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20 Feb 2012

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Bitten- Prologue

Still a work in progress and is definitely subject to change

 The crunching of my feet smashing into the dirt was so loud that I could not notice any other movement around me. The wind whipped in my face as the moon shined brightly above. Smells of pine and freshly churned soil engulfed my nose. I was running as fast as I could, my feet barely touching the ground.

      It was exhilarating. I had never been able to move so quickly; or run on all fours before? It was like I was some kind of animal.  It felt strange, but at the same time, I loved it.

    After becoming tired I started to look for water. I searched around, panting, my tongue hanging lazily out of the side of my mouth.  After some time I was getting frustrated and was close to giving up, but then I heard it. The sound of rushing water was not too far away.

    I moved down the river until I came to some calm water, figuring it would be easier to drink and less risky to fall in. I leaned over to drink when I saw it. There staring back at me were the glowing green eyes of a black wolf.

    "That explains a lot" I thought to myself.

     Gazing down where my hands should be; I saw two large black paws, which I experimentally clawed into the dirt. My claws made marks in the ground without much difficulty at all. There came a thumping noise coming from behind me that caught my attention. I looked behind me to see a tail thumping the ground behind me in excitement.

      I looked back to the water admiring my lupine form, when I heard a rustling sound from a nearby bush behind me.

      Curiosity got a hold on me. I wanted to know what was hiding there. I sniffed the air, but couldn't recognize the scent. Hoping it could be something I could eat; I stuck my snout into the bush and was caught by surprise when something bit me in the face.  I jumped yelping in pain, blood dripping from a gash on nose. I backed off like a frightened puppy with my tail between my legs.

      I stood there dumbfounded as she moved out of the bushes. Her fur was as white as snow, and her amber eyes glowed as she looked me over me. Being as cautious as possible, she began to approach me. I was a stranger to her so it was no surprise.
      "Who are you?"

      It was as if she was speaking in clear English. I froze; it was strange to hear words come from the mouth of a wolf.

     "Lucas" I said nervously

      She began to lick the blood off my nose. She must have felt bad for biting me on the face. She had been trailing me all night, trying to keep a close eye on me while I invaded her territory.  

     As soon as she finished, she got up and began to move back into the woods.
  "Follow me." she said
    She took as fast as her feet could carry her. I was hesitant but I followed. We went deep into the woods. I tried desperately to keep up with her, it wasn't easy, and she had to slow down several times to allow me to catch her. It seemed to take forever but finally we arrived at a dark cave.

    We made our way inside. I was scared; there was no clue as to what would happen