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Bitten- Chapter 4

This chapter ended up a little short.

WIP, Definitely Subject to change

Chapter 4



When we went home, we had to tell my parents about me and Jerry. We tried to do it as calmly as possible. Needless to say that they didn't take it too well, when we showed them what Jerry and I had become, out mom passed out and fell to the floor in shock. They were more shocked than anything.

 After the initial shock, things seemed to calm down pretty quickly. Sky was quite good with words. She was able to convince them that things were going to be okay. Of course she left out certain things when she answered any questions they had for her. Some things would have only scared them even further. They would ask simple questions. Things were going well, or at least I had thought.

            "What about the full moon, does it really cause you to change." our mom would ask.

            "It's a myth" said Sky, "although, the urge to is strong."

            " Really?" Mom sat down on the brown leather of our couch. "Here is the real question, how do we know that we will be safe with you around? I mean look at what you did for my sons."

Sky could barely look my mom in the face, "I would do anything to make it up to you, including protecting you and your family."

            "Protect us from what? She asked

            "From anyone that attempts to hurt you. I turned your sons into what they are, this makes them my family, and in turn makes you my family. I will do anything to protect family.

            Finally after much convincing, my parents decided that she could still stay with us for a while. They were still skeptical but they would get over it sooner or later. Surprisingly they even allowed Jerry and I to move into the same room so Sky could have her own. We used to share a room before so it wouldn't be anything new to us.

Dinner that night was even awkward, Sky had insisted on shifting down to her feral form and eating on the floor. Jerry and I didn't seem to mind, the shock was gone for us. Our parents however were a different story, and could not help but stare at her as she ate.

<Why do our parents keep staring at me like I'm gonna go after them or something> She asked us, focusing her thoughts in our heads.

"They'll get used to this whole thing, I promise" I whispered to her, trying not to be heard by Mom and Dad.

< What if they don't?>

"We have to hope that they will" said Jerry. "For the time being I suggest that you eat as a human with us at the table, would probably help to ease the tension."

<okay> she said before heading upstairs to her room to shift and dress.

Things remained quiet for the first minute or so that she was gone.  Until our Dad turned to us and asked, "Are you two really okay with this? I mean this isn't something you'd ever expect to happen, ever."

"I don't know," I said. " So far this has been pretty cool, I mean to be able to change into an animal, I've only dreamt about it."

"And what about her? Is she really trustworthy? Plus you barely even know her, I mean you met her in the middle of the woods, and she attacked you two."

Jerry let out a sigh. "We were angry with her at first, but she helped us cope. She taught us how to control it, and even how to hunt. Being a werewolf isn't something we'd expect to ever experience. Because of her we could."

Our mom remained quiet, she had nothing to say.

"Lucas, how do you feel about this?"

"I actually feel the same way. This whole thing has been exhilarating. Plus since we met her, she has actually been like the sister we never had."

"Sister! What kind of person attacks someone that they consider family?"

"Dad, It's complicated." I replied

"Complicated, She ruined your lives! She turned you into monsters."

"She may have changed us, but you know what? It's not you that has to deal with this." I yelled angrily.

"Lucas! Calm down! Control your anger before you end up shifting. Your eyes have already changed." Jerry looked as if he were ready to lunge at me when he said this.

I couldn't take it anymore, I walked upstairs to my room slamming the door and locking it behind me. I stripped down to nothing and shifted into my anthro form before jumping out the window. I needed some time to think, right now I needed to get out of there. I wanted to kill something, anything, and I preferred it not to be someone or something I cared about.

 I ran into the woods behind the house, shifting down even further into my feral form. It was so difficult to do that I kept tripping over my own paws as I attempted it. I ran until I couldn't anymore.

I couldn't believe I had gotten so angry with my father that the thought of attacking him entered my mind. I let my anger get the best out of me. The only thing I could do was to let out a howl of sorrow. The howl was returned several minutes later.

Sky joined me not too long after. I realized that must have been her that had answered me, only moments before.

<What happened?> I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was worried.

<I lost it!> I said almost screaming.  <I got angry and I am almost shifted right in front of them.>

<What got you so angry?> She asked.

< I guess it was because my Dad doesn't trust you. And the fact that he called us monsters was only icing on the cake.>

<It's gonna take some time for them to understand.>

<This whole thing sucks, Why can't this just be easy?>I asked

<Because they are only human, Humans aren't known for understanding things that are out of the ordinary. It takes them a while.> her words seemed to say she had some experience with this type of matter.

<It was what he said about you that made me angry the most.>

< Well, how do you feel about me?> she asked

< I barely know you, but I swear I feel like there is some sort of connection between us. Like I would put my life on the line for you.>

< A bond, I feel it too. Like we are meant to be together.> She said

            <Should we follow through with it? He was right I d barely know you> It felt weird to want to be with her.

            < To a wolf that doesn't matter. We can talk about this later. Come on we should get back to the house before people notice that you are gone>

We took our time walking back home. I wasn't looking forward to facing My parents or Jerry right now. It was late when we got back. Everyone was asleep. We shifted into our anthro forms and climbed in through her bedroom window as quietly as possible.

We were up most of the night, talking about us until the two of us fell asleep. It seemed like it was meant for us to be together.

My feelings about Sky had gotten the best of me that night. She was mine, and no one was going to say Otherwise.




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