20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 09:22
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Getting nervous, but excited

my new life in the land of the rising sun.

Well folks, it's almost time.  I'm going to be moving to Japan and living on my own for a while.  First time ever, still live with parents (hey it's cheap!).  A bit anxious at this point in time as my visa is still getting processed.  Also wondering if I'll live up to my own expectations over there.


Well, hopefully my suit gets finished while I'm over there.  I'd love to go suiting in Harajuku X).


That's it from me!


Apalanic 2 years ago 0
Questions are, how long and roughly which area? Tokyo or Kyoto? Osaka is supposed to be foriegner friendly. Gaijin is an ugly word by the way.
ozknine 2 years ago 0
I'm going to be in Okayama prefecture in a smaller town in the hills. About 4 hours drive to Osaka or 9hours to tokyo (bullet trains cut the time drastically). Yeah, I know all about the word Gaijin...just never really considered to take it personally (but that could be due to lack of not being there for a long period of time in the past).

oh, and I'm also going to be living there for one year.
Apalanic 2 years ago 0
Gaijin is one step away from nigger. Don't believe me? Flip it around and say to a Japanese person who refers to you as a gaijin that if they were in another country they'd be the gaijin and watch their face. You'll see that stoic face crack a little. :)

But anyway you'll be enjoying Yakatori and Takoyaki from the street vendors by the dozen. I wish I could learn another language. I'm a big anime fan and love the naruto series uncut and unreversioned of course but would love to understand the subtleties of the language of Japanese.

Working there? Get a part time tutoring job for big bucks but get paid up front for the X number of lessons. Basic rule of tutors in Japan.
ozknine 2 years ago 0
hmm. interesting. I'll keep that in mind. thanks.

Yeah, I'll definitely be trying out the local cuisine. And I'll be teaching in a school, so not too bad there :D.
Apalanic 2 years ago 0
Just remember to not wave your hands about when you talk. Reserved gesticulations and no pointing with a stabbing gesture with your fingers. Avoid the bath houses too, they aren't big on westerners. Avoid getting pissed off if you see a no westerners sign. There is a guy named debito (he has a website)that has some legal pointers on dealing with the law and your rights in Japan. Interesting thing to note is that there aren't many western women teaching English. I think that Tokyo had only 20 full time teachers and the others only lasted 6 months at a time. Check the work contracts carefully. And most places don't use the key money system for getting housing. I don't know if you've got that arranged yet. Also, do you have a name stamp? Oh on learning Japanese, did you learn from a man or a woman? The subtleties on how you've learned will be noticeable to the students and they may giggle at your speech pattern if you've learned with female based or taught linguistists . :) So do some checking on your pronunciation. And remember the shoes being taken off(and odor eaters). :)

Well from Adelaide to Southern Japan is quite a Journey? What prompted you to make the move ? You working through the Aeon Corporation for language teaching placement? What ages are you going to teach? High School?
ozknine 2 years ago 0
hey man thanks for that. I'll definitely check out Debito. Don't have a name stamp. and learnt from women during my first 3 years of Japanese and blokes in my senior years of high school.

I don't recall saying that I'm from Adelaide. I'm actually from North Queensland. I'm working through the Interac network. They're going to sort accommodation for me. And I'll be teaching both elementary school and Junior high school students.
Apalanic 2 years ago 0
Actually mentioning, in a previous Journal, an encounter on a "clothing optional" beach and the Australia reference put it together for me. There is only one legal nude beach in Australia and that is Maslins Beach in Adelaide South Australia. There are no others.

Well the linguistic variance of male and female Japanese expression and inflection will stand out. Remember this, sharp for male and longer smoother for female. That way you'll sound more gender appropriate to a genuine Japanese ear.

I don't know if you get SBS in Qld. but if you do listen to the Japanese news in the morning and you'll understand what I mean in hard and soft expression. Think of saying 'yes' in a short sharp way verses a slow rounded way e.g.'yees'. Actually English speakers do it too. Oh and did you get a degree or tertiary qualifications? Apparently that is a mandatory requirement. I remember hearing of people getting to Japan and finding they have no job because of that that.

debito dot org is the website for debito. He's a bit preachy about appropriate behavior. But legit. Also punch Interac into wiki to find controversy. Punching it into google as 'interac problems' for anything you have to watch out for. The insurance problems if you work less than 29.5 hours a week have to be solved. v Don't go there without it. Be careful with the doctors too. Apparently they can be a bit dumb diagnosing a problem.
ozknine 2 years ago 0
Ohh okay, yeah this beach was in WA and was a legit beach.

Hmm, that's interesting about the inflections of the voices. never really paid attention to that before. Yeah, I do get SBS and watch it as much as possible when the japanese news is on. But I never really noticed it as I was trying to understand what was being said.

No university qualifications as of yet, but I do have cert IV in TESOL. I am heading over there on a Work Experience Program.

Thanks for your info mate.
Apalanic 2 years ago 0
Hey man, It's been a while so I thought I'd finish the last reply with more info.

Firstly you bow deeply to show respect. The deeper the bow the more respect. Don't woodpecker it with multiple short head nods. Obama did this when he met the emperor or prime minister of Japan when he visited and that was criticized by the media a couple of years ago.

On the male verses female linguistic variance . Don't watch the news readers as the have a very formal non-tonal pronunciation of words as to be clear and concise to the viewers. Check the people being interviewed as to how they sound for a truer example.

Oh and you'll be watched by the kids and people to see if you do anything different. It might make it fun if you learn some magic tricks. ;) Making a pen or pencil appear out of thin air might be fun to play with with their observations. ;)

And practice how you are going to explain words that they ask you about. eg. The, By, So. Even in English they make you stop and really think about trying to explain them.

And cleaning your nose. Use tissues and carry a small hand sanitizer. Using a spray of nasal decongestant can help stop you using excessive amounts.

Avoid picking at your ears.

Get a bulk order of handkerchiefs. You can get a hundred of them for 44 bucks if you check for 'bulk order handkerchiefs' on the net. Carry a few around neatly ironed and folded. Remember they hardly ever use paper towels.

Oh yeah, how about a journal on your adventures in Japan.

I hope it goes well.
ozknine 1 year ago 0
hey mate. thanks for that. sorry its been so long to reply. my apartment has no internet. Yeah, I'm learning heaps. Its going great fun.

But yeah, thanks for all the tips. helped heaps. and I'll defs do a journal sooner or later.
Apalanic 1 year ago 0
Hey, that's cool ozknine. Well that's great you're there now. So how does it feel and how are the kids you're teaching? I bet a lot more polite. DON'T SCRATCH YOUR CROTCH! as much as I detest this it is even worse in Japan. And don't stick you finger in your mouth to pick food out of your teeth or between cheek and gums. Don't play with the chop sticks like a drum, it's very rude anbd inappropriate. .

I know it's a lot of don'ts but it is a conservative country.
ozknine 1 year ago 0
Kid's are great. JHS kids are all unenthusiastic, but that's to be expected. Also, I haven't been "kanchoed" yet. Which is a real bonus. Ahaha yeah, I know it's conservative. Probably why I like it though.
Apalanic 1 year ago 0
Kanchoed I gather means pranked or gotten at in the Japanese style by jamming a finger up your butt. How the heck this is a joke has baffled me. More like criminal assault. Remember the rugby player that got busted doing it repeatedly on the field a few years ago? I'd be more likely to grab the kid a piff him out the door.