spudz 2 years ago 0
I'm one such reader that didn't have the chapter appear in his watchlist. I'm not sure what caused this problem. We think it might be because Robert posted this chapter initially as a draft.
Harry 2 years ago 0
I didn't see it appear either. Alert Toumal, I suppose.
Robert Baird 2 years ago 0
Thanks for the note. I put in a ticket -- as Spudz said, I think it's because I published the chapter as a draft first, to check the formatting 'cause... I'm obsessive about that kinda stuff. Ah well!
Muinaru 2 years ago 0
Didn't appear for me either (though obviously this journal did).
iceywolf 2 years ago 0
I added you to "watch" after reading the chapter, but this journal entry showed up on my watchlist
Harry 2 years ago 0
I should note that I, too, am considering something long, non-pornographic, and spacefaring. I made one attempt (Hello NaNoWriMo) but I could *feel* myself ripping off C.J. Cherryh so I have stepped back to re-assess. I encourage you to keep going, however!
Robert Baird 2 years ago 0
I won't go so far as to say that there is nothing new under the sun, but most fiction draws liberally from most other fiction. As it happens, apparently, we seem to be going through a spacefaring sci-fi phase at the moment, since I know a few other authors working along that line -- something in the water, perhaps, has sparked it all at once.

The danger with stepping back to reassess (the novel I am working on now started out as a NaNo project before I scrapped it to work on something else) is that you don't get back in the saddle. Selfishly, I hope you do, because I love reading your stuff dearly (and if you're going to rip off anyone, Cherryh's not a bad choice).

I'm curious as to how you plan on working on it (that is, presuming that you stick with SF as a distribution medium). I'm trying out a plan of committing parts of the story as the chapters are finished and (more importantly) edited, then posting them, which has the effect perhaps of not overloading people, but also makes it harder to go back and make large structural changes. I'm hoping my storyboards will hold, but I'm a bit worried that I'll get 60kwds in and realise I've screwed something up badly.
De Rigueur 2 years ago 0
I'm another reader who didn't get a notification in his watchlist!

Yes, I think it's the increasingly-well-known Drafts bug. Had quite a few stories by my watched authors slip past me recently because of it!
Xander Dragunov 2 years ago 0
I didn't get it either ... I'm starting to wonder about this new watchlist. I don't really like the fact that unless I nuke everything, I have a constant "You've got X watches!"

Not only that ... but I can't seem to see ANY of the old stuff :(

On to your other questions! Slow burning isn't bad ... unless it's too slow. I'd recommend trying to put in a really good yiff scene in every other chapter or so (even if it's just some solo action or something similar). This will keep your more ... excited ... readers into the story and still give you plenty of space to be adventurous elsewhere.

And I certainly believe in magic :D
Robert Baird 2 years ago 0
Magic is a critical element to making it through the day, so, it's good that you believe in it.

I like your way of thinking. It more or less tracks with how I have things scoped out already, which I believe to be a good sign. We'll see how it works out in practice, but there's nothing too crazy about that ratio, I do believe.

I know they're working on fixing watchlists in upcoming patches, so, hopefully they'll make it something more to our liking. I've submitted a bug report; we'll see how that goes over.

Thanks for your feedback, sir!
Siften 2 years ago 0
I read it and loved it truly. It kept me up half the night when i was trying to sleep! For the love of god Baird please make more installments. As far as the slow burning romance goes? Keep it slow. And yes it didnt appear in mine either. It did on my phone app though, strange.
Robert Baird 2 years ago 0
Madness! Madness, I say. Of all the professions I envy, code debuggers must be near the bottom of the list. I can see why you wouldn't want to crosspost to Twitter and watchlists on "publishing" an already submitted work that was a draft before (because then you'd have to add in another check to make sure it only happens the first time it goes from draft to publish). I can't see why it would show up in watchlists on phones, but not on computers; that's bizarre. Well, hopefully they can work it out!

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it, though of course, it is important to get sleep at least sometimes. This is not, incidentally, what I myself am doing, but, hey. Do as Rob says, not as Rob does; that's my motto. Or, uh. Well, how I live, anyway. <g> Thanks for your comment, though! I hope you got enough sleep, and that you're currently making your way through an excellent day.
cs_kit 2 years ago 0
Didn't see it! Reading now, though :)
RaulTheRabbit 2 years ago 0
Hey I liked the movie version of Starship Troopers. Space Marines with a mild romance underplot are fine by me! Especially dog Space Marines!
De Rigueur 2 years ago 0
I just noticed your "stories you can read one-handed" comment, and I chuckled.

Oh, Rob -- to me you'll always be "that guy who writes long, serious, melancholy, and excellent furry fiction," though that's not to discount the considerable talent you've shown in your new modus operandi.

Edit: and I'll always be "that guy who wishes the YiffStar 'edit-comment' functionality was functional."