Blitzkrieg the Dragon
19 Feb 2012

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Posted 19 Feb 2012 22:10
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I really ought to get back into writing.

Be it smut or otherwise. Heh, maybe I ought to do a transformation piece. Those are my favorite.

Daft 2 years ago 0
Write about dick nipples. That's what furries like, isn't it?
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago 0
raithian 2 years ago 0
If you write about dick nipples, I will turn your scrotum into a speed bag... Just sayin...

But really, always a pleasure to see your writing, and sorry bout not responding to you in the chat I wasnt paying attention to my computer and didnt see it, how did you like it though?
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago 0
Don't worry, I don't plan on it (though it's probably not wise to threaten to box a man's sac when you don't know whether or not he's into CBT x3). The chat looks promising, but they need to fix the lag and the awkward userlist refresh. I'd also appreciate a whisper function.
Zelnyair 2 years ago 0
Go on, why not? Just do whatever comes into your mind, like this surreal pony dream I had the other day ^^
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago 0
I actually got inspired by a creepy ponyfic on Fimfiction. It's called Moon Diary III, and it's part of a series. I kinda liked the story, but I felt 3000 words did not do the concept justice in the least. Therefore, if the original author gives me permission, I think I may take that on as my next project.

The plot covers a 2031 lunar expedition launched by the Americans and Russians to search for evidence of an ancient race of sentient equines and a diabolical entity known to them only as "The Night Sister." It's like a crossover between Apollo 18 and the Princess Loony Tumblr.
RandomManOfDOOM 2 years ago 0
The Night Sister, eh?

Sounds a lot like the Dark Brotherhood to me...
Blitzkrieg the Dragon 2 years ago 0
It's Princess Luna, only she's like one of those Japanese grudge ghosts.