Tyrse Styles
19 Feb 2012

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Posted 19 Feb 2012 22:02
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My Brother the.....Dark Lord?

Ok here we go this is another attempt from me at writing, this one aiming at another genre entirely. Just a few quick notes for those who read this. Anything seen in italics is internal as in the voice in your head. Words spoken in another color are also a form of mind-speak but from another source so as not to confuse the reader with who is speaking. I know this leaves a lot of details out, set-up and explanation wise but that's on purpose. What's a Dark Lord, why are the powers passed from person to person, why does there have to be a balance, who's the voice offering said power, what's the deal with the title? All these questions will be answered in upcoming chapters I left them out on purpose....what this is an intro I can't give away all the good stuff in one go now can I? Please comment and tell me what you guys think, let me know if you spot any corrections to make and all that stuff. The next chapter will however not be released until a certain commission of mine get's done, it is the spearhead image for this story and will help people envision things better. Oh and if you teared up sniffled or cried let me know :3 just seeing if I can evoke any emotions from my readers.

" w... u.!"
"Hh..hello? Who's there?"
"Br...e. *sob* .on't go!"
Looking around all I see is darkness, the rest of my body seems not to obey my will. "I...I'm here! Please....I can't move, help me!" The sound of my own voice seems strange, disembodied maybe. "What's going on?"
"God don't my son! Pl...e no *choked cry*"
"Wait....Dad? Dad!" Struggling to force my unseen limbs to move, getting no results I cry out again. "Dad I'm here....I'm scared! Can you hear me? I can't move and it's all dark....Daddy please help!" ........Nothing
"Why won't anyone answer me!" Panic sets in, hearing strange sounds, my Dad not answering my call, and being unable to move taking it's toll. Just as I begin to cry out again a new voice cuts me short.
"Mr. and Mrs.Styles I presume *sigh* I'm Dr.Bernard" A feminine voice interjects, she sounds like "Mom?"
"Doctor please isn't there anything else you can do? *sniffle* There has to be something we haven't tried....anything!"
Once again the Doctor sighs, his voice coming back heavy and slow. "Mrs. Styles there's nothing more we can do for your son." Some paper shuffling "He's so young and we've already run him through every treatment available....even the experimental ones." Some scribbling on a pad of some sort I imagine. "His body just can't take it anymore, the cancer was just too aggressive."
All of a sudden the darkness becomes cold so very cold as the memories come flooding back. "Cancer?.....that's right." They flood back unbidden, the first diagnoses, the depression, treatments, hope. Then the return and failure to stop it, being moved into the hospital instead of my room. The months of therapy and procedures, my family...smiling the whole time.
"The life support is keeping him here for now, but you must understand there's nothing more we can do. The cancer will eventually take over and that's going to be a long slow painful way for him to go." That shuffling of papers again "These are the forms giving us permission to go ahead and take him off life support." Someone gasps.
I hear another voice speak up, shaky and slightly angered in tone. "That's it......" I recognize the voice as that of my little sister. "Sissy..."
"All this time...all this effort, and YOU just expect sign my brother's life away!" My mother tries to interect "Sarah..honey." 
"NO! There has to be more *sniff* more medicine...more treatments *sniffle*.....*sob* he can't die...hh..he just can't..." There's some movement and her cries become muffled. The next voice is my father again. "Shhhh...Sarah I know it's hard *sigh* but they've done all they can do."
"No sweetheart, everything. The least we can do is not prolong his suffering, he's been at it long enough." My mother can be heard just sobbing in the background, her sobs muffled. Probably by her hands. My dad speaks up again " won't hurt him will it? Turning that stuff off I mean."
"No Mr.Styles it won't, with your sons current condition and how we have him sedated there will be no pain. He's already in a dream like state from the pain medication, once we turn off the machines he will just....seemingly go to sleep. I assure you there will be no pain to him whatsoever."
"...They're going to let me die?" The cold around me seems to concentrate in my stomach, forming a heavy ball there. My previous attempts at moving and calling out cease as it all sinks in. "Heh...this is bullshit! I'm here to listen as others decide to let me die....and there's not a DAMN THING I CAN DO ABOUT IT!" My words seeming to echo in my own head. "I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die..."
"Then don't die!" I flinch internally as the booming voice fills my thoughts, a looming presence now incasing me in place of the darkness. "Great, I'm going to go nuts right before I kick the bucket. Voices in my head, ha!"
"Tyrse Josh Styles do you seek to avoid death? Do you wish to evade the sleep eternal? I come to offer you an alternative, for you have been chosen to be a successor." This new voice seems to override the few senses I have left to me, pervading all aspects of my being. Seems an interesting way to spend my last few moments I'll play along. "Of course I don't want to die, who does? What other choice do I have, and what's a successor?"
Sounding a little bit irritated now I get my response "Fool this is no game! You have the choice to accept my offer and live. To be granted new life and have power beyond what you can now comprehend. You have been chosen as the next host for the powers of the Dark Lord!"  Realization struck me like a bolt of lightning. "Wait no no no no no, you mean THE  Dark Lord? Your kidding me...right this is a hallucination. There's no way I can be a successor for that!"
Booming laughter fills the void as the presence with me finds something funny with my words. "Excuse me, it's always funny how you creatures react when I tell you that. *ahem* Yes THAT Dark Lord, seeing as you've been.....out of touch with the world recently obviously you did not know of his demise." The presence around me seems to sadden a bit at those words, how I could tell I don't know. "Regardless there must always be a Dark Lord to keep the balance, and you are the next candidate. So will you accept these dark powers and a chance at life again?"
Confusion and maybe a bit of hope run through me, the opportunity seeming just too good to be true. "And what if I refuse, I know about the Dark Lord's position in this world. What if I don't want that?" A deep chuckle rumbles through my mind "Then I leave you to die as you were, and seek out the next soul who would take up the offer."
The sounds of the machine keeping me alive snap me back to the present outside my world of darkness. I can hear some movement near me, like equipment being moved. "This will only take a few minutes, once he is off the life-support he's going to just drift off. You're all free to stay until he is gone if it makes you feel any better"
My mother's voice speaks up "Yes we'll stay....thank you Doctor"
"Noooooo don't do it, I'm still here. I'm here dammit....I'm here" My voice drifting off, unable to so much as bat an eyelash as I listen to the doctor power down my life-support.
"I love you my baby *sob*"
Slowly I feel my mind fogging up, coherent thoughts coming harder with each passing second. "This isn't like the doctor said, this is horrible!" I find it's true what they say, your life passing before your eyes. My first Christmas I remember, my great-grandfather holding me when I was little, my sister being born, high school . All the highlights flashing by as I feel my consciousness sinking away, when out of the gloom "Do you accept the offer?"
I was so scared, I wasn't ready to go. I wanted to live, even if it meant an existence I could never be truly happy with. "Yes....please save me." A huge wave of pressure flooded my mind, pushing the clouds of death from me. My mind began to tingle as if electricity was being run through it. "Ahhhhhhhhh, what's happening?"
"You're receiving your power as the successor, don't worry this part is short and relatively painless." The voice pauses and I can feel as much as I can now see in my mind, the image of a large toothy maw filled with teeth....smiling. "Welcome to the world, my new Dark Lord."
Back in the outside world, the family of three foxes sits surrounding a hospital bed. All three in various stages of grief over the now prone form laying before them. The older female fox holding the now lifeless hand of her son to her cheek, tears streaming down her face. Her husband wrapping an arm around her shoulder, the older fox now consoling both females as a tear works it's way down his muzzle. The youngest there, no older than thirteen sits with tear pouring down her face, her eyes seeing the form in front of her but not seeing.
Dr.Bernard walks to the side near the head of the bed. He places a paw to the neck of the young vulpine to check the pulse and announce the time of death. A paw shoots up from under the covers to grab his wrist, the Doctor attempting to leap back but finding himself unable to. The paw holding him in place gripping him painfully hard. "Holy shit, this isn't possible!"
All three foxes immediately stand up, all of them gasping at the sudden movement by the recently "departed" family member. Eyes fluttering the young form takes a sharp intake of breath, his chest rising high into the air as his back arcs. He settles back onto the bed, his chest now rising and falling in slow even breaths. The father steps up to the bed and runs a paw over his sons head.
"Son....can you hear me?"  Eyes opening slowly Tyrse's icy blue orbs settle on his dad's face. "Yeah I hear you, I hear you loud and clear." Smiling his dad leans in to kiss his forehead. "It's a miracle...son you were dead." Tyrse frowns at this comment "You're right, I was." Turning his head Tyrse gazes at Dr.Bernard, still struggling to unhinge the smaller vulpine's death-grip on his wrist. He smiles and tilts his head at the struggling older Burmese Mountain dog "You turned of the life support and killed me....didn't you?"
Slightly flustered the older fur stammers as he pulls with both hands trying to get the fox in front of him to let go. "I...uh..yes I did, you were dying regardless of cancer. I don't know how you're awake but you need to let me go so we can treat you, you're still very sic-"
"Hahahahaha, oh that's rich still sick he say. Ohhhhh I needed that." Sitting up Tyrse pulls the doctor closer by his wrist, bones popping as he dislocates the joint.
"Ahhhhhh shit! Make him let go!"
Tyrse's parents coming forward over the other side of the bed attempting to make their son let the doctor loose. "Son let him go now!"
Whimpering the almost forgotten sister cowers in her chair "Bro....stop your scaring me!" Her hands coming up to cover her ears as she listens to the sickening pops coming from Dr.Bernard.
Smiling Tyrse leans over towards his captives ear "Attempting to kill the new Dark Lord is a crime punishable by death." Dr.Bernanrd's eyes go wide as he hears this "No! I didn- Augh!" Crackling purple bolts of energy flow from Tyrse's paw up the doctors arm. His whole body going rigid as his eyes roll back into his head. His scream growing in pitch as his body begins to spasm and glow, resulting in a massive pillar of purple light erupting where the good doctor stood.
When the light finally dies down, the other three vulpine squint their eyes and find nothing but a smoldering black spot where Dr.Bernard once stood. Tyrse's father finally finds his voice, shaken and nervous. "Ssson..what did you do?" Jumping up out of bed in one bound and landing on his feet Tyrse chuckles. Reaching over to the nightstand he picks up his square-rim glasses and places them delicately on his muzzle. Turning back to his family Tyrse smiles "Why I punished the poor soul for attempting to end my reign before it even began!" Tyrse makes a grand sweeping gesture with his arms, his tail wags happily behind him.
"All hail the new Dark Lord!" Tyrse sticks his tongue out at his cowering little sister's form "Top that short-stuff!"


Captain Markus 2 years ago 0
Wow. Just wow. I seriously like this. I want that commission to be done desperately. Well, Tyrse. I don't have to do bad things to you. As a humbling act, for producing this, I offer my willing body to you, as payment for having seen this greatness.

Now, on to the serious reviewer tone of voice. This introduction to the story is really intriguing. It's making me curious as to how the entire story is going to pan out. The dialogue seems quite natural, the descriptions don't seem forced and the distinguishing between the voice in his head, the old Tyrse and the new Tyrse is very good. I have a feeling that, in the future, Tyrse's old personality will start to resurface, giving him his moral compass back and overwhelming him with realization of what he's done. All-in-all, a great start to what appears to be a great story. 5/5.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Moral compass eh? Hmm well now we shall see, I seriously doubt things pan out the way your guessing. Heh the next chapter has some splaining to do :3
Captain Markus 2 years ago 0
Aww. As long as the chapter and commission come relatively soon, you might get me convinced to do some all-night writing to try and get out my first chapter which, by the way, will be in three parts to prolong tension and give cliffhangers. Damn Gruffy and his writing ideas seeping into my head.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Hmmm could be about a week on the commission, gives me plenty of time to tweak the next chapter.
Captain Markus 2 years ago 0
If I like it as much as this one I will have your fox pups. Seriously. Don't care that I'm a wolf and we're both male.
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
That would be interesting O_o
Captain Markus 2 years ago 0
And this is why I sometimes wish I lived in America. You guys seem like cool guys to know IRL.
Frebu 2 years ago 0
Talk about going from zero to hero...........or uh..........dark lord >.>
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
Haha true true, a very sudden change in one fox's life. Now as for how things go from here well we shall see ^-^