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Bitten- Chapter 3

WIP, Definitely subject to change

Chapter 3

The New Pack


Morning, had last night been a dream? It had all seemed too real. I woke to the sun, shining brightly in my face, blinding me as I went to push myself off the cold dirt underneath me. Jerry was sitting by the fire, still a werewolf. I watched him, by the looks of it he wasn't able to resist looking himself over, getting to know his new form. There was a look of sadness on his face.

"Jerry, are you okay? I asked

"Yeah, I think so," he said hesitating. "Except, look at me."

"What? All I see is my brother, sitting here sulking."I said

"Yeah right, look at me! I'm a freaking werewolf! I'm a monster!"

"No we're not," Sky was standing therein her werewolf form. "We're anything but monsters. You'll come to accept what you are in no time. Look at Lucas, he's already come to terms with it."

"She's right bro, you're not alone. She changed me as well." I said

"But you still look human" he said.

"Nope not anymore.    Apparently I have a knack for shifting, she taught me how to turn back to human last night and I picked it up pretty quickly." I said

Sky began to shift back to her human form, her bones popping as her body shrank back down to size.  As she dressed, Jerry and I couldn't help but to stare.

"Like I told you're brother last night, modesty does not exist for a werewolf. Don't worry you'll get used to it," Said Sky sitting down on the ground next to Jerry. "First thing I need to do is teach you how to use your new abilities. You both noticed that your senses are sharper yes?

We both nodded.

                "Good, first thing I need to teach you is how to shift between forms. Jerry I need to start with you. I want you to remember what it was like to be human, just think about it and hold it long enough, your body should do the rest on its own. It's that simple." Said Sky, "and besides, the last thing we need is a human encountering us in our other forms"

                "Okay I'll give it a try" he closed his eyes and began to concentrate. Within seconds he began to shrink down and become more human like, until finally he stood there, naked as the day he came into this world. He hurried and covered himself; it was kind of funny actually. "Umm, where are my swim shorts?

                "Torn to shreds from your change," Said Sky, pointing to the tattered clothes on the ground

Jerry rushed over and grabbed them, putting them on, only covering his front.

 "I went back to your camp this morning to grab each of you a set of clothes. I figured the both of you would need them later. But right now we need to get to work. The two of you have learned how to shift into your human form, so now we need to work on shifting into your anthro form, in other words your werewolf form.

                I was excited, the complete opposite of how I had felt before. The more used to the idea of being a werewolf became, the more excited I was about it. I wanted to know more, and it showed. I couldn't stand still. I could never get excited about anything until now.

                "The next thing I am going to teach you is to shift into your anthro form. There are two ways to do this, however one of them is too dangerous," Sky said. "The first shift of a new werewolf is always the most painful, as you probably found out last night. However, the more often they do it the less painful it becomes." She stripped down to nothing and threw her clothes over to a nearby tree before shifting into her anthro form. "To change to your anthro form at will, all you have to do is to think about being in that form, and then let your body do the rest."

                It was as simple as she said, I could feel my body change as I held the thought of changing forms, and the pain was there but not nearly as bad as the night before. Soon enough I was standing there again, as a werewolf.

                I looked over to Jerry to see him completing his change; the both of us were successful in our commanded shifts. I was proud of the both of us.

                                Sky looked over at us, a smile on her face, "good, you guys are picking this up pretty quickly. This is the safest method of shifting.  The other way a shift can happen is anger, however this is dangerous because it is easy to lose control.  If you ever feel angry enough that you start to lose control and begin to shift, the best thing to do would be to get the hell out of there before things get too out of hand. I have seen terrible things happen because a new werewolf got angry enough that they lost control."

We looked at her, fear on our faces. "What happened," I asked.

"He went on a rampage, it took a lot to stop him." She said.

"Him?" I asked.

"My younger brother, shortly after his first shift he got into an argument with my father about which one of us would take lead of the pack as Alpha after my parents were gone. My father chose me. He got so angry that he lost control and shifted. We got lucky that no one was killed." She let out a sigh. "If the two of you think that you are ready, we can move on to teaching you how to shift into your feral form."

                "You mean the form I regular wolf form I saw you shift into last night?" I asked

                "Yup, that's right" she replied


                "For this form, you let your instincts take control while still clinging to human thought, and once again your body should take over and do the rest."

                I let it all go, and let my instincts take over, and I could feel my body shrink down and change shape. I was forced down to standing on all four limbs, and my point of view was lower than I was used to.  It was awkward.  The change was quick, and had only lasted about ten seconds. Jerry had shifted into this same form and was sitting there, wagging his tail happily.  I tried to speak, but the only things that came out were barks and growls.

                "I should've mentioned that it takes practice to learn to speak in that form. Try aiming your thoughts at me, we should be able to communicate that way"

<Like this?> I asked.

< Just like that>, she said

I could hear her voice, but her mouth wasn't moving.

<Jerry can you hear me?> I asked

<I can! That is so cool!> he exclaimed

Sky shrank down to her wolf form. "We usually use this form and method of communicating when we go hunting because it is more efficient to chase down prey. Speaking of which are you guys hungry?"

My stomach started growling, I nodded in agreement.

"So am I. I think it's time to go for a hunt, c'mon." She ran into the woods, we followed close behind.

It was just like my dream. The wind in my fur, the dirt being kicked up by my paws as I ran among the trees, it felt natural.

We ran for what seems like miles until we came to a clearing. I could smell something nearby, and by the looks of it so did Sky.

<Deer have come through here, not long ago either,> she said. She sniffed at the air again attempting to determine the direction of the scent.  <This way!> She darted forward again, the two of us at her heels. She seemed to know what she was doing, we trusted her.

We ducked into nearby bushes when we saw it. A ten point buck, my instincts told me to chase it down, but I was able to restrain myself. I waited for Sky's command.

<When I give the signal move in,> she said before starting to move in slowly, trying not to make too much noise. We watched her as she moved toward our prey, quickly and silently. She darted out and started to chase it down. <Move in!> She yelled.

The two of us darted out of the bushes and started to make our way toward the deer. We nipped at its hind legs whenever we got close enough. 

< Take it by the legs! I'll go for the throat!> Yelled sky, short on breath.

< Jerry take the left! I'll take the right!> I yelled.

< Got it!>he replied as he as he snapped at the deer, only inches in front of him.

 I ran as hard as I could, attempting to keep up. I managed to get a hold on the deer's right leg, a getting kicked with the other, and getting knocked to the ground dragging the deer down with me.  Sky grabbed it at the throat and ripped it open, spilling blood all over the ground. It stopped moving.

< Good job guys.> said Sky < now we can eat.>

< Don't we cook it first?> Jerry asked.

<Really?> I asked him.

< Just eat it.> Sky said, there was some laughter in her voice.

Sky and I decided to dig in right away. It was like nothing I had ever tasted. It tasted good, and the fact that I had helped catch it made it taste even better. < Come on Jerry, dig in, it tastes awesome.>

He reluctantly started eating. I don't think he liked the idea of eating uncooked meat, even if it was fresh.

< You're right, this is tasty.> he started to scarf it down. The two of us were starving, not having eaten since the day before. Hunting and chasing down your own food can build up an appetite. Between the three of us, we had polished off at least half of it. We rested for a while after having our fill. We were too full to move, but after a while we decided it was time to leave.

< Can't let this go to waste.> Sky shifted into her anthro form and slung the deer over her shoulders. "Let's head back, let's walk I'm too full too run."

Jerry and I followed her back to the camp, still in our feral forms. It took a while to walk the few miles, feeling sluggish with our stomachs full of fresh meat.  We decided to stop at mine and Jerry's camp to pick up our gear on the way back. 

When we arrived the two of us shifted back into our human forms and gathered our gear. Our packs still remained inside the tents where we left them. We went through our bags and grabbed some shorts to throw on. I grabbed my cell phone out of the outer pocket. I flipped it open, '3 MISSED CALLS'. I scrolled through them. All three calls were from home.

"Crap" I thought to myself, "we're in trouble." I climbed out of the tent and handed the form to Jerry. "Jerry, you may want to give Mom and Dad a call"

"Damn, they're going to kill me," he said taking the phone and walking toward the trees so he could get some privacy.

While he talked with our parents, Sky and I worked at getting the tent and sleeping bags packed up and ready to go.

"Sky? What are we going to do now?" I asked

"I was hoping to go with you guys, I go where my pack goes. I can find a place to stay close by."She said

"Why don't you come stay with us, I'm sure Jerry and I can convince our parents to let you." I said.

"Are you sure that you want me too?" She asked.

"Yeah, I don't think Jerry and I can do this on our own."

"Alright, maybe I will."

Jerry returned a minute later. He tossed my phone back to me and I shoved it into my pocket. "Yeah they were kind of angry with us for not calling," he said. "I did manage to calm them down though, told them we met up with someone and lost track of time."

 "Well we were supposed to be back by noon," I said.

. I told them we would be home tomorrow afternoon at the latest. Sky, you're coming home with us," he said, "I convinced them to let you stay with us for at least a couple days."

"What made you think of that?" I asked

"I could hear you talking you know."

After gathering our things, we returned to Sky's camp, spending the rest of our evening in our anthro forms, eating roasted venison and telling stories about our past.  We talked about her life with her pack, including retelling the story of how her pack was slaughtered by a person she thought was a friend. Jerry and I now truly understand why she turned us, she was lonely, the last of her pack. We were her new family, we would be there for her.

The night grew late, so we shifted into our feral forms and attempted to go to sleep. We were going home tomorrow. "How would we explain things to Mom and Dad?" This was the only thought that occupied my mind as I settled in for the night, my head resting on my paws. I would worry about that in the morning.