19 Feb 2012

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Posted 19 Feb 2012 23:27
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A chance metting

Amilia meets her beloved Desmond and go to their first date

 Amilia was walking along the streets of the newley erected town that her and her brothers. She was able to slip away from her brothers to explore. She was suppose to be in the main hall to talk to people, but she was awfully bored and Sano seemed to always make better choices than her. She had smiled a bit as she had went around the market, looking at all the delicoius food and the jewels and trinkets people sold on the sides of the rock road. She was looking at some jewlery when she heard a ruckus. Her ear flicked towards the sound first and then her head snapped to it. A large dragon was trying to pick a fight with a fox that was just an ince or so smaller than her. The fox was wearing a dark green coat that went just ot his tail with a higher colar, he had an energy rifle on his back and a pair of what looked like katanas. He had green eyes from what she could tell, wore a pair of jeans and had no under shirt but a fluffy white chest, and soft brown messy hair. He was glareing at the dragon. The dragon was laughing at him "Your so fucking short, no way could to even take me down shrimp". Ami had started to walk towards them, she knew this dragon, he liked to be a bully and be mean to people in general.

"Hey, what's going on?" she had asked them. The fox blinked and his whole additude change "Hi, I'm Desmond, this guy here was just trying to pick on me is all". Desmond had given a shrug then and kept looking at Ami. Ami only tilted her head, she had to admit, he looked adorable and sexy at the same time. She could sleep his blood flowing through his vains too though, makeing he want a good drink of blood.

"The fuck are you doing here bitch, your ass should be on that fucking throne of yours, so called helping people with cap, ha, if you ask me, your just a fucing lasy ass whore" the dragon said. Ami only rolled her eyes but Desmond had taken out his rifle and pointed at the dragon.

"You have the count to five to apologive to the lovely lady for saying suching things about her before I turn your fucking ass in to dust" Desmond demanded and threatened of him. Descome had slowly started to count, loading up the rifle for it to fire it's most powerful shot, to be sure he would turn to dust. The dragon had laughed, but as Descond got closer and closer to five, he had died off his laughter and quickly had apologized to Ami and ran off. Desmond had watched him go off, disarming the rifle and putting it back on to his back.

"I'm sorry he said such things to you sweet lady" Desmond had said and bowed to her. Ami giggled "My name is Amilia, but call me Ami white knight, and thank you for defending me". Desmond had strightened himself then and smiled kindly "I'm honored to meet a royal, but I would imagine you would be up int he palace helping people". Ami had only shrugged at his words "My brothers can handle them all, and I belive Sano can make better chices than I". Desmond had nodded at her words and raised a paw for her own "May I take the lady for a little meal and a chat?" Ami had giggled in turn, blushing a little and put her paw in his "Yes you may". The pair had walked off for some food and and a lovely chat.