20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 00:29
Last edited 03 Jan 2013 08:03
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My life as a furry (Surprises And Crush’s Part 2)

#9 of My life as a furry

[Go to chapter 1]

Here it is part 9 enjoy! :3

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{Change of point of view} < Reading>


My life as a furry


(Surprises And Crush's Part 2)



Ian walked into the dorm building and up the stairs deep in thought about how he had been behaving around Luan. 'Could I have a crush on him?' Ian thought. When he entered his room he played on his laptop for a while. He got thirsty so he left the room and headed to the vending machine. But before he could get down stairs he heard a noise from behind the door of the closedown shower room. He opened the door and walked in, the room reeked of sex. When Ian turned the corner he gasped as he saw Casy and Tony naked Casy's penis was inside Tony's backside.



"Um sorry for barging in." Blurted Ian



Then he ran out of the shower room.



"Ian wait!" Screamed Tony


"We can explain!" Screamed Casy



Ian ran back to his room and shut the door breathing heavily. When his thoughts came back to him he noticed he was not alone in the room, Ethan was there.



"You look like you were running from Ray." Commented Ethan


"Not Ray, Tony and Casy" Said Ian out of breath


"Why?" Asked Ethan


"I saw Casy having sex with Tony in the dorm showers." Ian blurted out


"What!" Ethan Yelled in surprise


"Are you sure that you saw them doing it together and not having a threesome?" Ethan questioned


"I'm positive." Ian exclaimed


"I never would guessed." Ethan mummerd


"Same here." Ian mentioned








Ian awoke from a knock at the door, when he opened it he saw Casy standing there. Ian instantly knew why he was there by the look on his face. The look said I need to explain my self, so Ian motioned him to go into the closed down restroom/showers so they would not disturb Ethan.


"Look I'm sorry you had to find out that way, I was not planning on sleeping with him it just happened. We were curios and when the topic of virginity's came up ..." Explained Casy panicking


"Its ok I forgive you." Ian cut in (but still sincere)


"But I don't know if Ethan will do so as easily." Ian added


"He knows too?" Groaned Casy


"I'm sorry I told him while I was still in shock." Ian apologized


"Its fine it wouldn't feel right keeping it a secret from my friends anyways." Said Casy reassuringly


"Isn't it ironic that we are talking about this in the place that it started?" Ian pointed out


"It is." Agreed Casy



"Well good night." Said Casy


"Night" Replied Ian



The both went back to their rooms and fell asleep.




[Next Day (Breakfast Time)]



The group of friends sat at a table in the lunchroom enjoying their breakfast and talking. Casy and Tony told the group what had happened last night and they were shocked but they also understood.



"So what dose this mean you guys are bi?" Asked Ethan


"We don't know yet." They said at the same time


"Are you guys going to date?" Teased Ethan



Ian smacked the back of Ethan's head and said; "Don't tease" and Ethan said "Sorry" and rest of the group just laughed.



"Ian may I ask you a favor?" Luan asked


"Sure what is it?" Ian responded


"Well... I was going to go to a party but you need a partner to get in... can you go with me on Sunday?" Luan asked nervously


"Sure why not." Answered Ian


"Thanks" Luan said with his special smile (The one that makes Ian blush)


'That smile, why do I blush every time I see it? Do I love him that much?' Thought Ian


"Ill text you the address later." Luan said interrupting his thoughts


"Okay will I have to wear anything fancy?" Asked Ian


"Just wear something casual" Replied Luan


"Okay" Cheered Ian



*Bell ringing*



The group went to their classes. Ian and Max went to English, Tony and Ethan went algebra, Tammy, Yumi, and Luan went to Art, and Casy went to Health. In class Ian could not stop thinking about the party on Sunday. He could not wait, Ian spent the rest of the school day thinking about how to impress Luan.







Ian walked out of the dorm showers (Which are now fixed) in a white bathrobe and walked to his room and shut the door. He walked to his dresser and opened one of the drawers and pulled out a pair of underwear and puts them on.

Then Ian opened another drawer and pulled out a pair of blue skinny jeans and put them on. Yet again he opened another drawer and pulled out a well fitting black turtleneck and a thin blue jean jacket and puts them on and was out the door.






When Ian got there Luan was waiting at the door. He walked to him and grated him, Ian was nervous but he was not going to let that stop him from having fun. They entered the building, after a while they started dancing and then drinking.

They both were having fun, Ian even more so since he had a crush on Luan.  Before the night ended Luan had gotten drunk, Ian noticed this and said "Its time to go home." and pulled him out the door and back to the dorms.

 Ian unlocked Luan's door and helped him to his bed. Ian was about walk to the door when he felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked to find it was Luan's. Before Ian could say anything Luan pressed his lips against his for a second he stood there shocked then pulled back when he felt him grab his buttock.


[To be continued]


[Next chapter]

Top comments:

love_gabumon 2 years ago 2
u need to paragraph this chapter a lot, i got lost a few time, but gd sorry though
MrTroodon 2 years ago 2
Good but, could have been better, don't get me wrong I love your story
Can't wait for the next one :)

All comments:

love_gabumon 2 years ago 2
u need to paragraph this chapter a lot, i got lost a few time, but gd sorry though
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago 1
Sorry it was a rush job cause im very busy.
MrTroodon 2 years ago 2
Good but, could have been better, don't get me wrong I love your story
Can't wait for the next one :)
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago 1
Sorry i had to rush with this chapter because i was very busy the next chapter will look better, anyways thanks for commenting its nice to have others opinion so i can improve. :3
Last one 2 years ago 1
Interesting, I wait for your new story! 5/5
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago 1
Im happy you like it.
Cbc0408 2 years ago 2
The story is very intersting! Good job! :3
Bell_the_gaomon 2 years ago 1
Thank you
Cbc0408 2 years ago 1
But I still can't believe that THAT happened to you xD