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20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 01:10
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The Book Signing Debacle

Not having subbed this was beggining to get on my nerves. It's... basically done... I neglected completing it. Ended up spending the night cuddling with a friend. With assloads of homework ahead and my literature class kicking my ass, I guess I should just be satisfied I got this far. I'll finish it, touch it up, and resub as soon as I get a chance, then get back to working on the other stories I've prepared.

Anyways, thank you for being patient. Don't forget to fav/watch/comment, I love feedback and it's always appreciated :) 




It's another cold day. Something I've grown used to after moving up here. The mountains tend to be cold at night year round, but I honestly didn't expect the days to be so shitty. I moved up here for school. This place I supposed to be a party town but I tend to find myself staying home these days more often than not. I mean honestly, why should I go out and get wasted every night? It's not something I enjoy doing. I hate hangovers. I hate the taste of beer. I'd rather just stay in. Really, I guess I'd rather find a boyfriend. But I guess one of those things requires coming out. I guess I should probably explain further. I'm gay. I'm pretty regular though, I don't feel gay. I just love the cock. I've fucked a fur, been fucked, played around with my best friend, had sex with a girl. The last one isn't very gay, I was pretty curious that week. I still think vagina is disgusting but to each their own I guess. I mean if I was walking around with GOD HATES THIS signs, I'd run out of trees for signs. I'm pretty sure there's a bible verse for just about anything people say god said he didn't like.

I remember when I hit puberty and my sex drive magically appeared. It's pretty generic but I think my desire for boy furs was fueled by fucking around with my best friend. I didn't know what we were doing but I liked it. Now I'm a college fur with no direction beyond a career idea. Though, I have gotten into reading more often. Mostly philosophical works that transcend ideas my mind can grasp. But the fun in reading them is that I can't understand them. That probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's what helps me sleep at night.

But yeah, not much up here beyond the parties and air headed students. I'd love to take jabs at people relying on daddy's money, but I'm one of them to an extent... So even though I do have loans, I can't really say anything. I'm just going to try to focus on the week ahead. Class and a workout... come to think about it, there's actually a book signing for my favorite author this week. Supposedly the fur sticks around and talks to the people afterwards, and is gay. Yes, that is where I'd like this to go, and he's a fairly good looking canine. Not sure of which sort. It's just what I've been told by people on the online community I look at occasionally for more reads. While I can't promise anything special I really just want to see what the fur is like in real life. So i'll probably end up going to that. I'm so accustomed to living in the south it's not often I get to meet a real live gay! I guess that's a bit of sarcasm... There's furs around here and I guess I'm sort of rambling now, but I figure now is a better time than ever.


I had a pretty fucking regular week 'til the book signing. I'm not gonna lie, I am kind of pissed. I went to the signing, clearly I guess... The fur was a complete prick. I've never met somebody more full of themselves. It's after, he's just hanging out in the bookstore, taking questions, whatever. Well, I asked him what made him want to write and how could a fur like me get into doing something like what he does. He responded smugly, "A fur like you? What kind of fur are you? You look like you might be a bit of a fag. I don't know if somebody like you could write work like mine without a more masculine mindset." I was dressed fairly well. I guess. But I hadn't even given it a second thought. Not in a way that it could make me look less heterosexual... or more... whatever... I felt neutral... But he pissed me off. And I hit him. Then said, "How is that for masculine you prick?"

Did you know that book signings have police enforced security sometimes? Or nearby police? So I had to call my best friend to bail me out with money from my hidden stash under my underwear. I enjoyed the 30 minute scolding on the ride back to my place from the county jail. Mildly embarrassing. I told her why I got so worked up. Something to the effect of he called me a faggot. Katie is a smart cat, and a psychology student and can read me like a book. Deadly mix for emotional me. She looked at me plainly and said, "Well... are you?..." The car got quiet. I looked at the floor. I think she had her answer. But that didn't mean she wasn't done prying. "Will..."... I didn't respond. "Will...?"... I was pretty choked up. You know, when if you say anything it'll come out broken because you feel like you're about to cry from emotion. "Dude... Will... Really? Like... For serious?"... She didn't say anything to me the rest of the ride.

We got back to our chilled apartment. I don't really know how she felt. We don't know that many gay people, other than the girls who kiss girls while they're shit faced. And maybe a flamer here and there. But our school is fairly large, and it's not like we're seeking out the gays I guess. I'm still not sure what she's thinking. She hasn't said anything to me in a day. But I've been pinned up in my room. I need to go drink. I don't normally, but this is definitely a bar kind of Saturday night. I just need to get gone and put myself into a mood where nothing matters. For the record, I do not condone drinking away your sorrows. But sometimes, you just don't give a fuck.


Me drinking. It's embarrassing shite. I don't recall the night at all. The few people I was with had to recap it for me. I felt like I'd just turned 21 again while being retold. Oh, and it turns out Katie was okay with it. Or just ignoring it, because we hadn't bar hopped in ages and she was up for some fun. Or she's a closet alcoholic and just loves to drink.  

We took a cab out to bar street. The place is always elaborately themed based on the next coming holiday. Valentines day in the middle of January... it's pretty I guess, but christ. Just gag me so I don't vomit from the overflowing cuteness everywhere. Pink streamers. Girls with cupid wings walking about. I guess do whatever it takes to stand out. Or make money... there's a stand for wings... I laughed to myself and kept walking. 

We went into the first bar and started a tab. I'm friends with the bartender and I always tip well. And have the parental credit card handy, so Katie and I are loved. Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots. Shots. And then it gets fuzzy... Apparently I asked for some sort of fruity drink and she called me a fag and laughed. I don't know where that cat gets her tolerance for this shit, but according to her she was still fine and had just become my baby sitter. Until I called her a bitch and walked into the bathroom and didn't come out. Bitch always gets sensitive if you call her a bitch.

So there's about an hour or two of time unaccounted for. I phase back in, have a shot, piss in a corner unnoticed, then pay and walk out. I get to the next bar and phase back out. As I'm told by my friend David who saw me at the bar and noted I was alone- I started talking with a lion with a black eye. Supposedly, for a drunk I'm fairly intelligent. A lot of big words, slightly slurred speech. If I didn't have the smell of alcohol and the lean of a legless fur I could've passed for sober. I asked the fur if he was a boxer or something and mentioned something about him having nice muscles as my friend tells me. Then the fur said he'd help me get back to my apartment.

I phase back in for a moment and find myself in a cab seated beside an attractive lion. It took me a moment to realize who it was. I guess I was too drunk for the shock, because I went right back out into zombie mode. We went back up to his hotel room. In my drunken stupor I'd become a dominant top and as soon as we got in the door I shoved the lion to the bed. I attempted to shed my clothes but needed help, and received it. Then forced the lion on my cock. 


So yeah. All in all, an okay week I guess. Came out to a friend... sort of... Got arrested... Went out and drank too much causing blackouts. But all that really matters is that I got to plug the guy that pissed me off. Taking my frustration out on his ass just made me feel better. I've always been a fan of poetic justice and I know that guy had that coming to him, even if he did enjoy it


So there's the weekend sub, finally. Once again, sorry for the wait. Life's just been too busy. Just subbing this, is cutting into time I really should be spending doing reading but this one I've just wanted to upload for the entire past week or so >.>... Anyways, I hope everybody enjoyed it, and that you furs are had a good weekend. 

White Whiskers 2 years ago 0
awesome sauce! I love it! XD its a pity that you dont have more time to write, I'd love to read some more.
amish doctor 2 years ago 0
even though i really like it like this, i wanted to finish it out. probably an author's tmi, but the reason i can't finish the last part isn't just so much the free time, i just can't bring myself to writing something of that nature atm, and i do not want the writing to be forced.
White Whiskers 2 years ago 0
ah i see. well thens, glad to know the real problem isn't time. ITS YOU! haha JK :P but still, its interesting none the less. and yes! forced writing sucks! DX
amish doctor 2 years ago 0
it's a mix, i haven't had time to do it, but when i finally did after exams and everything i could not think of a single thing to write. .-.''
White Whiskers 2 years ago 0
The stress is what makes you think. :P
amish doctor 2 years ago 0
lmfao, maybe. but i have another exam in a week, if that were the case i would be oh so ready :P
White Whiskers 2 years ago 0
amish doctor 2 years ago 0
hmmm... if there's a hurricane in the next week, i apologize... i tend to have delayed results.

but, i think i'm shifting back towards being able to write. i'd be writing now, but i'm with a friend watching him playing xbox... i might start writing anyways.
White Whiskers 2 years ago 0
haha nice! XD

yay! more writing that's not forced! >0<
Schiron 2 years ago 0
Awsome read, you always know how to portray it in a manner anyone can read with ease.
Also the ending aint a problem, and I agree with you both. pushed writing is bad... although somtimes that is what a story needs to break a barrier.

Keep up the good work Amish :P
amish doctor 2 years ago 0
Thank you :)

I think this was my favorite one to write/reread so far. I think it was the part where his best friend found out he was gay. She was just so calm about it. ahah. I enjoy writing things when I'm fairly tired, it makes the read more interesting for me, when I'm proofreading i usually feel as if I'm reading for the first time. Creativity tends to strike around 4-5 am, but lately, i haven't been able to stay up that late. school and what not.
Schiron 2 years ago 0
No Problem Amish :P

Yeah, I am able to be up whenever at the moment due to not having a job still >.> I swear they hate me :P
*waves paw* anywho back on track,
I think that part gave the character a more of a relatable feel, since he was shy and didn't answer basicly with words. But rather with simply not answering.

As for the night creativity, I once heard of a saying dealing with the night/moon having an effect on creativity. just like it does with the ocean, and the full moon having an effect on the rise of suicides when it is above. *waves paw* sry I keep deviating... anywho it was about a crecent moon I think and yeah... don't know if it was really facts, or somthing I heard from a movie :P but in the end you never know what can influence you :P

Sry for babbling >.> and sry for the late reply :P
amish doctor 2 years ago 0
Yeah, I think that's why I enjoyed that part. It could be a lunar type thing. It would make some sense. I think it might have something to do with the gravity difference.... if it can change tides, whose to say it can't affect people :D

haha, no problem at all ^^ I just enjoy the feedback