20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 23:30
Last edited 20 Feb 2012 23:32
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Falling Fate

I've made many versions of this song that I didn't upload. I think this one is the best.

mugman 2 years ago 0
very much remind of times almost up music, the games going to finish, quickly get to the end, skip the items run get to the end.

not that bad, sounds very game like, i'd like to hear more, there very cool sounding, very fast, shame 16 and 8 bit games are no longer made, otherwise you'd have a job, if you can make them sound like this.

near the end it sounds like this is the end you have not finished!

a fave and 4 stars for effort.

i'm the music critic, i listen to it so you don't have to,
coonotafoo 2 years ago 0
Thanks, glad you enjoyed. Since your a music critic and all do you know where I could improve?
mugman 2 years ago 0
i serpose making them a bit longer or making them more complex, as in make then more quicker more crazy, and more game like,