20 Feb 2012

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Posted 20 Feb 2012 23:40
Last edited 20 Feb 2012 23:43
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This song is alright. It's most certainly not the best of mine. I also couldn't think of a name.

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HolidayPup 2 years ago 0
sounds like something you'd find on a video game, like the legend of zelda or something, awesome stuff!!
coonotafoo 2 years ago 0
Thanks dude :)
Simba777 2 years ago 0
Man I'm so jealous. That was awesome. Always wanted to learn how to play, myself. Never really buckled down and got to it. Maybe someday. Great work!
mugman 2 years ago 0
sounds like something you'd hear as back ground music to a TV show, like how its made.

a fave, basic, simple yet nice

i'm the music critic i listen to it so you don't have to,
coonotafoo 2 years ago 0
mugman 2 years ago 0