20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 19:12
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Updates on stuff and things

Updates, not much to say

Short term memory issues, two major papers, group project that accidentally got sprung on us... uh... I hope that's it?


So as you can tell, I'm a bit busy. Or going insane (which I'm discussing with someone). Both are reasonably... lost the thought. Alright, well I haven't been slacking too much. I did randomly start 6 different stories. One of them has four chapters, imagine that. If anyone has a suggestion, or a time machine, I'd be grateful.

Kyroo Echoes 2 years ago 0
Short termemory issues? Do you get enough vitamin D? or one of the B's(don't remember which one theres like a billion(but I wanna say B3)
Philisophical_noone 2 years ago 0
I get enough vitamins. Just have a few issues up the the smart maker. It can make for interesting daydreams or stories though... too bad I've been studying for hours for a major exam -_-