20 Feb 2012

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Beauty and the Wolf Chapter 10

#10 of BatW

A/N: Okay here is chapter 10... in case you hadn't read the journal or my profile.. Werewulf takes place around a year before the events of BatW... so events of Werewulf will be refered to in the past tense... Also if you have any questions please ask them I'll answer them in a later journal unless they are very spoilerific.. so enjoy chapter 10!

Chapter 10: Shop


Madi sat in lunch, distracted by her previous evening's conversation with Kyle which was weighing on her mind heavily.  She worried for him.  Even though she knew Duke was kind to him she still worried...


Damon was looking at her oddly.  She did seem a bit distant at the moment until he spoke. "Penny for your thoughts Madi?"  That almost made her jump a bit breaking her out of her musings.


"Oh, no I'm fine Damon... I was thinking about my cousin is all."  'Now why did she bring up thinking about her cousin?'  Seeing his questioning eyes she sighed, she really didn't want to talk about it, but she felt compelled to get it off of her chest.  Talk to somebody... "I'm just thinking about Kyle... I know he's happy but I miss him... and I feel guilty... If I had tried harder to get him out of Sweeton he might have never had to endure the abuse that bastard Scott put him through!"

 "His Dad was mean to him?"

"Step-dad! My Uncle died remeber?"

"Oh yeah forgot... if he's happy you should be to... your problem is that you care about people to much... you have to take care of them. So much so that you forget yourself. He's fine so don't worry about him..."


Madi sighed at that.  Damon had a point...  "I know, but still... he's my cousin knowing he had to go through so much pain kills me. When he got shot I was on the verge of a panic attack... I eventually got hold of him after he got out of the hospital... or well I got hold of Duke... He told me that he loved my cousin and would get him out of Sweeton... he did that and I'm enternally in his dept."


"Did your cousin have any friends besides this Duke boy?" 'That name sounds familliar.' He thought to himself... he knew a werewolf named Duke but could it be the same guy? 'Nah...' He dismissed it. What were the odds of two wolves finding their mate in a single family?


"Yeah Quinn, we're pen pals... she's great... she' kinda like Martha.  Very pushy but has the best intentions..."


Damon had to smile at that.  One Martha was okay but two would be scary..."Let's make sure they never meet," he teased and Madi nodded emphatically.  She loved both of them but if they got together... it would be scary... "So, you and Martha are going shopping?  Where?"


"Some store called the Unique Boutique... From what she said it was pretty nice..." She then looked towards him. "You have practice today right?"


He nodded it was going to be a busy week.  Spirit Week was in two weeks and he was looking forward to it even If Madi wasn't... "Yup, and Spirit Week is in two weeks and you are going to participate Madi no ifs, ands or buts."


He had to laugh at the glare she gave him.  She hated it when he and Martha teamed up on her.  She never had a chance.  They chatted a bit more until Madi got a note saying that the counsellor wanted to speak with her... Damon blushed a bit before muttering.  "Yeah, I kinda forgot... Mrs Wiseman wanted to speak to you... Don't tell her anything she's a complete bitch."


Madi nodded as she got up and emptied her tray, "Don't worry Damon; I can handle myself quite well.  You think she's the first one I talked to?  Most ask me about my mom so I'm used to it."


She then walked to the office leaving him alone.  It took a while for her to find it, but she did after asking a random senior.  When she walked in she shivered the room felt so... cold. "You wanted to talk to me Ma'am?" she asked politely.


The person sitting behind the desk was a tall vulture like woman she looked as if she wore to much make-up and her perfume almost made her gag.  "Yes, Ms Stone... I want to discuss your home life dear.  I believe you live with your parents and little brother correct, On E-17th Ave and Monroe St.?"  Madi nodded waiting for the woman to get to the point. "And is it true that your mother has breast cancer?"  Again Madi nodded wondering where this was going.


"No offense Ma'am, but why are you asking me all this?"


"I'm only asking so I can see if it is a good place for you and your brother to live... if not I'll have to put you in foster care..." The woman gave an evil smile.


She wanted to put them in foster care so they could be as miserable as her. "Foster Care?  I'm seventeen!  I'm a bit too old for that and if you do, my brother and I will be separated!  You can't take us away.  I have to take care of my mom!"


"It's not my fault your mother is a no account slob.  She should take care of you, not the other way around.  And your father is away a lot with work correct?  I'll bet he has a mistress..."


'This bitch better shut up about my parents!' Madi was starting to see red.  Nobody ever talks about her family like that she felt herself shaking in rage!  'How dare this bitch talk about my family like that!?'


"My mother is NOT a slob!  It's not her fault she can't work and my dad does not have a mistress!  I keep track of everything and I would know if he was being unfaithful."


The woman only smiled, she was going to enjoy this.  This girl seemed so weak minded, so easy to control... she was going to enjoy tearing her family apart...But she didn't know how very wrong she was though.  "So you say dear, but your mother doesn't work does she?  I'll bet she makes you do all the chores while she just sits on her ass... I bet she's faking so she doesn't have to take care of you and your brother.  A complete and total fake... I wonder how much she..." She was interrupted when she felt the younger girl slap her across her face.


"Shut up!  SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU HORRIBLE BITCH!!  You know nothing about my family!  Nothing!  My mom is sick and she can't work or clean or do anything... she's completely dependent on me and she hates that fact.  My father works so hard to keep food on the table and pay my mother's medical bills!  You have no clue what it is to have a loving family do you? I bet your parents didn't even want you?"


"That is none of your business girl... I can get you arrested for hitting me you know..." That threat only made Madi laugh.


"Go ahead try; I have a friend whose brother is on the police force.  I doubt they'd arrest me.  You're a miserable bitch aren't you?  You're heartless and cruel!  A sadist!  You get pleasure on ruining other people's life don't you?  I bet that's the only reason you go this job!"  Madi stood up and the other woman just gabbed as she didn't expect such a reaction from the meeker girl.


"I do my job to help people Ms Stone..." she said without conviction.


"No you don't, I pity you Ma'am.  Nobody ever loved you did they?  Nobody wanted you, not even your husband, am I right?"  She then gave the woman a cold look, "You're pathetic and I do feel bad for you... you've never been wanted.  But please, leave me and my friends alone and let this be the last time we meet."  After that she left Mrs Wiseman gabbing after her.  Madi sighed a bit... she was probably going to get into trouble for hitting the woman but she did deserve it.




Gym was going as it always did.  They were doing basket-ball and being the only person on the actual team in his class made him the first pick often.  He never got why he even bothered... he was on the Football, Basketball and the Lacrosse team he could have easily sat it out, but he just enjoyed sports.  Plus it was pathetically easy beating the other team.  Most of his teammates were nerds who never played sports so he was the one doing all the work.  It was rather boring.  "Garcia! Come over here!'  He heard the couch shout.  Coach Andrews was a tough man.  He quickly tossed the ball to some twerp named Sanders and knocked him on his ass by the force of the throw and ran up to the smaller man.


"Yes, Coach?" he asked... he hadn't hurt anybody today... He wondered if he was in trouble for something.


"Sit out the rest of class Garcia; I need you rested for practice tonight!"  Damon frowned a bit.  He hated sitting out it was boring.  Even playing with out of shape nerds was better.  But he sighed and followed orders.  Class was almost done with when Madi showed up.  She was still in her regular clothes. "Where have you been Ms Stone?"  He gruffly asked the girl who gave him a note.  Taking it he nodded and let her sit out for the rest of class; no point in putting her kit on, since class was almost out.


"So... how was your appointment with Mrs Wiseman?"  He asked and smiled a bit when he saw her scowl.


"That woman was terrible!  She tried to paint my mom as some no account slob and my father as a lecher..."


Damon smile dropped in an instant.  He knew that the woman was horrible, but out right demonizing somebody's parents was unforgivable!  "Wow, what did you do?" he asked.  He had never seen Madi actually angry before...Mad yes, but actually angry no.


"I kinda slapped her across the face... I'm afraid I'll be in trouble though..."  Damon had to laugh at that!  To think Madi actually hit a faculty member it was hilarious!  Before he could stop himself he burst out laughing that only made her glare at him.  "It isn't funny!  I can get expelled!"


Damon was unable to respond for a while but he eventually did regain control over himself.

 "So-sorry, it's just -ha- to funny not to laugh!  You actually hit her?  Wow Madi, I didn't know you had it in you!  And I doubt you'll get expelled.  Just tell the Principle that she provoked you into it," he said patting her on the back.


The bell eventually rang and the two separated.  He had art while Madi had music the only classes they didn't share.  The class was boring as always he never had much talent in art if he was honest.  And thankfully the rest of the day passed and he ran to the football field to get changed for practice.  On the way he saw Joe talking to Madi again.  She was blushing a bit from their conversation.  Then he bent down and kissed her cheek and he almost felt himself explode in rage! 'Don't change here, don't change here!!' He sighed a bit as she walked away, being dragged by Martha both giggling like little girls...


"Hey man, you okay?"


He didn't notice himself shaking until Joey brought it up and stopped it.  He really didn't need to go wolf in front of anybody... "I'm okay, you?"  He asked back trying to act human and not as a werewolf on the verge of changing and mauling the guy right in front of him.


"Doing great, I'm looking forward to Saturday though, I really like Madi she's sweetheart."


'Yeah she is...'


"Anyway let's get ready for practice, okay buddy?" he clapped Damon on the shoulder and ran into the locker-room.




Once again Madi didn't know what she had gotten herself into... Martha had to have thrown at least ten dresses at her and made her try them all on.  "IS this really necessary?" She asked being crushed by the weight of the clothes.


"Yes!  You have to look your best!  You do want this date to go over well don't you?"


She pondered that a bit... did she?  She had liked it when he kissed her cheek and she certainly liked the attention, but at the same time Damon kept on popping up in her head for no reason... She almost felt guilty for accepting Joe's offer and she had no idea why she felt that way... "If you say so," was all she said mutely.


After they finished the shopping they went to eat at Grand China restaurant down the street.  While they ate they began talking about silly things, what boys they thought were cute and it was all fun until she brought up Damon.  "So what's with you two?  Did you secretly get together and break up or something?" Martha asked.


Madi almost choked on her food at that she coughed a bit to clear her throat when her airways are clear she managed a pretty good... "What?  No!  We aren't together... we're friends you know..."


Martha didn't seem to be convinced and continued this crazy line of thought.  "Actually you guys look adorable together!  Like a whole beauty and the beast thing... He certainly likes you a lot..."  Madi's face turned bright scarlet at that but nothing she could say would shut her friend up, "And you like him a lot to!  Every time I mention him you start to phase out a bit."


"I do not!" Madi defended herself.


The girls ate in silence after that... After a while Martha dropped her off at home.  She walked through the door.  It had gotten pretty late... 'Why do I keep on thinking of Damon? We're just friends right?' She was so confused.  She decided to head on to bed thinking maybe a good night's sleep would clear her head?  So she walked into her room and put on her pyjama's and slept, exhausted from the days mental trials.




'Man I'm sore...' was all that was going through Damon's head.  Practice had been pretty brutal tonight but he did have the pleasure of tackling Joey several times... Not as good as beating him up, but at least then he could make contact with the bastard without getting into a fight.  It was already dark and he was restless.  He had been trying to find that bastard Cole but had no luck so far... "I'll find him... hopefully before something happens to Madi..." As he entered, he noticed Tyler was fuming in the living room.  He guessed the dinner hadn't gone so well.  "You okay man?" he asked.


Tyler only sighed.  "They have officially disowned me!  My own parents disowned me because I'm gay!"


Damon felt his stomach drop... he knew Tyler and his parent's relationship had been rocky ever since he came out but really?  Disown their only child?  "Fuck them then!  If they are too wrapped up on whom you like and not who you are, they aren't worth your time!  Don't see why you're so upset... You have me and Matt at least right?"

  Tyler smiled a bit at that and thanked him.  Afterwards he went upstairs and took a shower and finally went to sleep.  It had been a long day and he still needed to survive until Saturday... hoping that Madi and Joe's date turned out to be a complete flop.

DestinyWolf 2 years ago 0
Awesome Storys as always!
Jayce Whitefang 2 years ago 0
"Yup, and Spirit Week is in two weeks and you are going to participate Madi no ifs, ands or buts."
(there should be a period after Madi)

 Madi stood up and the other woman just gabbed as she didn't expect such a reaction from the meeker girl.
(I would use 'gaped' instead of 'gabbed')

After that she left Mrs Wiseman gabbing after her.
(same for this one[and I love the choice of name by the way])

I'm surprised that she hasn't been fired yet. Also, if Joe keeps flaunting his date in front of Damon, he's gonna snap. I have a feeling there's only so much he can take...

It seems like Madi is starting to realize that she likes Damon, and that's partly because Martha pointed it out.

This next part is something I wrote a few days ago but forgot to comment it. Here it is: 

During work I realized one of the implications of both Duke and Damon being werewolves. If Kyle comes to visit, he'll be bound to bring Duke.  And whether or not Kyle is changed, Duke will realize that Damon is a werewolf, and the inverse. Should be interesting to see how they react. 

And I'll be waiting for more!
Artwolf5 2 years ago 0
Joe isn't really 'flaunting' it he's just to dim to realize that Damon loves Madi... he's one of those dumb-jock type of guys a nice guy just not that smart... If he knew Damon's feelings he would've never asked her out.

Madi at least on a subconious level knows Damon's feelings towards them and returns them. But her without knowing it ignores Damon's love because she doesn't want to get hurt. Her history with Cole makes her afraid to fall in love again... She's unknowingly using Joe as a scapegoat for her feelings

As for D&D meeting it will be interesting but not because they are both Werewolves (though both would probibly seek to be the dominate one both being Alpha) Mostly because their contrasting personalities.

Kyle and Duke will appear but it won't be under happy circumstanses and Madi's brother will get caught up in the crossfire between the Garcia's and Cole
RuthofPern 2 years ago 0
I apologise for missing a few of the grammar bits again. As for Gabbing, and gabbed...I assumed they were American words/terms, so I left them rather than changing like you suggested, which is what I wanted to do, being a Brit!!!