20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 05:39
Last edited 20 Feb 2012 05:43
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Retro MeltDown

VOCALOID IS AWESOME. I used Len Kagamine Power append to do this. Its a retro Mix of Rin Kagamines MeltDown

Warning the start is really loud XD

dragon1890 2 years ago 0
OI you were NOT kidding about the start being REALLY LOUD!!!!!!!!!
Gurin 2 years ago 0
You were warned XP
Zentrakendyre 1 year ago 0
heard louder starts
although i think i said this earlier before the site update
Yukari Onodera 2 years ago 0
Vocaloid is awesome! XD
Gurin 2 years ago 1
Heck Yeah :D
Xash 2 years ago 0
better then my first attempt dude
Gurin 2 years ago 0
Thanks Buddy
Zentrakendyre 2 years ago 0
That is NOT loud enough to make me jump. Though, overall I like it. My mother would say otherwise. heh heh XD
Gurin 2 years ago 0
It made me jump and i was making it XP
Zentrakendyre 2 years ago 0
lol ;)