20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 18:48
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Dog Troubles - Broken Tail. What to do?

Dog broke her tail and needs it docked... Offering commissions to help with vet bills.

Okay. So...

Daisy My staffie/amercian bulldog cross, will most likely have to get her tail docked, as she broke her tail the other day, and the broken joint is pretty bad.

Plus... a splint is the hardest thing in the world to keep on a dog's tail. Especially if you have a super happy, tail-wagging, 1CM around tail running around your house all day and night.


From now on if any of you would like to commission me, for anything, all funds will be going towards the vet examination ($70) and the operation to get the tail cut off. Since she's just turned 3 years old, it's now a surgical proceedure, just my luck.

I have no fucking idea how much that's gunna be. -u-"

But it can't hurt to try and save up right?

I'll be busting my ass this week to get all art I owe out of the way, so I can proceed to take more commissions to aid my hurt pet.

I will deeply appreciate any money I recieve through commissions or donations,

For this I will most likely be doing name your own price, or by the hour stream commissions. I'm thinking $20-25 an hour? Or is that too much? :s


I dunno, maybe I'll offer custom designs for you guys as well... just lemme know if you even want anything. I don't even know if my art's worth paying for lol