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Fox Tales Chapter 3: Dinner Date

#3 of Fox Tales

Jacob rushed to dress in going casual, and giving the impression of a rogue. A nice black silk shirt was buttoned up; he left the top couple of buttons undone. A pair of jeans and boots completed it his ensemble. Moving to the mirror he examined himself, a tuff of fur puffed out of the top of the shirt.

"You look pretty, papa"

"Handsome." Jacob corrected her as he turned. "Girls are pretty and boys are handsome." Talia smiled and sat on the bed watching Jacob. Looking at Talia, Jacob could only be amazed. His daughter looked like she had been dipped in pink. She was wearing pink overalls, a hello kitty shirt covered in glitter and bejeweled in plastic gems. Her feet were enclosed in pink shoes and socks that sported fluffy lace. "Good God, a lot of pink. Ready?"

Talia burbled her assent and jumped Jacob. Jacob caught her and almost lost his balance, but he spun nearly hitting his dresser and managed to stay up. "You are quickly becoming a big girl, you know that." Talia snuggled into her father and giggled. Jacob carried her down stairs and out of the house.

The evening was comfortably warm and the silence was filled with Talia's chatting. Talia chattered about school, her teacher, the kids in her class, and the lessons. She pointedly made a special note to remind Jacob that he had missed the parent/teacher conference. Her teacher had set aside some time for him and was going to reschedule it. Talia looked up at his face intently and smiled," She keeps asking if you bring any girls to the house."

"I hope you told her no. Because, the ONLY girl I need in my house is YOU!"  Talia gushed with childish joy and kissed Jacob on the nose. Her laughter was infectious and Jacob joined her happily.

"I love you papa." Talia said and in which Jacob returned both the kiss and the sentiments.

Stepping up to the door of Janice's house Jacob juggled Talia around so he could ring the bell. It took two more repetitions of ringing the bell for the door opened are... "Oh wow." Janice stood in the doorway a flowing black satin gown, enough make up to give the impression of wearing none, heels that made her a little bit taller and some how made her more lithe." Janice you look... uh... you look." Jacob was also distracted by the manor in which she filled out the décolletage of the dress very well.

"Pretty!" Talia finished, "Papa, said girls are pretty and boy are 

"He is right and you are very pretty too. And, how does your papa look?"


"Indeed. Are you hungry?" Talia nodded," Well come on we'll let your papa stay here until he can be polite." Janice held out her arms, and Talia was lifted from Jacob's arms. Taking a couple of steps into the house she turned to look back at the door with a smile, "Coming?"

"Not yet I'm not." Jacob mumbled to himself. Talia giggled some as Janice whispered into her ear, a conspiratorial smile on her face. Jacob followed them into the house, closing the door behind him.

"Max, dinner go and wash up, sweetie." Max jumped up from his video game and disappeared into the bathroom. "You should too Talia." Janice leaned over affording Jacob an intriguing view of her ass. Talia smiled and ran to the same bathroom as Max. Turning Janice looked at Jacob and smiled wickedly," You do clean up very well. My sister always did have good taste, when it came to men. Her problem was staying with them."

"I'd agree with you more if she hadn't cheated on me with my agent and then ran off with your husband!" Janice flinched and turned as though she had been physically assaulted. Jacob felt like an ass, which he knew he damn well should feel like. They had held each other many nights after the two traitorous love birds had flown the coup. He knew that Max's father's leaving had hit her just are hard as Talia's mother's betrayal had hit him. "I am sorry, Janice." Jacob moved to comfort her.

Janice took a step forward and slapped Jacob on the face... hard. "You BASTARD!" She hissed, "Do you think that this..." Janice motioned to the room and at herself. "is easy for me! Her volume began to rise, "Seven years, I was faithful when I knew that he wasn't. Seven years, I have had to lie to my son... to myself that one day he would come back. SEVEN YEARS! Max has grown without a father! Finally, I decided to move on and you throw this shit in my face? Fuck You Jacob, and get the hell out of my house." Tears flowed from Janice's eyes, causing his almost imperceptible makeup to run.

"Mama..." Max whined from the bathroom, Talia hiding behind him. Janice and Jacob turned to the bathroom," Mama are you ok?" The two adults looked back at each other and Janice silently repeated herself.

"Talia, you are going to stay here and play with Max and Aunt Janice. Papa has to go take care of some things." Talia's face screwed up in confusion and pain. Jacob looked at Janice," Take care of her for me... Please." Without missing a beat he turned and left the house.

Jacob could hear Talia calling for him to come back. Tears welled in his eyes as he forced himself to ignore the pain in his child's mournful tones. Jacob looked back at the house and saw Janice holding his daughter trying to soothe away her pain with soft words. Jacob felt some thing in his chest tighten as he waved to the light of his life. Then turned and walked down the side walk with no particular destination in mind and his face hurting like hell.

Paul Rueger 2 years ago 0
Quite honestly I wanna see where this goes. I didn't mind the incest part as with sofurry being sofurry it's nothing new. So it's a cup of tea I don't mind. I do believe though that you may have gotten into this drama scene a bit too... Fast? I mean it wasn't slow and built up but... Just came at you, Y'know? Good work though I give you praise :3
jons133wolf 2 years ago 0
hmm....well, ya have me a bit confused, but wondering where this goes....whether its a little short or not, its an interesting series <(^_^)>
RuthofPern 2 years ago 0
This series has earned you a watch...
Kooskia 2 years ago 0
It's interesting but...i've not understood well the family relationships D: Sorry, maybe because i'm not english speaker.. v.v
Jacob and Janice were together, had Talia, then Janice cheated him with his agent and got pregnant with Max.. they broke, Jacob remained with Talia and Janice with Max.
I understood wrong?