20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 16:14
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New stuff. - Prices and what i do.

Pricelist and hello.

Heya. My name's Jencen. Am a Dragoo - Dragon/goo shapeshifting thing. I do pretty and shiny Laser engraving things. most of which are Furry related so will end up here ^_^ Here are some prices for stuff that i do. LED Stuffs DOGTAGS £10 MEDIUM BADGES £15 LARGE BADGES (Conbadge sized) £25 Choose from RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, UV PURPLE, PINK OR WHITE LEDs (Choose any TWO for the large badge) You can also have a colour changing fading LED for £2 extra per LED. (2 for the large badge) All come with ball chain and battery ALUMINIUM TAGS. Dogtags/Pet tags £5 for single sided or £7.50 for double. Come with choice of splitring or chain. Badgetags (Conbadge sized tags) - £15 for single sided £17.50 for double. Shipping is based on what you buy. Though rough guide for UK is £4 UK Courier and USA £8 for Royal mail £16 for courier I'll be attending and dealing at Confuzzled this year. so if you are going. drop in to the den and say HI!

RedHuskyStudio 2 years ago 0
you should post some pictures please
Funlaser 2 years ago 0
There are pictures already in my gallery. Will be adding more over the next few weeks.