20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 12:06
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Nyantendo Family Computer

[Nyantendo Family Computer]
FAMICOM Cat-roller!

"Come and play FAMICOM with me, nyaa~!"
- Nyantendo P2

Here's a fursonified FAMICOM controller. Her fur markings and the swimsuit are based on its design as well.

Here's her Player-1 partner:

And, no, don't make any "push button" jokes. =P

NOTE: I know that the controller of the FAMICOM is fixed to the console itself. Plus, since she's Player-2 I based her design from the Player-1 controller. Besides, I don't like the idea of having a volume slide and a mic to blow.


0.3-0.4 Signpen and 0.5 Gelpen on 11 x 8.5 Printer Paper.

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carlos_penguin 2 years ago 0
"And, no, don't make any "push button" jokes. =P"

Dam you! I was just going to, until I saw that :-p
White Whiskers 2 years ago 0
That so needs to be a real swimsuit! I would totally get that for my friends! XD and being the crazy people that they are, I know they would wear it. haha
Highbreedhunter 2 years ago 0
Just one question, got any ideas like that for the Super Famicom or Famicom 64?