20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 21:25
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Another picture I commissioned Jaleo (

My vampire girl Kiara is training her skills and burning out some excess energy.

Here is a short description of her (finally, I'm putting this up here):

She' s not your typical vampire.

Kiara is actually a very old vampiress (around 39 000 years old) and one of the few of her kind who still lives. She comes from the lost continent (no, it' s not Atlantis, sorry). Her people were highly advanced vampiric civilization. At appr. 9500 B.C something happened. The lost continent disappeared completely. There were only a few left and Kiara was one of them. Nobody (even she) knows what exactly happened. Her physical appearance is that of a anglo-arabian mare, about 170 cm (5 ft 7 in) tall. Her mane and tail are silver and her eyes are red (only iris is red, not the whole eye). Her fur is white. Being a vampire, she' s very strong (can lift a 100 Kg (220 pound) human with little to no effort) and very fast. But the difference between her and "modern" vampires (let' s say Count Dracula, just for the heck of it) is that she cannot be harmed by garlic, stakes, sunlight, holly water,... In fact, she enjoys walking in the Sun. She sleeps in bed and not in a coffin and does not turn into a bat. Another big difference compared to modern vampires is that she only needs to drink blood once or twice in three months ( about 3 dl/0.63 pints per feeding) and doesn't go on a rampage if she' s hungry. When she bites someone, her bite isn't painful and the bite marks vanish instantly after she' s done feeding. Kiarar is also resistant to petrification, charms and any types of magic. Oh, almost forgot this one: she' s alive, not undead (meaning she is breathing and her heart is beating), but doesn' t age (when her kind reaches adult age (equivalent to 25 human years), they stop aging).

Kiara' s psychology.

She very intelligent, wise and well mannered. She' s a calm, quiet, friendly person and enjoys having fun here and there. She has multiple hobbies: sports, reading, astronomy, ...
However, if someone really threatens her or someone she cares about, she won' t think twice about ripping them apart with her own bare hands. She' s also very skilled with swords (modern weapons such as guns cannot really harm her). She' s a formidable fighter, so don' t get on her bad side. When she is out to feed, she is very picky who she'll bite (doesn't have anything to do with how a person looks). She has this strange effect on people. Her style is not like that of modern vampires where a vampire roughly pushes the victim against the wall and forcefully sinks the fangs in a victim' s neck. No, rather than that she will use her ability to calm a person completely, so that he/she feels secure, telling them that no real harm will come to them. Although she seldom feeds on others nowadays, because she' s very much in love with a human boy ahem..., points at myself and he allows her to feed on him.

Kiara' s sexuality.

She' s sexually a very open person. She likes plain ordinary sex, bondage, very mild SM, domination/submission games, latex, leather and is always interested in trying new things. Her sexual orientation: heterosexual.


Kiara © Gustl
Art © 2012 Jaleo
Please don't steal and/or use, modify, or redistribute without Jaleo's permission!!!

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Lonestarwolf 2 years ago 1
Gustl 2 years ago 0
Thank you ^ ^
shetland 1 year ago 0
I hope to see a story of you and her in the future. RAVEN FOX:)
Gustl 1 year ago 0
Thank you so much, Raven fox :)

As of now, its in the making. Since I didn't give the writer a deadline, there is no release date. Also, the writer is facing a writer's blockade at the moment.