19 Feb 2012

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Ok, so I've found out a major (if not the only) source of all my of my life problems and I'm quite certain all of the anxiety and depression I've delt with in the past is a direct result of my eyes not working together properly. Generally, your eyes are supposed to work in tandem and comprise a huge amount of your informational intake. If however you have a dominant eye (and I fear everybody does to some degree) your brain will use both eyes but to very degrees and will tune down input from either eye if it's causing trouble. I have 20/20 vision, but this has nothing to do with how well each eye works in it's self, this seems to be only the very top of the iceburg and having good vision goes waaaaaaaay srsly fucking way beyond this concept. it seems that if your vision isn't corrected by about 6months, you will be stuck with this discrepancy as you get older. Luckily, with some time and effort you can retrain your eyes to work together properly and the first step would be to see a Behavioral Optometrist and get a full evaluation. I can't even fully express how goddamn pissed I am that I just~ went to see an optometrist and hey didn't even say anything which i can only hope means he doesn't know anything about it, which is equally stupid. yeah, it effects all your motor control and well pretty much everything else. (I always knew there was a reason I could never draw a fucking circle properly)

The first link is a good start to resources and to find  BO near you and the second is a cool site that has a bunch of excersises that help a bunch although lasting effects will probably  require the help of a pro.

Anyway, this is like the biggest bullshit I've ever not known about so go learn about it, it may just solve all your problems.


Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago 0
*nods*There are many things like this that are not widely known. Certain eye movements that strengthen the muscles and can help shift the eye shape a bit to improve vision is another. I remember getting glasses at 6 and on the drive home seeing leaves on trees for the first time. I didn't know trees were not green shifting blobs before that.
Zaildark 2 years ago 0
eye shape only controls the individual focus. Right eye tells your brain whats going on, left eye tells your brain how it's going on. if they don't team properly you'll be missing bits and pieces of info at any one time which effects everything from recording anything and everything that comes across your field of vision to your memory recall. when you imagine things, if your eyes don't work together you will have trouble seeing and knowing in the same way, which affects the amount of emotional impact anything may have. It also affects everything from motor control of your entire body to hearing and smell/taste.
Dasher Cheetah 2 years ago 0
Interesting and you are right about the execizes. I do have a little familiarity on this tho. Strokes took about 40% of my sight and it is difficult at times to see things. *shrugs* Not much to do about it but the best I can.