20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 21:24
Last edited 26 Feb 2012 20:39
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happy belated Valentines day gift to you

Drawn by jalmu, - Tell her i sent ya

Sorry I missed Valentines day help yourself to a treat, ;)

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KILLERKAMO 2 years ago 0
thanks for the idea, never thought of that before... now i just gotta find some one to use that on
Aquilla Whitegate 2 years ago 0
The look is good he is cute and the design is nice as well, so your a bit late for Valentines. I do not think that should be a problem at all, he is so cute no one should notice, and he did some nice work. :)
pony560 2 years ago 0
oooohhh i love this pic too i already did on the other pic with the same wolfie he is so hot and sexy