20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 07:25
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RW - V-day Contest Couple 04 - Teddy x Yula

Entry #4 for the February Raven Wolf Couple Contest. Teddy and Yula (this one is also the only male x male entry).

Got sick so this is a little bit late...

In January I announced a Raven Wolf couple contest, were readers of the 'Raven Wolf' novel and comic could throw out their favorite couples (be they cannon or head cannon) the four couples that were suggested would be listed and fans would then vote among those four to see who the top couple would be. The winning couple getting a special (cannon) chapter dedicated to exploring the relationship between the two.

The couples have been counted and the top four (in no particular order) are as follows.

Teddy x Iuana -
Dolly x Zack -
Yula x Eve -
Teddy x Yula - you are here

So show your support and vote for your favorites of the four. You are free to choose more than one if you would like (just don't pick all of them as that would defeat the purpose of the vote) and then check back when I announce the winner of the contest =)

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NicodemusMountainWulf 2 years ago 0
These are such the cutest!! XD
Kurapika 2 years ago 0
Thanks ^^ I really had a lot of fun making this set xD
Tyrse Styles 2 years ago 0
As much as I would find this to be the most interesting couple I'm sticking to my previous vote.......Even if that's one of the most adorable things iv ever seen.